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Max Middleton - One Thousand Sails (Repost)

Max Middleton - One Thousand Sails - 2011

from cduniverse.com
One Thousand Sails songs the background history of Max Middleton's legendary keyboard work reads like a musician's who's who of the past four decades. One Thousand Sails album It begins in 1968 after a chance meeting with Cat Stevens and since that day his unique style of playing has found him in the company of Jeff Beck

The new album continues the journey started by Max's highly acclaimed first album 'Land of Secrets'. (catch HERE). One Thousand Sails CD music featuring contributions by Robert Ahwai, Martin Ditcham, Sylvin Marc and Maiuko it represents a move towards a more organic and often retro blend of styles.

01. Sunrise In Jaipur-Nightfall In Mumbai
02. Under Different Skies
03. Club Butel
04. La Cuvee Bleu
05. Sunflowers AndSaris
06. La Cloche De Pouzolles
07. One Thousand Sails
08. Winter Song-Song Of Summer

Max Middleton - Keyboards

Maiuko - Vocals
Robert Ahwai - Guitar
Sylvin Marc, Kuma Harada (5) - Bass
Juan Van Emmerloot (8) - Drums
Martin Ditcham - Drums & Percussion

Repost atendendo um pedido do Sidewell
A new link with 8 tracks is on


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Andy Fairweather Low & The Lowriders - Zone-O-Tone

Andy Fairweather Low & The Lowriders - Zone-O-Tone - 2013

by Dean Pedley from themidlandsrocks.com

Andy Fairweather Low has become a renowned sideman over the past few decades, touring with the likes of Eric Clapton, Bill Wyman and Roger Waters and appearing as a backing vocalist on Who Are You. Back in the 60’s Andy led chart topping psychedelic Welsh rockers Amen Corner who were part of the Christmas ’67 package tour headlined by Hendrix that also included Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd on the bill. With such a long and rich history Andy has stepped out of the shadows and invested more time into his solo career of late and Zone-O-Tone finds him debuting twelve new songs that have been inspired by his love of Stax and Atlantic Soul, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, Lonnie Donegan and The Shadows amongst others. 

Backed by a top-notch three piece band there is something here that will appeal to all; from blues to gospel, country to rock and more than a little bit of soul, the overall vibe being very much rooted in the 50’s and 60’s. For the large part mellow and laid back the band does crank it up a notch on occasion, most notably with the up-tempo opener ‘Dance On’ and jaunty ‘Roll Ya Activator’. Andy has a distinctive croon and when combined with some dazzling guitar work it is easy to see why he has all too often found himself much in demand from some of rocks most distinguished names. The songs are Andy embarking on a personal journey that is unashamedly about nostalgia and those that have grown up with him throughout the decades will doubtless find much here that will inspire.

01. Dance On 
02. Deep River Blues 
03. Let Me Be Your Angel 
04. Roll Ya Activator 
05. Hard Way To Go 
06. Breakin’ Chains 
07. Love, Hope, Faith & Mercy 
08. La La Music 
09. Unclouded Day 
10. Mother Earth 
11. You’ll Never Beat The Devil 
12. Blood Toys 
13. Unclouded Day (slight return)


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The Charlie Watts Riots - A Break in the Weather

The Charlie Watts Riots - A Break in the Weather - 2013

By Corvozine.com
Singer-guitarist-songwriter Seth Powell of the Charlie Watts Riots is a music engineer and producer who has worked with Graham Parker, the Figgs and other artists at his Soundcheck Republic Studios in East Greenbush, New York. But when it came time to mix his own band’s sophomore album, A Break in the Weather, Powell turned to Nashville producer Nick Raskulinecz – a force behind some of the biggest names in rock.

Raskulinecz – a three-time Grammy winner and producer of albums by Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Rush and many more – really liked what he heard of the demos for A Break in the Weather and signed on to polish the album’s tracks. From the stadium-worthy single “Bottom” – about coming to terms with life’s disappointments – to the spirited power-pop ballad “Luanne,” A Break in the Weather got its amped-up final form thanks to Raskulinecz’s skills as a veteran producer. 

“He made the album sound bigger than I could or would have made it,” says Powell. “He made it sound huge and polished without making it sound over-produced. The drums are big. The guitars are in your face. It’s just a big, professional sounding record.”

Working with Raskulinecz at Dark Horse Recording studio was a thrill for Powell, a big fan of Raskulinecz’ work with alt-rockers Superdrag. “Nick is a big fan of the music he’s working on,” says Powell. “He knows every drum hit, every lyric. That was impressive. He knows every note of every song. At the end, he wanted to know who was putting our album out. That was when he offered to put it on his label.” 

A Break in the Weather is one of the first releases from the Los Angeles-based MCDMAN music label, a boutique management company that represents top record producers, including Raskulinecz. The label is a collaboration between the management company and the record producers to help talented, unsigned artists reach a broader audience. Raskulinecz will also produce the follow-up to A Break in the Weather next year. 

01. Bottom
02. Curtains
03. Luanne 
04. When You’re Around 
05. Caveman Town 
06. Omaha 
07. No Idea 
08. Destroyed 
09. Metal 
10. The More that You Change 
11. The Band that Killed Disco (Bonus Track)


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The Charlie Watts Riots - Long Story Short (re-post)

The Charlie Watts Riots - Long Story Short - 2010

By Tom McWatters from http://www.timesunion.com
If Last Cons boast a big past, Charlie Watts Riots are an actual supergroup, with a lineup boasting former members of Vodkasonics, Bloom, The Wait and Coal Palace Kings. Power-pop is served on "Long Story Short," and nothing else, thank gosh.

Guitarists Brendan Pendergast and Seth Powell know how to make four chords ring, and they do just that on killers like "Greater Good," "Lie to Me" and the epic chugging, stop/start of "Radio". Just try not singing along to the hook on that one; try to resist the Gerry Rafferty tug in Pendergast's voice.

But there's room for ballads, too, and although the emphasis is on power, we don't mean power ballads. "Page Turner" is poignant enough to make Paul McCartney jealous, and drummer Joe Putrock and bassist Mike Pauley keep it taut without overpowering it.

Powell's "Dress Up," which just might be the album's sleeper, enters over a chiming six-string figure before juggling a great mix of counterpoint vocals and chunky chords over and an eerie keyboard pedal tone.

Long story short, "Long Story Short" is the real thing, a testament to music of the past that proves - Livingston's cry aside - that the future looks just fine.

Brendan Pendergast - Guitar, Vocal
Seth Powell - Guitar, Vocal
Mike Pauley- Bass, Vocal
Joe Putrock - Drums

01. Greater Good           
02. The Narcissist           
03. Dress Up           
04. Calling Out           
05. Running In Place           
06. Lie to Me           
07. Ever After           
08. Page Turner           
09. So Out of Touch           
10. Reveille           
11. Radio           
12. Repeat Myself

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The Yardbirds - Making Tracks

The Yardbirds - Making Tracks - 2013

from The Yardbirds' Site
This album, released to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary in 2013, chronicles the ultimate Yardbirds touring experience. The band features original members Jim McCarty (drums) and Chris Dreja (rhythm guitar). Making Tracks features 19 songs from their various tours between 2010-11 and is the first time these live versions of the tracks have appeared (with the exception of Heart Full of Soul, Mystery of Being and For Your Love). Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor has never previously been sung by any formation of the Yardbirds in their whole history. Includes a colour booklet featuring a short bio, band lineup and background photos. 


01. I'm Not Talkin’
02. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor
03. Drinking Muddy Water
04. Lost Woman
05. Heart Full of Soul
06. My Blind Life
07. Train Kept Rollin'
08. Shapes of Things
09. The Nazz Are Blue
10. Mystery of Being
11. Five Long Years
12. Think About It
13. Over Under Sideways Down
14. Crying Out For Love
15. Smokestack Lightning
16. For Your Love
17. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
18. Dazed and Confused
19. I'm A Man


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Gavin Guss - Mercury Mine

Gavin Guss - Mercury Mine - 2012

Seattle’s Gavin Guss is pop veteran who’s played with Nada Surf, Jon Auer, Harvey Danger, Fountains of Wayne and his own band The Tycoons. Important to note, Gavin was also lead singer/songwriter with the short lived group Tubetop who produced a pure pop masterpiece in Three Minute Hercules. Given these facts you know what to expect and he really delivers with his solo album Mercury Mine. Starting with the gentle acoustic hook in “X” it leads to a glorious McCartney-like chorus, that builds to sticky goodness in the multi-track harmonic ending with ascending basslines. The title track “Mecury Mine” has echoes of Harry Nilsson and Squeeze with it’s tinkling piano lead. There are too many gems here to count, so I’ll just indulge in my favorites, “Oasis” rings with the piano melody that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Michael Carpenter album. “Lifeboat” is another musical metaphor of the creative process at “…the bottom of The Puget Sound.” The album’s middle slows down a bit, but it has wonderful ballads that resonate, like the poignant “Marie” and the weary “Jetlagged.” Fans of Teenage Fanclub will love the guitar melody “Bud” and although the album doesn’t approach the highs it starts with, nothing here is filler, as most tunes fit in under three minutes and it’s sure to be repeated on your ipod playlist. Pure ear candy that is not to be missed.

01. X
02. Mercury Mine
03. Oasis
04. Lifeboat
05. Marie
06. Union Station
07. Gato Negro
08. Message From Jeanine
09. Jetlagged
10. Bud
11. Henry's Birthday
12. After All


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The Yardbirds - Glimpses 1963-68 (re-post)

The Yardbirds - Glimpses 1963-68 - 2011

Outubro para mim começou hoje, com a re-postagem de um dos post mais populares do blog. No original, a parte 4/4 morreu, inviabilizando o download. O incrível disso tudo é que mesmo tendo sido um dos mais acessados nos últimos 30 dias, somente uma pessoa, o Stefan (vindo lá de Bucareste), solicitou que fossem ressuscitados os links


The Yardbirds Glimpses 1963-1968, is a 5D box set featuring rarities and unheard material from the legendary band. Five years in the making, the collection documents the Yardbirds' transition from R&B stalwarts to pop provocateurs and ultimately on to more experimental material.

Comprised of recordings of the band live in concert or during broadcast performances, many of the tracks found here have never been heard before and most are previously unreleased. Among them are fully remastered BBC recordings as well as material spanning all three of the Yardbirds' legendary guitarists Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

 DISC One 1963-64

01. Honey In Your Hips (Alternate Studio Take)
02. Baby What’s Wrong
03. Eric Clapton
04. I Wish You Would
05. You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover (Studio Demo)
06. Jim McCarty
07. Louise
08. Eric Clapton
09. Someone To Love Me
10. Too Much Monkey Business
11. I Got Love If You Want It
12. Smokestack Lightning
13. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
14. Respectable
15. The Sky Is Crying
16. Eric Clapton
17. I Wish You Would
18. Chris Dreja
19. I'm A Man
20. Someone To Love Me
21. Boom Boom
22. I’m A Man
23. Little Queenie
24. Too Much Monkey Business
25. Respectable
26. Carol
27. Here ‘Tis
28. Jim McCarty

Tracks 1,2,4,5. Recorded R.G. Jones Studios, Morden, Surrey England, December 1963 & January 1964. Tracks 9-15. Recorded 7th August 1964 at the Marquee London. Tracks 7 & 17. Recorded 5Th April 1964 UK. Track 19. Recorded 26 July 1964, Live Crawdaddy, Richmond, Surrey. Tracks 21-27. Recorded 9th August 1964, Fourth National Jazz & Blues Festival, Richmond. Track 20. Re-Edit 7th August 1964, Marquee, London.

DISC Two 1965

01. Evil Hearted You, Keith Relf Introduction (27 September)
02. Keith Relf
03. Heart Full Of Soul Paul Samwell-Smith Interview/ (1 June)
04. Chris Dreja
05. I Ain't Done Wrong (3 July)
06. Jim McCarty
07. Smokestack Lightning (Full Version)(16 November)
08. You're A Better Man Than I Interview/ (16 November)
09. The Train Kept A-Rollin' (16 November)
10. Jim McCarty
11. I’m Not Talking (16 March )
12. Keith Relf – I’m a Man
13. I’m A Man (9 April )
14. Keith Relf – The blues
15. Jeff’s Boogie (9 June)
16. Keith Relf
17. Steeled Blues (1 June)
18. Louise (4 June )
19. Keith Relf
20. I Wish You Would (6 August )
21. Love Me Like I Love You (9 August)
22. The Stumble (27 September)
23. Paul Samwell-Smith
24. You're A Better Man than I
25. The Train Kept A-Rollin’
26. Chris Dreja
27. I’ve Been Trying (9 June)
28. Shapes of Things plus interview
29. Paul Samwell
30. For Your Love (Long Version)
31. My Girl Sloopy (Long Version)
32. I’m A Man (Live)
33. I Wish You Would
34. Macleans Advert

Tracks 1,3,5,7,8,9. Recorded at Maida Vale Studios London for the BBC during 1965. Tracks 11,13,15,17,18,20,21,22,27. Unreleased lost UK Radio sessions from 1965, Tracks 24 & 25 Live England November 1965, Track 28. U.S Broadcast 10th January 1966. Tracks 30-32. 6th August 1965, Fifth National Jazz & Blues Festival, Richmond Athletic Association Grounds, Richmond. Track 33. 23rd September 1965, Dutch TV.

DISC Three 65-66 

01. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (26 July 1966 and 20 September 1966 – 2 October 1966,)
02. Keith Relf
03. Psycho Daisies
04. Stroll On (With Soundtrack Coda)
05. Chris Dreja
06. "Great Shakes" Advert
07. I Wish You Would
08. I'm A Man
09. The Train Kept A-Rollin' (Live)
10. Over Under Sideways Down (Live)
11. Shapes of Things (Live)
12. He's Always There (Alternate Version)
13. Turn into Earth (Alternate Version)
14. I Can't Make Your Way (Alternate Version)
15. I'm A Man
16. For Your Love
17. Heart Full Of Soul
18. I Wish You Would (Live)
19. Jim McCarty
20. Questa Volta (Live)
21. Pafff…Bum (Live)
22. Chris Dreja
23. The Train Kept A-Rollin' (Live)
24. Shapes Of Things (Live)
25. Jim McCarty
26. Jimmy Page
27. Jeff's Boogie (6 May 1966, )
28. You’re A Better Man Than I (Live)
29. Keith Relf & Jeff Beck Interview Ravi Shankar (8 June 1966)
30. Shapes Of Things (Live)
31. Jim McCarty
32. Jim McCarty
33. Chris Dreja
34. I'm Not Talking (4 June 1965)
35. Heart Full of Soul (9 June 1965)
36. Spoonful (9 April 1965)
37. Bottle Up And Go (9 April 1965)
38. All The Pretty Little Horses (Hushabye) (9 April 1965)
39. .Jeff Beck

Tracks 1 & 3. Recorded at De Lane Lea Studios, London. Track 4. Recorded 3rd -5th October 1966, Sound Techniques Studios, Chelsea, London Track 5. Radio Commercial (12th July 1966, Marquee Studios, London) Track 7 & 8. 10-11th August 1965, US Broadcast. Tracks 9-11. 27th June 1966, Music Hall De France. Tracks 12 & 13. 31st May – 4th June 1966, Advision Sound Studios, London. Track 14. 14th June 1966, IBC Studios, London. Tracks 15 - 17. Recorded 10-11th August 1965, US Broadcast. Track 18. 20th June 1965, Palais Des Sports, Paris, France. Tracks 20 & 21. Recorded 28th & 29th January 1966, "The 16th Festival of Italian Songs Tracks 23 & 24. 1st May 1966, "Poll Winners Concert," Empire Pool, Wembley. Tracks 27, 34-38. Unreleased UK Radio Broadcast. Track 28 Recorded Live May 1966, England. Track 30. 1st April 1966, La Locomotive Club, Paris, France.

DISC Four 1967-68

01. Shapes Of Things
02. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
03. Over Under Sideways Down
04. I'm A Man
05. Chris Dreja
06. Shapes Of Things
07. Heart Full Of Soul
08. You're A Better Man Than I
09. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)
10. Over Under Sideways Down
11. Little Games
12. My Baby
13. I'm A Man
14. Chris Dreja
15. The Train Kept A-Rollin'
16. Dazed and Confused
17. Goodnight Sweet Josephine
18. Glimpses (Sound Effects)
19. "The In Sound"
20. Chris Dreja
21. Think about it
22. Jimmy Page
23. Dazed And Confused (Live)

Tracks 1-4. Recorded on 15th March at the Stadthalle Offenbach. Tracks 6 - 13. Recorded 7th April 1967 Stockholm. Tracks 15-17. Recorded 9th March in France. Track 18. Recorded early 1967 in New York. Track 19. August 1967 US Army Radio Program. Track 21. Recorded January 1968 London. Track 23. Unknown Venue in England January 1968.

 DISC 5 BBC Radio 1 Re-Mastered

01. I Ain't Got You (22 March 1965)
02. For Your Love - Keith Relf Interview (22 March 1965)
03. I'm Not Talking (22 March 1965)
04. I Wish You Would (1 June 1965)
05. Too Much Monkey Business (6 August 1965)
06. Love Me Like I Love You (6 August 1965)
07. I'm A Man (6 August 1965)
08. Still I'm Sad - Paul Samwell-Smith Interview (27 September 1965)
09. My Girl Sloopy (Full Version) (27 September 1965)
10. Keith Relf interview (28 February 1966)
11. Shapes of Things (28 February 1966)
12. You're A Better Man than I (28 February 1966)
13. Dust My Broom (28 February 1966)
14. Baby, Scratch My Back/ Keith Relf Interview (6 May 1966)
15. Over Under Sideways Down (6 May 1966)
16. The Sun Is Shining (Full Version)(6 May 1966)
17. Shapes of Things (6 May 1966)
18.Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)(17 March 1967)
19. Little Games (17 March 1967)
20. Drinking Muddy Water (17 March 1967)
21. Think about It (16 March 1968)
22. Jimmy Page Interview/ Goodnight Sweet Josephine (16 March 1968)
23. My Baby (16 March 1968)
24. White Summer (5-6 March 1968)
25. Dazed and Confused (5-6 March 1968)
26. Think About It (5-6 March 1968)

All Tracks Recorded at Maida Vale Studios London for the BBC.



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