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Reeves Gabrels & Bill Nelson - Fantastic Guitars

Reeves Gabrels & Bill Nelson - Fantastic Guitars - 2014

Long time David Bowie collaborator and now lead guitarist of The Cure, Reeves Gabrels, has been a friend of Bill Nelson for over 20 years. During that time a collaboration has often been discussed but it was only recently that serious plans were made for the two guitarists to record together. The result is 'Fantastic Guitars,' an album of guitar instrumentals that marries their playing in a unique and exciting way. If you love electric guitars they don't get more astonishingly electric than this!

01. And The Train Left The Station Trailing Sparks And Stars
02. Infernal Appartatus
03. Revenge Of The Coda Kings
04. A Brilliant Night For Rain
05. Ghosts Behind Glass
06. Ambiguity
07. Honeybee In Autumn
08. Orange Turning Black
09. Santos
10. Radio Andalusia
11. Fantastic Guitars



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Anônimo disse...

Thank You Very Much for TWO Great Guitarists on one album! :-) --dandor

Anônimo disse...

Good post.

Anônimo disse...

Great album. Thanks!

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Unfortunately the link does not work

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No problem
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