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Pete Townshend - Lifehouse Elements

Pete Townshend - Lifehouse Elements - 2000

from cduniverse
As most Who fans already know, Pete Townshend's next project after finishing TOMMY was to be a wildly ambitious multi-media event-including an album, a concert, and a movie - called LIFEHOUSE, with a storyline that was a combination of sci-fi and Eastern mysticism. The project eventually collapsed, partly due to early '70s technical limitations, but some of the songs later surfaced on official Who albums (principally WHO'S NEXT) and on several widely circulated Townshend bootlegs.

LIFEHOUSE ELEMENTS (an abridged version of a 6-CD set for sale on Townshend's website), collects various versions of the most important songs. Some are new, such as an astounding techno demolition of Who Are You, and a lovely acoustic guitar/string orchestra remake of Behind Blue Eyes, while some are old, including occasionally unfamiliar mixes of Townshend's one-man band demos of Pure and Easy, and Won't Get Fooled Again. Almost everything here is interesting on some level, and it goes without saying that this is an absolute must-have for Who fans.

There once was a note, pure and easy
Playing so free, like a breath rippling by
The note is eternal, I hear it, it sees me
Forever we blend and forever we die

Pete Townshend - Vocals, Various Instruments
London Chamber Orchestra.

01. One Note (Prologue)
02. Baba O'Riley
03. Pure And Easy
04. New Song  

05. Getting In Tune   
06. Behind Blue Eyes
07. Let's See Action
08. Who Are You       
09. Won't Get Fooled Again See All
10. Baba M1   
11. Song Is Over


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