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Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin - Lost Time

Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin - Lost Time - 2015

from AmericanSongWriter
The title of the Alvin brothers’ follow-up to their Grammy-nominated 2014 Common Ground reunion project that found them working together for the first time in 30 years is multi-faceted and bittersweet. Clearly they are trying to make up for that lost time after not working together since Dave amicably left the Blasters in 1987. But more than that, these dozen covers are predominantly tunes that were also lost to time. Phil and Dave dig deep to reveal these hidden blues and R&B gems, then polish, rearrange and unleash them with pent up energy, providing the tracks with new leases on life.

Dave’s short yet informative liner notes explain the disc is also a tribute to ’50s blues shouter and Alvin brothers friend Big Joe Turner, whose photo adorns the back cover. Four tracks are Turner covers and it’s no secret that much of Phil’s distinctive singing style dates back to that of Big Joe. But from the opening guitar and walking bass lick of Oscar Brown, Jr.’s demonic “Mr. Kicks” to the closing acoustic gospel of “If You See My Savior” (one of the few times both guys sing on the same tune), it’s clear the brothers are having a blast reviving songs they obviously love and have influenced them for decades.

Not surprisingly Phil does the bulk of the singing. Even after his near-death scare a few years back, he sounds strong, vibrant and often, as on a version of James Brown’s “Please Please Please” that nearly beats the classic original, stronger and more powerful than ever. Old Blasters piano man Gene Taylor makes a welcome guest appearance on the salacious public domain blues of “Rattlesnakin’ Daddy,” one of Dave’s few vocals, while letting Phil display his dynamic harp abilities.

The twosome takes Willie Dixon by way of Otis Rush’s “Sit Down, Baby” down to the swamp with another of Dave’s baritone vocals and knock Turner’s “Wee Baby Blues” out of the park with a wild Dave guitar solo, searing slide work from Chris Miller and Phil’s emotional singing.

This is a blues album, but with styles that range from ragtime to jump with Chicago, Texas and Piedmont thrown in it’s diverse, fresh and rocking. There’s not a weak track in the dozen making this another candidate for blues release of the year from brothers who almost never got to play another note together. Making up for lost time never sounded so good.

01. Mister Kicks
02. World's In A Bad Condition
03. Cherry Red Blues
04. Rattlesnakin' Daddy
05. Hide And Seek
06. Papa's On The House Top
07. In New Orleans (Rising Sun Blues)
08. Please Please Please
09. Sit Down, Baby
10. Wee Baby Blues
11. Feeling Happy
12. If You See My Savior


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Rick Grech - The Last Five Years

Rick Grech - The Last Five Years - 1973

from AMG
The late Rick Grech was given a unique retrospective by his label RSO Records, much like the rare 1971Winwood double LP on United Artists. The big difference being that the recalled UA package on Winwood had a lavish eight-page photo essay spread written by Bobby Abrams, while Grech's single LP contains one photo page with very little information on where the material came from. Eight of the nine songs are written or co-written by bassist Rick Grech, the one hold-out being Steve Winwood's "Sea of Joy." Now listen up history buffs, because AMG is the first publication to see this musical nugget myth in print. When the late Jimmy Miller was at the residence of this writer (who represented the producer for many years) looking over the vast collection of his work, he smiled when seeing "Sea of Joy" on a "best-of" Rick Grech. To paraphrase Miller as best as possible "The best of Rick Grech? It's Jack Bruce playing bass on "Sea of Joy"!" According to archivist John McDermott in the Blind Faith Deluxe Edition, the song is "highlighted by Rick Grech's striking violin work," that being true, "Sea of Joy" is certainly a key track on a Grech compilation -- but Jimmy Miller was absolute that Jack Bruce is performing on some of the Blind Faith material. Is this truly Cream meets Traffic? Perhaps only Jack Bruce, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker, or engineer George Chkiantz know for sure, but it certainly adds some intrigue to a much revered song and album.

The Last Five Years is an extraordinary collection because it focuses on Rick Grech the songwriter as much as the journeyman. Where it fails is not in the music, but in the presentation. "Second Generation Woman" is taken from 1969's Family Entertainment album by Family, which contained three Rick Grech compositions. Track three here, "Face in the Cloud" is also from those sessions. The third composition from that Family disc, "How-Hi-The-Li," is track three on side two of this LP. "Kiss the Children," the second track, is from the 1972/1973 G.P. solo disc by Gram Parsons -- the diversity in Grech's work certainly worthy of better attention than just slapping the tunes on the disc with little commentary. "Just a Guest" was written solely by Grech and features the superb vocals of Rosetta Hightower, produced by Ian Green. It's such a great track, yet looking at the listing on the back cover, even hardcore fans would think it is Grech performing his own tune. This was licensed from Phonogram, most likely from Hightower's own record. It is followed by Ginger Baker's Air Force, the final track from that live double album produced by Jimmy Miller, the Baker/Grech piece "Doin' It." Side two opens with 1968's "Hey Mr. Policeman" from Family's Music in a Doll's House album, produced by Dave Mason. "Rock & Roll Stew" from Traffic's brilliant 1971 disc, Low Spark of High Heeled Boys is probably the track with the most recognition, next to "Sea of Joy.." And there you have it, the tracking information to what was a brilliant concept -- housing stunning performances from many of Grech's ensembles. The pity here is that the music is so good, a better presentation and package could have been a blessing to all involved. The Last Five Years is a brilliant collection of songs that can get you riled up over how labels treat precious art like this as so much "product" to be issued on a budget line like a Camden or Pickwick.


01. Family - Second Generation Woman
02. Gram Parsons - Kiss the Children
03. Family - Face in the Cloud
04. Rosetta Hightower - Just a Guest
05. Ginger Baker's Air Force - Doin' It
06. Family - Hey Mr. Policeman
07. Traffic - Rock N' Roll Stew
08. Family - How - Hi - The - Li
09. Blind Faith - Sea of Joy


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The Butler Brothers - Psychedelic Cowboys

The Butler Brothers - Psychedelic Cowboys - 2010 
from CDBaby
Todd Butler is a veteran of over 20 years of live performing. Todd's skills are honed to an exquisite point, and guaranteed he will entertain you with a stunning combination of whimsical wit and outstanding musicianship. Todd is also a storyteller, enrapturing the audience with poignant tales of love, friendship, what it means to belong, to be an outsider, to be searching for something real in these crazy, virtual times...

"Songwriting for me has always been about describing the world around me in all its wonder, stupidity, and beauty. When something bugs me or angers me, makes me laugh or haunts me, I have to write about it. Expressing myself through music is my passion and being able to share it with other people is my privilege."

Garner Butler's love of music and storytelling are combined with a passionate enthusiasm for singing and performance. "I have spent my life on the stage and the chance to work and sing with my big brother Todd is a joy for me. I want the music to be fun and inspiring and i hope you have as much fun hearing it as I did creating it."

01. Limelight
02. My Town
03. Country Boy
04. Wildwood Chinese Cafe
05. Holy Lightning
06. Every Day
07. Brian
08. Callin' Joey
09. Timothy Leary
10. A Lotta Love

Garner Butler - Vocals (2,3,5,10),  Guitar (3)
Todd Butler - Vocals (1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9), Guitar (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10), Bass (4,8)
Jimi Fischer - Drum Programming (1,2,3,4,5,7,10), Bass (1,2,3,5), Percussion (1,7,10) Synth Bass (1,7) Keys (7) Backing Vocals (7)
Joe Craven - Fiddle (2,3)
Rick Meyers - Keyboards (1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10)


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Thunderclap Newman - 15 Memorable Songs (Featuring Mick O'Toole)

Thunderclap Newman - 15 Memorable Songs (Featuring Mick O'Toole) - 2009
Embora o Thunderclap Newman tenha existido apenas para lançar um único disco, a franquia que Andy Newman (recém falecido) abriu rendeu algumas gravações para matar a saudade dos seus fãs, como no caso do Beyond Hollyood. E esse é mais um, gravado ao vivo em algum boteco que não consegui saber qual e com um pega mais Jazz, mais "standards" de canções de seu clássico disco de estreia e de algumas outras que estão na história do R&B.

01. Kind Of Blue
02. Something In The Air
03. Closer To The Bone
04. Route 66
05. Hallelujah I Love Her So
06. Ain't Necessarily So
07. Caldonia
08. Help Me
09. Get It Right
10. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
11. My Babe
12. I Like 'um Fat Like That
13. That Will Work
14. Reet Petite And Gone
15. Need Your Love So Bad

Andy Newman - Piano, Woodwind, Vocals
Mark Brzezicki - Drums, Vocals
Josh Townshend - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Johnson - Guitar,Vocals
Tony Stubbings - Bass


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Henry McCullough - Blue Sunset

Henry McCullough - Blue Sunset - 1998

Em 1998 Henry McCullough esteve na Polônia para excursionar com músicos locais e após a turnê, eles entraram num estúdio por uma tarde e realizaram gravações "ao vivo", numa tomada só. Estas gravações deram vida ao álbum Blue Sunset, a raridade que hoje posto.

Esse disco era virtualmente impossível de se achar na rede, uma vez que foi lançado por um selo local polonês, sem  uma distribuição minimamente decente.

Por sorte tenho amigos que conseguem ter no meio de algumas dezenas de discos algo que saia do lugar comum. Como pergunta um deles: "o que adianta eu etiquetar 1000 discos se são todos mais do mesmo, que se encontra em qualquer torrent russo?" 

No mais, se você procura mais discos deste cara, clique AQUI  e divirta-se.

1. Fast Blues In G
2. Locked In and Can't Get Out
3. Come Together
4. So Long Blues
5. All I Wanna Do
6. The House Of The Rising Sun

Henry McCullough - Vocals, Guitar
Zbyszek Szularz - Guitar
Tomasz Adamczyk - Bass
Krysztof Zawadzki - Drums
Jurek Kossacz - Keyboards


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Zahara - Flight Of The Spirit (REPOST)

Zahara - Flight Of The Spirit - 1983

Zahara foi um grupo de fusion jazz formada pelos ex-traffic Reebop e Rosko Gee (WHEN THE EAGLES FLIES); pelo ex baterista do Spooky Tooth Bryson Graham (YOU BROKE MY HEART SO I BUSTED YOUR JAW e WITNESS). Completou o disco Richard Bailey que tocou com gente do quilate de Jeff Beck (BLOW BY BLOW), The Who (Trilha sonora de Tommy), Steve Winwood, Bob Marley......

Flight Of The Spirit foi seu único registro (eu acho) e foi lançado pelo selo Antilles, a subsidiária americana da inglesa Island Records (repare no selo do disco, incluido no arquivo).

Reebop Kwaku Baah - Percussion
Rosko Gee - Bass, Keyboards
Paul Delph - Keyboards

Bryson Graham - Drums (3,6,7)
Richard Bailey - Drums

01. Total Dune  
02. Flight Of The Spirit
03. Valeska
04. Nothing To Declare
05. Unexpected Reality
06. The Stalker
07. Heath In The Night 


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Country Funk - ZUMA

Country Funk - ZUMA - 2011
From AMG
Though Country Funk's short lifetime came during the first flowering of country-rock, the band's music reflected psychedelia, hard rock, and blue-eyed R&B as much as rootsy Nashville sounds. While often cited as part of the Boston rock scene of the late '60s, Country Funk first came together in Los Angeles, CA, where songwriters and longtime friends Adam Taylor (who played lead guitar) and Hal Paris (rhythm guitar and piano) met up with the rhythm section of Jeff Lockwood (bass) and Joe Pfeifer (drums) and formed a band in 1968. Early gigs proved volatile, and after a residency at the famous Sunset Strip nightclub Gazzari's, Lockwood and Pfeifer left the group, while Paris and Taylor opted to start something new. Pfeifer was recruited to join Paris and Taylor's new outfit after they met bassist Jim Lanham, who could also play pedal steel guitar, but shortly before the new act could play its first gig, Pfeifer got cold feet and new drummer Verne Johnson came on board. After a few dates In L.A., the band headed to Vermont to play a string of shows at ski lodges. Country Funk then hit the road for Boston, where they became regulars on the city's club scene and opened for the Velvet Underground at the Boston Tea Party, though for a spell Johnson headed back to California and Pfeifer was persuaded to replace him. In 1969, the group landed a record deal with Polydor, and with Johnson back behind the drums, Country Funk headed to the Record Plant in Hollywood, where they cut their self-titled debut album. (True to the group's shifting lineup, Pfeifer played drums on four of the album's 12 songs.) Despite a strong reception, the album's sales were poor, and it proved to be the group's only record for many, many years -- until 2011, in fact, when they returned with an album titled Zuma. 

01. A Place to Call Home
02. JJ Boyd
03. Smart Ass
04. Got to Be Gone
05. Susan Sky
06. Why Won't We Listen to Our Heart?
07. Music, Friends, and Love
08. Cool Country Breeze
09. People At the Top
10. The Dolphins
11. Linda Longtime
12. Goodbye, I'm Letting Go

Adam Taylor - Lead Guitar
Hal Paris - Rhythm Guitar and Piano
Jimmy Lanham - Bass Guitar & Steel Guitar
C.J. Allen - Drums


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Davy O'List - Second Thoughts


Davy O'List - Second Thoughts - 2015

By Bruce Eder from AMG
Davy O'List is a figure out of '60s British rock who is nearly as elusive as Syd Barrett -- an ironic comparison since O'List actually played briefly in Pink Floyd at a point in their history when Barrett was starting to fade out. 

A guitarist and singer who also played trumpet, O'List's first gig of any note was with the Attack, a psychedelic outfit that grew out of a band called Soul System. His chance meeting with the latter group's Richard Shirman led to O'List's joining the band on lead guitar in 1966. The Attack's lineup was never truly stable, however, and in less than a year O'List was gone, recruited by Andrew Oldham for membership in the Nice, which was to have been a Booker T. & the M.G.'s-type backing band for P.P. Arnold. 

The Nice developed a sound of their own and soon split from Arnold, with O'List handling lead guitar and the vocals on their first single. The guitarist's style and temperament, however, didn't mesh well with that of Keith Emerson, the group's flamboyant keyboard player, who had plans of his own for the Nice's sound. O'List left after the first album and the recording of a song or two that later turned up on the group's second long-player. 

He passed briefly through the lineup of the Misunderstood, and intersected with Pink Floyd just as that band was looking for a successor to Syd Barrett, whose personal instability due to drug use was becoming a major problem, but O'List only lasted a few gigs. He next turned up with Roxy Music for one tour, and he subsequently played on Bryan Ferry's Another Time, Another Place LP in 1974 -- another recording, a single song with O'List, ended up on Let's Stick Together, but by 1975 he'd moved on to a short-lived association with the glitter rock cult band Jet. 

Since then, O'List's name has mostly surfaced on reissues of the various '60s bands with which he recorded, although he did release a solo album, Flight of the Eagle, in 1997. He remains an elusive and mysterious figure on the British rock scene, some 35 years after he started out.

01. Second Thoughts
02. To The Stars
03. The Emperor
04. Touch Wood
05. Bonnie K
06. Halfway To Heaven

Davy O´List - Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Synthesizer, Trumpet
Paul Brown - Bass
Dave Wagstaffe - Drums
Andy Tillison - Keyboars
Sani Miroslav - Second Leader Guitar (on 3, 4)
James Redmond - Backing Vocal (on 6)