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The Wobblers - The Wobblers

The Wobblers - The Wobblers - 2007

With Mitch Mitchell,Carmine Appice, Jackie Lomax, Kim Gardner, Brian Auger, Ian Wallace, Bobby Keys, Don Adey, Mick Taylor and more

Album Notes by Don Adey
In 1975, I returned to Hollywood and moved to the top of Wonderland in Laural Canyon, and built a little home studio. One day on my way home I was elated to see the sign next to the Canyon Store “British Pub Opening Soon.” On opening night, I headed down the hill, which was packed. It was called “The Cat and Fiddle” and was an authentic country pub. There were crossed beams on the walls, and handmade dark wood bar with stools to match and a small outdoor patio with a horizontal split door at the entrance. I was greeted by co-owner Stephen Humphreys, who was married to movie queen Cassie Yates. He bought me a pint and showed me around- what a great place!

Kim Gardner and his wife Paula were partners with Steve and Cassie in Hollywood’s only British Pub. Kim was a great guy who told me he played bass with Ronnie Wood in the “Birds” and “The Creation” along with Rod Stewart in “Quiet Melon.” He also was with “Ashton, Gardner and Dyke,” Jackie Lomax, Billy Burnett and numerous others to the tune of 27 albums. After speaking with him, I knew I had to invite him up for a play one night. The drummer that I was with at the time was my old friend Terry Rae, who had played with me on all the clubs on Sunset Strip. We also recorded with our band “The Jamme” produced by John Phillips of “The Mamas and Papas.”

My bass player, Danny Sheridon couldn’t make it one Thursday night. Kim joined Terry and I and we wrote three songs which was the start of a writing partnership that lasted twenty years.

We would play on Thursday nights, but Terry couldn’t make it one night so Kim brought his mate Mitch Mitchel (Jimi Hendrix Experience) to do the drumming. The rest is history.


Beachy - Drums
Kim Gardner - Bass, Vocals
Don Adey - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
David Webber - Tenor Sax
Johnny Bone - Trombone
Small Town Soul Girls - Background Vocals
Kim Gardner & Bruce Gary - Percussion


Bruce Gary - Drums
Kim Gardner - Bass, Vocals
Don Adey - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Ivan Neville - Hammond B-3
Leon - Guitar
Paula Gardner & P. P. Arnold - Background Vocals


Bruce Gary - Drums
Kim Gardner - Bass, Vocals
Eva Gardner - Bass
Don Adey - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals


Bruce Gary - Drums
Kim Gardner - Bass, Vocals
Eva Gardner - Bass
Don Adey - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Matt Cooker - Cello
The Gardner Girls - Back Ground Vocals


Ian Wallace - Drums
Kim Gardner - Bass, Vocals
Don Adey - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Matt Cooker - Cello
Small Town Soul Girls - Background Vocals


Bruce Gary - Drums
Kim Gardner - Bass, Vocals
Don Adey - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Mick Taylor - Guitar
Jackie Lomax - Guitar


Mitch Mitchell - Drums
Kim Gardner - Bass, Vocals
Don Adey - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
David Webber - Tenor Sax
Johnny Bone - Trombone
Small Town Soul Girls - Background Vocals


Ian Wallace - Drums
Kim Gardner - Bass, Vocals
Don Adey - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Bobby Keys - Tenor Sax
Don Adey - Alto Sax
Barrie - Sax, Bo


Bruce Gary - Drums
Kim Gardner - Bass, Vocals
Don Adey - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Brian Auger - Hammond B-3
Michael - Ralo Hammond
Jack Lancaster - Tenor Sax
Pat Britt - Alto Sax
Sal Marquez - Flugal Horn
Paula Gardner & Ashley Gardner - Background Vocals


Bruce Gary - Drums
Kim Gardner - Bass, Vocals
Don Adey - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Paula Gardner & The Gardner Girls - Back Ground Vocals


Carmine Appice - Drums
Kim Gardner - Bass, Vocals
Don Adey - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Jackie Lomax - Slide Guitar
Paula Gardner & The Gardner Girls - Back Ground Vocals


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New Planet Trampoline - The Curse Of The New Planet Trampoline

New Planet Trampoline - The Curse Of The New Planet Trampoline - 2004

from AMG
Part of the circle of psych-inspired bands revolving around the axis of the Volta Sound, New Planet Trampoline features two of said group's members in slightly different roles. Matt Cassidy, guitarist in the Volta Sound, handles lead vocals as well here, while Ben Gmetro exchanges his guitar for organ. The rhythm section of Dave Molnar and Charlie Druesdow fills out the lineup, and on their full-length debut the quartet creates an enjoyable, sun-kissed/sun-dazed take on dreamy psychedelia. Where the Volta Sound leans more towards shoegaze and Spacemen 3-obsessiveness, New Planet Trampoline's songs generally either aim for the prettier and ambling, or the more raved-up and fun, with Gmetro's candy-colored organ the secret weapon in keeping the tone trippily playful either way. "Nag Champa" is utterly suffused with drifty, keyboard-led good times -- the oil projections on the wall can easily be envisioned. Other hazy songs like "Mr. and Mrs. Watterson," the mid-'80s XTC-resembling "Fishbone Song," and, in their closest similarity to the Volta Sound, the moody lope of "Skeleton Key" all appeal on the calmer front. It's not always a soft trip, though, when the band turns the country/rave-up "Northwestern Woodpecker" into a full-on rock rager in the instrumental break, it's a great moment of drama. The great freak-out of "Gimme a Moment," and the rambling charge of "ESP Medallion" -- perhaps the best title on an album full of fine ones -- also add to the fun, adding both variety and energy. Cassidy's singing can at times not totally connect -- sounding maybe more of a parody rather than a celebration -- but his energetic shout on "Northwestern Woodpecker" and his enticing harmonies on the concluding "Fake-Ass Moon," a reflective ballad of sorts, shows he's got the right skills. Meanwhile, his stellar guitar playing on "Whirlpool Clyde" (matched by fine martial drums from Druesdow) is worth attention on its own.

01. Phantom Picture Taker
02. Mr. And Mrs. Watterson
03. Northwestern Woodpecker
04. Nag Champa
05. Gimmie A Moment
06. Whirlpool Clyde
07. Skeleton Key
08. ESP Medallion
09. Fishbone Song
10. Hospitality
11. Fake-Ass Moon


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Too Smooth - Still

Too Smooth - Still  - 2011

Formed in 1973, Too Smooth featured stunning songs and twin guitar runs; intricate time changes and fall-off-the-cliff dynamics; riverine vocal melodies, close gospel harmonies and bubbling musical improvisations. These were elements of what was coming to be called progressive rock and associated with acts ranging from Yes to Wishbone Ash - yet Too Smooth also offered a decided tip of the hat to the proud tradition of Lone Star boogie, blues, and hard rock. Too Smooth should have become one of the most successful rock acts in the world; as it turned out, they had to settle for simply being one of the best.


CD 1
01. Crippled Duck
02. You Say When
03. Friends
04. Smile
05. Leavin' It Up to You
06. Try a Little Magic
07. Let Me Be
08. You & I
09. Windmill
10. I Love the Way
11. Song For the World
12. Soon Our Time Will Come - Mamie Mama (medley)


CD 2
01. It Must Be Love
02. Here to Stay
03. I Love You
04. Man Knows Nothing
05. Texas Hospitality
06. Lonesome Road Back Home
07. You Take Me to Paradise
08. Just Be Yoursself
09. Believe In Me
10. Don't Stop Lovin' Me
11. Where Has All the Magic Gone?
12. Nobody Knows Me Like I Do


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Bobby Keys - Allstars LP


Bobby Keys - Allstars LP - 2005 

Born in Slaton, Texas, some 15 miles southeast of Lubbock on U.S. 84, Bobby’s life has been a sort of rock ‘n’ roll folk tale—in his early teens he bribed his way into his aunt’s neighbor Buddy Holly’s garage band rehearsals; he took up the saxophone as a high school freshman because it was the only instrument left unclaimed in the school band; he convinced his grandfather to sign his guardianship over to Crickets drummer J.I. Allison so he could go on tour as a teenager. In fact, Bobby’s experiences reflect the coming of age of rock ‘n’ roll itself. From years on the road during the waning days of early rock ‘n’ roll with hitmakers like Bobby Vee and the various acts on Dick Clark’s Caravan of Stars Tour through decades as top touring and session sax man for the likes of Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, George Harrison, Delaney & Bonnie, Joe Cocker, B.B. King, Keith Moon, Sheryl Crow and countless others, and onto, perhaps most famously, an ongoing gig as a de facto Rolling Stone from 1970 onward, Bobby’s raw talent and outsized personality have elevated him from sideman to something closer to a rock ‘n’ roll icon.

01. Susie
02. Man In The Street
03. Dock of The Bay
04. Honky Tonk
05. KC Song
06. 99 & 1,2
07. Johnny Too Bad
08. Lovers' Rocking
09. Soul Serenade
10. Only The Strong


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(ta) Taste - Wall to Wall & Gold-Rush

(Ta) Taste - Wall to Wall - 2009

Em 2006, John Wilson, o lendário baterista da formação original do Taste decidiu reformar a banda juntamente com Richard McCracken e um guitarrista irlandês praticamente desconhecido, de nome Sam Davidson. Eles tocaram alguns shows e a pressão do público era tanta para que eles registrassem aquele som que eles decidiram lançar o álbum "Wall To Wall", sob o nome de "TA TASTE". A faixa de abertura, "Going Home" remete ao Alvin Lee e seu 10 Years After, o baixo é comandado por Albert Mills, que substituiu Richard,  e na guitarra, Sam Davidson reacende - dentro dos limites - a luz que se foi com a morte de Rory Galagher.

Com faixas como "Daytona Dreaming" e "Devil's Womand" ", duas canções que ousaria dizer que Rory teria tocado com muito prazer, o disco parece tentar ser bastante fiel a Rory e ao Taste original dos anos 60. Existe uma série de incríveis canções. Em suma, Wall to Wall não é somente um disco gravado por uma turma que quis faturar em cima de uma banda ícone; Não é somente uma forma de fazer algum dinheiro. Tanto crítica como público adoraram o trabalho, muitos achando ter sido o melhor lançamento de 2009.

Este álbum tempos depois foi relançado pelo selo Bad Reputation, mas agora usando o nome original "TASTE".

Depois de uma demanda de fãs e amigos, John Wilson e Sam Davidson começaram a a tocar novamente usando o nome de "ta Taste", sempre com rotatividade na vaga do baixistas, incluindo Richie McCracken,
o baixista do Taste original.

A banda excursionou em várias cidades, incluindo Moscou e San Francisco e gravaram novamente, desta vez colocando músicas do tempo de Rory. De certa forma, isso foi bom para oxigenar e mostrar o trabalho para um mundo de pessoas que talvez ainda não o conhecesse.

Passeando por algumas lojas a cerca de 2 meses atrás, deparei-me com este álbum AQUI e, sem saber realmente se tratar - de um novo lançamento ou o relançamento de algo gravado enquanto excursionavam - resolvi trazer pro blog para a degustação geral.

Fiz melhor, trago os dois discos. Wall to Wall está aqui porque o Paul do blog overdoseoffingalcocoa
gentilmente procedeu um repost deste disco muito dificil de se achar. Não mexi nada, apenas limitei-me a fazer outro upload (porque aprendi esta semana que usar o mesmo link e a mesma senha é para bloguinhos RÁ!!!). Para o Paul, meus sinceros agradecimentos.

E trago também o Gold-Rush, que nos sites de venda está marcado como 2013, mas como escrevo, nada sei sobre ele. Aproveitem porque não é comum a Casa fazer postagem dupla.

01. Going Home
02. Daytona Dreaming
03. The Drifter
04. The Wall
05. Devils Woman
06. Home Blues
07. Big Ship
08. Pretty Woman Of Mine
09. Lucy May
10. The Wall (Instrumental)


01.Big Ship
02.Eat My Words
03.Going Home
04.Morning Sun
05.Born on the Wrong Side of Time
06.Railway and Gun
08.The Drifter
09.Whats Going On
10.Same Old Story
11.The Hat
12.Lucy May
14.Blister on the Moon
15.Home Blues


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White Line Featuring Jimmy McCulloch - Complete White Line

White Line Featuring Jimmy McCulloch - Complete White Line - 1976

During the Wings 1976 World Tour, Jimmy got together with his brother Jack and long time friend, Dave Clarke. They began to jam together, more and more frequently, until inevitably, a group was born. Thus...White Line. Jimmy immediately discounted all claims that this signaled the end of his relationship with Wings. He firmly said: "The only way I'm gonna leave Wings is if they break up or I get the sack". The McCulloch brothers had known Dave Clarke for years. Jack used to play with him in the Noel Redding Band. Dave played bass and keyboards. White Line had several impromptu gigs around and things really seemed to be getting on quite well. At this juncture, Dave a prolific songwriter, came up with a song which they all decided should be released as a record. The song was "Call My Name". It was released as a single with "Too Many Miles" (written by Jimmy and Colin Allen) as the B side. 

Jimmy McCulloch, one of the great guitar heroes and one of Scotland's finest, died age 26 in 1979. His work with Thunderclap Newman, Stone The Crows, Small Faces, The Dukes and Paul McCartney's Wings is well known to his many fans. This complete White Line collection of rare singles and demos, recorded during breaks in the Wings schedule. Immense talent, intensity and hooklines a-plenty. Featuring Dave Clarke  bass/vocals/keyboards, Jimmy McCulloch guitars/vocals/bass, Jack McCulloch drums.

01. Call My Name (Dave Clarke)
02. You’re A Loser (Dave Clarke)
03. Champagne Eyes (Dave Clarke/Noel Redding)
04. Mr. Jones (Dave Clarke)
05. Down Bound Train (Dave Clarke)
06. Just Another ‘B’ Side Song (Jack McCulloch)
07. Call My Name (DEMO) (Dave Clarke)
08. The Same Mistakes Again (Dave Clarke)
09. Too Many Miles (Jimmy McCulloch/Colin Allen)
10. Reindeer Rockets (Dave Clarke)
11. White Line (Dave Clarke)
12. The Shannon and the Chesapeake (trad. arr. Dave Clarke)
13. Call My Name (Tv SHOW) (Dave Clarke)


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Ian Hunter - From the Knees of My Heart (The Crysalis Years 1979-1984)


Ian Hunter - From the Knees of My Heart (The Crysalis Years 1979-1984) - 2012

from AMG
Ian Hunter's short time at Chrysalis marked one of his great periods so it's little wonder that it's been heavily anthologized over the years. Nevertheless, the 2012 four-disc box From the Knees of My Heart: The Chrysalis Years (1979-1981) is one of the best of the bunch, capturing his three albums for the label -- 1979's You're Never Alone with a Schizophrenic, 1980's live set Welcome to the Club, the very new wave 1981 platter Short Back N Sides -- and adding a bunch of rarities, including a live disc that was included as a bonus on an expanded double-disc reissue of You're Never Alone in 2009. Welcome to the Club and Short Back N Sides have also seen expanded reissues over the years and most, but not all, of the bonus cuts are here, along with a few other songs that haven't showed up elsewhere, plus a live set at Pepsi Fest on the fourth disc that hasn't shown up on disc, but has been on home video before. Some of these details are little more than list-keeping for trainspotters because the essential fact is this: the three years Ian Hunter spent at Chrysalis are among his strongest, with him producing two excellent LPs (You're Never Alone with a Schizophrenic may be his greatest solo album) and fronting a hell of a band, heard here in their full glory twice. This is the easiest, best way to get all of the major recordings from this brilliant era at once.

CD 1: You’re Never Alone With A Schizophrenic:
01. Just Another Night
02. Wild East
03. Cleveland Rocks
04. Ships
05. When The Daylight Comes
06. Life After Death
07. Standin’ In My Light
08. Bastard
09. The Outsider
10. Don’t Let Go (Demo)
11. The Other Side Of Life (Outtake)
12. Ships (Early Version)
13. When The Daylight Comes (Early Version)
14. Just Another Night (Ronsonesque Version)
15. The Outsider (Early Version)
16. Alibi

CD 2: Welcome To The Club:
01. F.B.I. (Live)
02. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Live)
03. Angeline (Live)
04. Laugh At Me (Live)
05. All The Way From Memphis (Live)
06. I Wish I Was Your Mother (Live)
07. Irene Wilde (Live)
08. Just Another Night (Live)
09. Cleveland Rocks (Live)
10. Standin’ In My Light (Live)
11. Bastard (Live)
12. Walking With A Mountain/Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen (Live)
13. All The Young Dudes (Live)
14. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (Live)
15. One Of The Boys ((Bonus)
16. The Golden Age Of Rock And Roll (Bonus)

CD 3: Short Back ‘n’ Sides:
01. Central Park ‘n’ West (2000 – Remaster)
02. Lisa Likes Rock ‘n’ Roll (2000 – Remaster)
03. I Need Your Love (2000 – Remaster)
04. Old Records Never Die (2000 – Remaster)
05. Noises (2000 – Remaster)
06. Rain (2000 – Remaster)
07. Gun Control (2000 – Remaster)
08. Theatre Of The Absurd (2000 – Remaster)
09. Leave Me Alone (2000 – Remaster)
10. Keep On Burning (2000 – Remaster)
11. Na Na Na
12. I Believe In You
13. Listen To The Eight Track
14. You Stepped Into My Dreams
15. Venus in the Bathtub
16. Detroit (Take 1)
17. China (Rough Mix with Ronson Vocal)

CD 4: Ian Hunter Rocks (Live At The Pepper Festival 1981):
01. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
02. Gun Control (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
03. Central Park N’ West (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
04. All The Way from Memphis/Honky Tonk Women (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
05. I Need Your Love (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
06. Noises (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
07. Just Another Night (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
08. Cleveland Rocks (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
09. Irene Wilde (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
10. Medley: All the Young Dudes (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
11. Sons And Daughters (Live) (Alternate Version)
12. We Gotta Get Out Of Here (Alternate Version)
13. Silver Needles (Live)
14. Man O’ War (Live)

+@192 1/2
+@192 2/2
TRACK #10 from DISC 4 get HERE

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Ollie Halsall with John Halsey - Abbot's Langrey (re-re-post)

Ollie Halsall with John Halsey - Abbot's Langrey -  1980

In 1980, following his early career with Timexbox, Patto, Tempest and Boxer guitarist Ollie Halsall teamed up with former bandmate drummer John Halsey to record these remarkable sessions.

The planned group never materialised and Ollie joined Kevin Ayers' band, with whom he spent most of the next 12 years, until his untimely death in 1992.

This album is a snapshot of a particular period in the life of a somewhat eccentric but extraordinarily talented musician.

The material, which includes nine Halsall originals, dates from a 1980 colaboration with drummer John Halsey and is completed by some very unusual extra recordings.

01. Bum Love
02. Monkey On My Back
03. Marietta’s Pizzas #1
04. Don’t Understand    
05. This One’s For Me
06. Marietta’s Pizzas #2
07. Seven Days
08. Time Is By My Side
09. We Want Out
10. Marietta’s Pizzas #3
11. Roll Around
Bonus Tracks
12. Seven Days
13. We Want Out
14. Run
15. Shame, Shame


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Andrew Watt - The Mulberry Tree E​.​P.

Andrew Watt - The Mulberry Tree E​.​P. - 2011

Andrew Watt is a young, talented musician who’s hit the New York music scene in stride. He’s put himself out there, and been a part of a number of various projects. But what I have here is his solo EP that came out over the summer. Trust me when I tell you, this is not something you want to pass up. Each of the 6 tracks have entirely different sounds to them. He ranges from softer sounds similar to that of John Mayer in his tracks like ‘Sinkin In.’ But then shows us some wailing guitar solos in tracks like ‘Chameleon,’ where he displays Hendrix-esque similarities. He wrote and produced all the tracks himself. But what’s most impressive is that he actually played all the instruments on the album as well. Making this the true definition of a solo EP.

01. Me & The Road
02. Traveler
03. Sinkin' In
04. When Everything Goes Grey
05. Chameleon
06. Melody