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Harvey Mandel - Get Off In Chicago

Harvey Mandel - Get Off In Chicago - 1972

from discogs.com

Harvey Mandel got 16 Chicago musicians together between gigs - whenever they could. They jammed, improvised, laid down vocals, and had a good time. They created this album of blues, jazz and rock in just three nights.

01. Jellyroll
02. High-Test Fish Line
03. Local Days     
04. Check Me Out
05. Highway Blues
06. I'm A Lonely Man
07. Sweet Lynda
08. Springfield Station Theme
09. Race Track Daddy

Harvey Mandel - Guitar
Vicki Hubley, Freddie Fox - Vocals
G.E. Stinson, John Bishop, Norman Wagner - Guitar
Don Cody, Kenneth Little,  Nick Tountas, Craig Rasband - Bass
Phil Johnson, Bob Davis, Rusty Jones, Peter Milio - Drums
Judy Roberts - Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Cooke, Ira Kart - Keyboards


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Dead or Alive disse...

Que beleza, o que é isso?
Tá pipocando muita coisa boa de Blues e isso só enche meu coração de alegria, Blues eu chamo a origem de tudo, thanks baixando pra nossa alcatéia,rs

Only Good Song disse...


Numa época em que até Jeff Beck grava "over the rainbow" melosamente enjoativa, volto cada vez mais pra esse que julgo ser o melhor guitarrista que já ouvi.

dr.bigsound disse...

Please could you re-post this album again? thanks,

Only Good Song disse...

@Dr BigSound
All broken links will be re-posted, at your time.
I did 83 new posts and I have another 50 links ready
Be patient