domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

The Siegel-Schwall Band - Flash Forward

 The Siegel-Schwall Band - Flash Forward - 2005

The Siegel-Schwall Band é uma banda de blues de Chicago, formada em 1964 por Corky Siegel e Jim Schwall

Flash Forward, de 2005,  foi o primeiro disco de estúdio em mais de trinta anos.  

1. Afraid Of Love
2. Deja Vous
3. Going Back To Alabama
4. The Underqualified Blues
5. Krazy
6. Can't Stop
7. On The Road
8. Twisted
9. Rumors Of Long Tall Sally
10. Hey Leviticus
11. Sweet Liz
12. Pauline
13. Stormy Weather Love

Corky Siegel - Harmonica, Piano, Vocals
Jim Schwall - Guitar, Mandolin, 12-string Guitar, Accordion, Vocals
Rollo Radford - Electric & Upright Bass, Vocals
Sam Lay - Drums and Vocals (guitar and vocals on 'Stormy Weather Love')
Marcy Levy - Background Vocals


sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

Buddy Miles - More Miles Per Gallon

Buddy Miles - More Miles Per Gallon  - 1975

01. Rockin' and Rollin' on the Streets of Hollywood
02. Do It to Me
03. Blues City
04. Nasty Disposition
05. No Time for Sorrow
06. Nichols Canyon Fuunk
07. Linin' in the Right Space    
08. You Don't Have a Kind Word to Say
09. My Last Words of Love

Buddy Miles -  Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Piano
Stevie Wonder - Keyboards, Clavinet
Al Brown, Alison Brown - Drums
Bobby Berge -Percussion, Drums
Ben Schultz - Synthesizer, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards
Tom Brey, Paul Cacia - Trumpet
Stemsy Hunter - Percussion, Saxophone
Steve Lawrence - Saxophone
Kenny Walther -Trombone


quarta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2010

Roger Daltrey - Summertime Blues '89

Roger Daltrey - Summertime Blues - 1989

Gravado em oito de dezembro de 1989, esse show foi parte de uma pequena turnê que Daltrey fez a época de Under a Raging Moon.

01. Substitute
02. Pictures Of Lily
03. Behind Blue Eyes
04. 5:15
05. After The Fire
06. Under A Raging Moon
07. Let Me Down Easy
08. Giving It All Away
09. Won't Get Fooled Again
10. Free Me
11. Summertime Blues
12. C'mon Everybody

Roger Daltrey - Vocals
Clem Clemson - Guitar
Stuart Elliot - Drums
John Siegler - Bass
Mark Williamson, Alan Shacklock - Keyboards
Russ Ballard - Guitar


sexta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2010

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Live From Anaheim Convention Center

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Live From Anaheim Convention Center - 2004

01 - Introduction
02 - Hoedown
03 - Tiger in a Spotlight

04 - C´est La Vie
05 - Still... You Turn Me On
06 - Lucky Man
07 - The Enemy God Dances With the Black Spirits
08 - Karn Evil 9
09 - Fanfare For  Common Man


quarta-feira, 18 de agosto de 2010

Melton, Levy and the Dey Brothers

Melton, Levy and the Dey Brothers - 1972

 By Richie Unterberge,

Melton, Levy and the Dey Brothers' sole album has a bit of a come-down-from-the-reckless-heights-of-Haight-Ashbury vibe, but is a reasonably accomplished and pleasing record, if an unassuming one. It's got the characteristic San Francisco Bay Area blend of blues, country, rock, and good counterculture cheer, with a more laid-back, soul-influenced approach than Barry Melton had taken with his first band, Country Joe & the Fish. Everyone from the quartet contributes original material, with Melton, Rick Dey, and Jay Levy taking roughly equal shares of the writing credits. Some of the more keyboard-oriented tracks sound a little like Paul McCartney's early solo work, as unlikely as that comparison might seem; check the chorus of Jay Levy's "Been So Fine" for an illustration. It's easy to imagine this as suitable rustic rock to play on your escape from the big bad city of San Francisco to a more laid-back locale with similar progressive hippie ethos, but more space and less angst, even if that journey would probably go no further than Marin County. A little bit of Melton's more radical past sneaks through on "Taxpayer's Lament," with its opening bursts of reverb guitar and anguished anti-war lyrics, in a vocal that falls between John Fogerty and Burton Cummings.

01. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
02. She Dances Through
03. Closer
04. Been So Fine
05. Sweeter the Peaches
06. S.O.S
07. Highway
08. Hold on to the Good Times
09. Play Little Children
10. Be With the One
11. Newsboy
12. Taxpayer's Lament
13. Bye Bye Sequence

Barry Melton - Vocals, Guitar, Trombone
Jay Levy - Vocals, Keyboards
Rick Dey - Vocals, Bass
Tony Dey - Vocals, Drums


Michael Bloomfield - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Bruce Brymer - Drums, Vocals
Carol Davis - Horns
King Errisson - Congas
Rick Jagger - Percussion
Ginette Melton - Vocals

view cover here


sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Harvey Mandel - Get Off In Chicago

Harvey Mandel - Get Off In Chicago - 1972


Harvey Mandel got 16 Chicago musicians together between gigs - whenever they could. They jammed, improvised, laid down vocals, and had a good time. They created this album of blues, jazz and rock in just three nights.

01. Jellyroll
02. High-Test Fish Line
03. Local Days     
04. Check Me Out
05. Highway Blues
06. I'm A Lonely Man
07. Sweet Lynda
08. Springfield Station Theme
09. Race Track Daddy

Harvey Mandel - Guitar
Vicki Hubley, Freddie Fox - Vocals
G.E. Stinson, John Bishop, Norman Wagner - Guitar
Don Cody, Kenneth Little,  Nick Tountas, Craig Rasband - Bass
Phil Johnson, Bob Davis, Rusty Jones, Peter Milio - Drums
Judy Roberts - Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Cooke, Ira Kart - Keyboards


terça-feira, 10 de agosto de 2010

Henry McCullough - Belfast to Boston

Henry McCullough Blues Band - Belfast to Boston - 2001 

Henry McCullough (born 21 July 1943) is a guitarist, who has played guitar in such bands as Spooky Tooth, Paul McCartney's Wings, and The Grease Band. Born in Portstewart, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, Henry McCullough is a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, and is the only Irishman to play the Woodstock Festival (backing Joe Cocker). He turns up in many different places as sideman or a performer in his own right. READ MORE HERE

01. Old Black Coat
02. You Can't Do That
03. Hi Ya Folks
04. Down In The Amusement
05. Sick And Tired
06. Murder In My Heart
07. Mess Of Blues
08. I Can't Help Falling In Love
09. Belfast To Boston

Henry McCollough - Vocals, Guitar
Krzysztof Zawadzki - Drums
Zbigniew Szularz -Guitar
Tomasz Grabowy - Bass


sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010

Frankfurt City Blues Band

Frankfurt City Blues Band meets Alexis Korner and Lousiana Red - 1986 (live)

1. Gonna See My Baby
2. Joy Inside My Tears
3. Eight Days A Week (good Beatles cover)

4. I Got A Woman
5. Touch It
6. Mini Skirt
7. Soul Food
8. East St. Louis Blues
9. Hi Heeled Sneakers

About Frankfurt Band HERE
About Alexis Korner HERE
About Louisiana Red HERE

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And when Alexis Korner meets Steve Marriott

quarta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2010

Tommy Bolin - Live at Ebbets Field 1976

Tommy Bolin - Live at Ebbets Field 1976 - 1996

By Greg Prato, All Music Guide

Due to the success of his back-to-back appearances at Denver's Ebbets Field club in 1974, Tommy Bolin chose to premiere his new Tommy Bolin Band at the venue in May of 1976. Included in this top-notch band were ex-Vanilla Fudge keyboardist/singer Mark Stein and drummer Narada Michael Walden (nowadays a producer), while Norma Jean Bell (saxophone) and Reggie McBride (bass) rounded out the group. Like all Tommy Bolin concerts and albums, the music is extremely varied. Included is one of Bolin's trademark songs, the swaggering "Teaser," which remains sadly overlooked by classic rock radio. You'll also find reggae sounds on "People People," jazz fusion balladry on the Narada Michael Walden-sung "Delightful," and the funky groove of "The Grind." It wouldn't be a Bolin concert without a song for Tommy to show off his guitar talent, and here it's "Marching Powder." A strong album, it's only slightly diminished by a far, far too long drum solo (almost ten minutes!), which is completely unnecessary, since the majority of the people buying Tommy Bolin CDs are doing so to hear his memorable songwriting and guitar skills. Still, it's worthy of any serious Tommy Bolin fan's time.

1 Teaser
2 People, People
3 The Grind
4 Wild Dogs
5 Delightful
6 I Fell in Love
7 Marching Powder
8 Lotus
9 Homeward Strut

Tommy Bolin - Guitar, Vocals
Reggie McBride - Bass
Narada Michael Walden - Drums, Vocals
Mark Stein - Keyboards, Vocals
Norma Jean Bell - Saxophone, Vocals


segunda-feira, 2 de agosto de 2010

Arlo Guthrie - Power Of Love

Arlo Guthrie - Power Of Love - 1981

Lançado em julho de 1981, Power Of Love  é o 12º álbum de sua carreira e  último gravado pelo selo   Warner. Alguns destaques desta gravação é o dueto com Phil Everly  na faixa-título e a música Oklahoma Nights

Enquanto eram realizadas as gravações, Rick Lee Jones "vagou" pelos estúdios e acabou por gravar  Jamaica Farewell  em dueto com Arlo. Slow Boat ainda é cantada em muitos dos concertos de Arlo. Ele diz que essa talvez seja a melhor canção que ele tenha composto.

01. Power Of Love
02. Oklahoma Nights
03. If I Could Only Touch Your Life
04. Waimanalo Blues
05. Living Like A Legend    
06. Give It All You Got
07. When I Get To The Border    
08. Jamaica Farewell
09. Slow Boat
10. Garden Song

Arlo Guthrie - Vocal, Piano, Guitar

Robben Ford - Guitar
Bob Glaub - Bass
Russ Kunkel - Drums, Percussion
Hank DeVito - Steel Guitar
Jay Dee Maness - Steel Guitar
Dean Parks - Guitar
John Pilla - Guitar
Fred Tackett - Guitar
Hadley Hockensmith - Guitar
Jai Winding - Keyboards

Tracy Brown - Vocals
Bill Champlin - Vocals
Gwen Dickey - Vocals
Phil Everly - Vocals
Abraham Guthrie - Vocals
Annie Guthrie - Vocals
Cathy Guthrie - Vocals
Sarah Lee Guthrie - Vocals
Rickie Lee Jones - Vocals
Tom Kelly - Vocals
Clydie King - Vocals
Leah Kunkel - Vocals
Shirley Matthews - Vocals
Amos Newman - Vocals
Penny Nichols - Vocals
Anna Waronker - Vocals
Joey Waronker - Vocals