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The Original Steve Gibbons Band - Live In Concert

The Original Steve Gibbons Band - Live In Concert - 2010

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The Steve Gibbons Band were causing a stir across the UK in the 70's when Pete Townshend discovered and mentored them leading to a recording deal with Polydor and touring the World with The Who for 3 years.

They had a UK Top 10 hit with "Tulane" and recorded 4 albums for Polydor and even Roger Daltrey covered "One of the Boys" for his solo album.

Punk & New Wave changed the record industries way of thinking so the original band split, leading to drummer, Bob Lamb becoming a high profile recording producer, notably for UB40, Duran Duran, Ruby Turner, Stephen Tin Tin Duffy & Ocean Colour Scene.

Bob Wilson went on to be MD of the Ruby Turner Band as well as playing guitar for many top Birmingham bands over the past 20 years.

Dave Carroll is a highly respected classical musician who works for the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford upon Avon. He still plays a mean lead guitar!

Trevor Burton, original member of The Move, has fronted his own Trevor Burton Band since the split and is still busy to this day.

Steve Gibbons continues to play his music live across the UK & Europe after over 4 decades in the business covering more miles than NASA's Space Shuttle Program!

Live In Concert this is an exclusive previously unreleased live recording of their acclaimed reunion tour recorded in front of a 1000+ capacity crowd at the Old Robin Hood Club, Merry Hill in Birmingham England in March 98. 78 minutes of 14 great rockin' tracks, ball breaking rhythm section, exciting, soaring dual lead guitars and Steve's classic story telling vocals.

01.Watching The River Flow
02. Spark Of Love
03. Natural Thing
04. Strange World
05. Tupelo Mississippi Flash
06. All Right Now
07. Down In The Bunker
08. My Generation
09. One Of The Boys
10. Mr Jones
11. Rollin'
12. Tulane
13. Grace
14. Little Suzie


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Steve Winwood - Winwood And Friends

Steve Winwood - Winwood And Friends - 1972

from ecrater.com
As a solo artist, Steve Winwood is primarily associated with the highly polished blue-eyed soul-pop that made him a star in the '80s. Yet his turn as a slick, upscale mainstay of adult contemporary radio was simply the latest phase of a long and varied career, one that's seen the former teenage RB shouter move through jazz, psychedelia, blues-rock, and progressive rock. Possessed of a powerful, utterly distinctive voice, Winwood was also an excellent keyboardist who remained an in-demand session musician for most of his career, even while busy with high-profile projects. That background wasn't necessarily apparent on his solo records, which established a viable commercial formula that was tremendously effective as long as it was executed with commitment.

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Available on record in various forms, this is an essential insight into SW's early years. Most commonly available on "Steve Winwood and Friends" on the American Springboard label (catalogue # SPB-4040) or the French BYG label, long since out of print, but can be found in decent second-hand record shops and sometimes through the small ads in the Record Collector magazine. This is nice raw stuff with "Mojo" featuring SW and Spencer up at the mic for an all-star jam session including Sonny Boy Williamson, Long John Baldry, Eric Clapton, and Art Themen among others.

01. Dimples - Steve Winwood
02. Night Time is the Right Time - Steve Winwood
03. Mojo Working - Winwood/Williamson/Baldry
04. Jeff's Blues - Jeff Beck
05. Too Much Monkey Buisness - Clapton/Yardbirds
06. Highway 69 - Clapton/Yardbirds/Williamson
07. Early in the Morning - Baker/Bruce
08. The 219 - Long John Baldry


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Rich Hopkins & Barry Melton - Duel in the Desert

Rich Hopkins & Barry 'The Fish' Melton - Duel in the Desert - 2007
Country Joe McDonald and his partner "the fish" (also known in real life as Barry Melton) helped put the word "psychedelic" into mainstream American speech during the 60's and 70's with several of the best rock and roll albums to ever come out of the San Francisco bay area.

Along with admitted major "Fish" fan, guitarist/vocalist Rich Hopkins, Melton can be now be heard on DUEL IN THE DESERT, an import CD from Taxim Records in Germany. Melton and Hopkins are in fine form with a disc full of songs written by Hopkins, Melton, Melton and Hopkins, Chuck Berry and even a couple of folk and blues items from the Public Domain. Rounding out the group are Nick Augustine on Bass Guitar and Tom Larkin on Drums.

01. Alabama Bound (Publ. Domain, arr. Hopkins)
02. I've Seen the World from Your Eyes (Hopkins)
03. Please Forgive Me (Melton)
04. Without You (Hopkins) 5:23
05. The Highway is a Devil (Melton)
06. Duel in the Desert (Hopkins)
07. Pretty Polly (Publ. Domain, arr. Hopkins &  Melton)
08. Oh Death (Publ. Domain, arr. Hopkins &  Melton)
09. Thirty Days (Chuck Berry)

Rich Hopkins - Guitar, Vocals
Barry Melton - Guitar, Shakers, Vocals
Nick Augustine - Bass
Tom Larkins - Drums

Mais um disquinho que se encontra fácil na net. Pra comprar.


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Cork - Speed Of Thought


Cork - Speed Of Thought - 1999

from AMG
Eric Schenkman left the Spin Doctors following the dismal performance of their second album Turn It Upside Down in 1994. He drifted for a few years, playing the occasional session, before returning in the pan-generation supergroup Cork in 1995. Essentially, Cork is simply Schenkman and former Mountain drummer Corky Laing, but for much of their debut album Speed of Thought, they're joined by bassist Noel Redding of the Jimi Hendrix Experience; whenever he doesn't appear, Schenkman handles the four strings. Cork apply jam band mentality to '70s hard rock. They turn up the volume, strengthen the attack, and make it blusey, while still concentrating on loose-limbed jams. The results are mixed, to say the least.

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Eric Schenkman - Guitar, Vocals
Corky Laing - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Noel Redding - Bass, Back Vocals
Kostas - Guitar, Back Vocals
Lisa Thompson - Back Vocals

01. Hail Mary
02. Genuine
03. Pull That String
04. Bone Daddy
05. Midnight Rose
06. Waiting
07. Get the Picture
08. Falling
09. My My
10. Sin City
11. In This World


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John Rabbit - The Wind Cried - The Official Mix

John Rabbit - The Wind Cried - The Official Mix - 2010

Outro álbum do John Rabbit. Ao contrário do outro disco que postei aqui, este apresenta as músicas tocadas por músicos reais. Bateria, Baixo, Guitarra e Sax não são obras de alguma parafenália eletrônica com 100000 ajustes.

Antes de baixar, dê uma conferida na versão para o clássico do The Who.

01. Fantasy
02. The Sea
03. Gypsy
04. See What the Man Has To Say
05. Ken's Blues - Live in NYC - 2002
06. Outlaw
07. The Wind Cried
08. Chill Before Serving
09. Magician
10. The Chinese Millionaire
11. We Won
12. The Yellow School Bus
13. Behind Blue Eyes
14. We Won (alternate take)
15. The Yellow School Bus (alternate take)

John Rabbit Bundrik - Keyboards
John Rabbit & Simone Ewouds - Vocals
Walter Latupeirissa - Bass
Juan van Emmerloot - Drums
Yvo van Heijningen, Raymond Blahowetz, Geoff Whitehorn, Geoff Webb; Martin Belmont - Guitar
Sax - Jan van Oort 


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Billy Preston - Live In New York

Billy Preston - Live In New York - 2010

Esse disco só se encontra em lojas virtuais, sem nenhuma informação adicional. Aliás sem nenhuma informação básica,  como o ano da gravação, onde e quais músicos o acompanharam. Coisas essenciais  que o mundo da MP3 se encarrega de esquecer.

Se alguém tiver alguma informação, fique a vontade para escrever, pois parece-me que até o site oficial dele (quer era mantido por Sir McCartney) evaporou-se.

01. Space Race
02. It's My Pleasure
03. Born Again
04.Will It Go Round In Circles
05. I Wrote A Simple Song

06. Georgia On My Mind
07. Nothin' From Nothin'
08. Summertime
09. You Are So Beautiful
10. Outa Space
11. Jumpin' Jack Flash


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Somente Para Crianças de 1 a 5 anos

The Wheels On The Bus - 3 CDS


Roger Daltrey  is the lead singer for The WHO, considered by many to be one of the greatest Rock and Roll bands of all time. This is Roger's first work for children. He says - "The Wheels on the Bus gave me the chance to do something different. It's a great way of introducing music to a whole new generation of kids - maybe even the grandchildren of the teenagers who grew up listening to The WHO."

Dedicado às minhas duas pestinhas que me fazem acordar cedo mesmo de férias.

01. Wheels On the Bus
02. Everybody On The Bus
03. Bubbles On the Bus
04. Fill it Up!
05. Babies On The Bus
06. Hi-low-fast-slow
07. The Mouse On The Bus
08. The Lights On The Bus
09. Procrastinate
10. Tune It Up!
11. Take Your Turn
12. Brand New Day
13. Fairies Golden Rule
14. Take A Ride
15. Band On The Bus
16. Driving Thru the Sky
17. Happy Birthday
18. I Love You on the Bus
19. Mango And the Moon Mouse
20. Peek-a-boo On The Bus
21. Shopping
22. Moon Mouse Thank You
23. Fill It Up! Reprise


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Pete York Presents Spencer Davis and Colin Hodgkinson - Live Together


Pete York Presents Spencer Davis and Colin Hodgkinson - Live Together - 1985

Pete York -  Drums
Colin Hodgkinson - Bass
Spencer Davis - Guitar

01. Keep On Running
02. Midnight Special
03. Walking Blues
04. Blood Runs Hot
05. Trouble in Mind
06. Somebody Help Me
07. Gimme Some Loving

Live Together was recorded october, 1984, in Freiburg, Germany.


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Steve Ellis - A Sort of Innocence

Steve Ellis - A Sort of Innocence - 2004

Steve Ellis will forever carry the millstone that is 'Everlasting Love'. It seems to crop up with worrying frequency on most of his albums, and on this new solo offering it is featured twice. Ageing rockers and pop pickers will recall that it was Ellis who fronted teen sensations Love Affair and scored a No.1 hit with that song in 1968.

Fortunately the two versions are different to the original, the live version recorded when Ellis was a guest at a Paul Weller gig in 2001 and featuring the Modfather on guitar.

Following a low-key career revival and spurred on by recent CD and DVD releases, this  album is very good. Ellis not only has Weller guesting on a couple of studio tracks, including Weller's own composition, the opening track "Brand New Start", but he managed to pull in Roger Daltrey for a spot of harp blowing in "Nu Clear Blues" and "Yellow Rose Of Texas".

That's where big-name support ends, but with an excellent backup band and featuring two songs by newcomer Sam Smith, Ellis doesn't really need the bunk-up. Ellis' own songs are a mixture of nicely-styled pop-rock with blues and soul overtones.

Whilst an album like this will always remain niche with limited mass appeal, it is good to hear Ellis again. In general the songwriting and playing is top-draw and will appeal to ageing rockers and those for whom the letters AOR provoke unashamed anticipation.

This CD has been withdrawn from the market in 2008 and is replaced by "Best Of Days".

01. Brand New Start
02. Step Inside
03. Everlasting Love
04. As The Crow Flies
05. Requiem For A Tyrant
06. Little One
07. Modesty
08. Yellow Rose Of Texas
09. Nu Clear Blues

10. Turn To Stone
11. Heaven's Word
12. El Doomo
13. Best of Days
14. Everlasting Love (Live)