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John Rabbit Bundrick - Venus

John Rabbit Bundrick - Venus - 2010

John Douglas "Rabbit" Bundrick (born November 21, 1948 in Houston, Texas) is an American rock keyboardist, pianist and organist. He is best known for his work with The Who and associations with others including Eric Burdon, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Roger Waters, Free and Crawler. Bundrick is noted as the principal musician for the cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He is also known as a composer and has recorded solo albums. READ MORE HERE 

album notes from CDBABY 
War on Earth has annihilated the Human Race. Our only recourse is to inhabit the planet Venus. A journey thru peace & war, annihilation and death. A journey to Venus to seed the Human Race and stop us from becoming Extinct.

01. Peace On Earth
02. Happiness
03. Troubled Planet
04. The Children
05. We're All Alike

06. Time Warriors
07. Crazy War
08. Exodus to Venus
09. Faith
10. A New Life on Venus
11. Happy Snap


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