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Ollie Halsall with John Halsey - Abbot's Langrey (re-re-post)

Ollie Halsall with John Halsey - Abbot's Langrey -  1980

In 1980, following his early career with Timexbox, Patto, Tempest and Boxer guitarist Ollie Halsall teamed up with former bandmate drummer John Halsey to record these remarkable sessions.

The planned group never materialised and Ollie joined Kevin Ayers' band, with whom he spent most of the next 12 years, until his untimely death in 1992.

This album is a snapshot of a particular period in the life of a somewhat eccentric but extraordinarily talented musician.

The material, which includes nine Halsall originals, dates from a 1980 colaboration with drummer John Halsey and is completed by some very unusual extra recordings.

01. Bum Love
02. Monkey On My Back
03. Marietta’s Pizzas #1
04. Don’t Understand    
05. This One’s For Me
06. Marietta’s Pizzas #2
07. Seven Days
08. Time Is By My Side
09. We Want Out
10. Marietta’s Pizzas #3
11. Roll Around
Bonus Tracks
12. Seven Days
13. We Want Out
14. Run
15. Shame, Shame


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