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Steve Marriott and The Official Receivers (2 cds)

Steve Marriott and The Official Receivers - 1987

Steve Marriott - Vocal, Guitar
Jim Leverton - Bass
Ian Wallace - Drums
Mick Weaver - Keyboards

Disc 01 (In Concert 1987)

1. Intro: Whatcha Gonna Do About It
2. Don’t Lie To Me
3. Mother-in-Law
4. All or Nothing
5. Knocking on Your Door
6. My Girl
7. Fool for a Pretty Face
8. Five Long Years
9. Shame Shame Shame
10. Big Train
11. Don’t Need No Doctor
12. Tin Soldier

Disc 02 (Studio Sessions 1987-1988)

01. Law of the Jungle
02. Oh Well
03. I Need a Love
04. Lonely No More
05. I Never Loved a Woman
06. Stay With Me Baby
07. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
08. Ain’t You Glad (New York Can’t Talk)
09. Shaking All Over
10. Toe Rag

Bonus Tracks

11. Watch Your Step (with DT´s in Cologne)
12. Let’s Work (with DT´s in Cologne)
13. Afterglow (with Official Receivers in Germany)
14. If I Were A Carpenter (with Official Receivers in Germany)

+disc one @256
+disc two @256

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frockz disse...

Muito legal...
Visitem meu blog de jogos.

woody disse...

Steve Marriott é um dos meus favoritos, este, em especial, eu desconhecia.


woody disse...

Epa!! Não tinha notado,Ian Wallace nas baquetas, ex King Crimson e idealizador do Crimson Jazz Trio. Hummm este post promete!

[ ]s

Anônimo disse...

Nice one.
Here is the art work:


Anônimo disse...

Great post.......but,

Disc 1 Track 12 Tin Soldier is missing

Only Good Song disse...

Disc 1, Track # 12 - Tin Soldier


Anônimo disse...

To quote Mr. Marriott, "Thanks mate"

Anônimo disse...

Disc 1 Track 13 - Slow Down is missing.

Only Good Song disse...

Hello anonymous,

My CD version contain the set-list here listed in post.
Slow Down belongs to another version of this album.
But, a simple "thanks" is welcome too. Not only complaints

Anônimo disse...

Thanks for the explanation.
And many thanks for the upload.