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The Barry "The Fish" Melton Band - The Saloon Years (re-post)

The Barry "The Fish" Melton Band - The Saloon Years - 1997

01. I Can't Dance
02. Mojo Navigator
03. Colorado Town
04. 3rd Degree
05. Love
06. Hold On To The Good Times   
07. Just A Little Bit
08. Harlem Nocturne
09. Mona
10. SOS

Barry Melton - Guitar,  Vocals
John Cipollina - Guitar, Vocals
Peter Albin - Bass, Vocals
Spencer Dryden - Drums
Bob Flurie - Guitar, Vocals
Peter Walsh - Guitar, Vocals
David Getz - guest Drummer


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Sal Valentino - Dreamin' Man

Sal Valentino - Dreamin' Man - 2011

from Twirl Radio
Sal’s early fame came as vocalist for the 1960′s band The Beau Brummels with such top hits as “Laugh Laugh” and “Just A Little”. It’s been argued that the band defined the San Francisco sound. Certainly, they were out ahead of the pack–a little before the Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead.

The 1970′s came, and Sal played in Stoneground, a great amalgam of funk and country rock, perhaps a precursor to the Doobie Brothers. And he’s had quite a respectable solo career. As one of my European listeners said, “Sal Valentino–one of the great voices of all time!”.

His most recent album, Dreamin’ Man, teams him up with long time collaborator John Blakeley. This is one fine album. It starts with the breezy opener “Love Song”, then transitions into determined mid-tempo rocker “Hwy 49″. Sal and John turn in a great Americana performance on rising Sacramento star Jackie Greene’s “Valley of Woe”. While Sal sings with conviction, John’s stellar acoustic picking drives this song forward with abandon. These two bad dudes will kick your rear with this song, and you’ll love it.

But make no mistake–this tends to be a rather romantic album, especially the second half. “Looking For You” is a fun rave up, and Sal is completely devoted to getting through to his woman, no matter what it takes, a la the Fabulous Thunderbirds in “Tuff Enuff”. The last four songs burrow deep into your heart, with their romanticism. “Dreamin’ Man”, the title track, is quite moody and haunting, but always listenable. “Catherine I Do” and “Lovin’ Fallin’” feature classy instrumental hooks and lyrics that grab you, work their way through your mind, and into that place in your soul reserved for love and sentiment. These melodies are sublime and exquisite. The album ends with the confessional “That Way”–what Sal is confessing is eternal love and devotion for his woman.

01. Love Song
02. HWY 49
03. Snowman
04. Valley of Woe
05. Weakness In Me
06. Lookin' for You
07. Dreamin' Man
08. Catherine I Do
09. Lovin' Fallen
10. That Way


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Mott The Hoople - In Performance 1969-1974 (RE-RE-POST)

Mott The Hoople - In Performance 1969-1974 (Live Boxset) (4CDS with bonus tracks) - 2008

Mott The Hoople were formed in June 1969 by the original line-up of Ian Hunter (vocals/piano), Mick Ralphs (guitar/vocals) Verden Allen (organ), Dale Griffin  (drums) and Overend Watts (bass) and within months they had built up a fearsome reputation live as a ranting, raucous, raving, rioting, rip roaring and above all, real, rock’n’roll band.

This 4CD Box Set lovingly compiled by Buffin provides an important historic and compelling live historic document of their much loved but short lived career. A limited edition release with only 2,000 copies being produced. Rare unseen photos being supplied from the personal archives of Verden Allen, Dale Griffin, Mick Ralphs and Overend Watts.

CD 1 - Fairfield Halls, Croydon 1970

01. Ohio
02. No Wheels To Ride
03. Rock’n’Roll Queen
04. Thunderbuck Ram
05. When My Minds Gone
06. Keep’a’Knockin
07. You Really Got Me
BONUS TRACKS - recorded 1971 The Konserthuset, Stockholm
08. Long Red
09. The Original Mixed Up Kid
10. Laugh At Me
11. Thunderbuck Ram

CD 2 - The Tower Theatre, Philadelphia 1972

01. Introduction/Jupiter from The Planets
02 Jerkin Crocus
03  Sucker
04. Hymn For The Dudes
05. Ready For Love
06. Sweet Jane
07. Sea Diver
08. Sweet Angeline
09. One Of The Boys
10. Midnight Lady
11. All The Young Dudes
12. Honky Tonk Woman

CD 3 - Live Heaven

01. No Wheels To Ride
02. Whisky Woman
03. Walkin With A Mountain/Jumpin Jack Flash/Satisfaction
04. It’ll Be Me
05. Angel Of Eighth Avenue
06. Drivin Sister
07. All The Young Dudes
08. All The Way From Memphis
09. Sweet Angeline
10. Death May Be Your Santa Claus (wild and rude mix)
11. The Ballard Of Billy Joe (demo)
12. If Your Heat Lay With The Rebel (demo)
13. It Would Be A Pleasure (demo)

CD 4 - Live Heaven 11

01. American Pie
02. The Golden Age Of Rock n Roll
03. Sucker
04. Roll Away The Stone/Sweet Jane
05. Rest In Peace
06. Here Comes The Queen
07. One Of The Boys
08. Born Late 58
09. Hymn For The Dudes
11. Drivin Sister/Crash Street Kids/Violence
12. All The Way From Memphis
13. All The Young Dudes (This track have a small defective and i can do nothing to correct  (error in source file))

+@320 PART 1/2

+@320 PART 2/2

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Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes - Frettening Behaviour

Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes - Frettening Behaviour - 2014

From CultureFly
One of the seminal country guitarists of his generation, Albert Lee has been making records since the 1960s and influencing fellow guitarists ever since. His fingerpicking style, just as melodic throughout complex, fast solos as with slow, lyrical content, has continually been praised and copied by his contemporaries and more or less every country guitarist since.

Now, as he nears the celebration for his 70th birthday this year (for which there will be a huge celebratory concert), he and his band of Hogans Heroes, full of similarly experienced and top quality musicians, have released a 14 song album which demonstrates Lee still at the top of his game.

By mixing country covers of contemporary hits by the likes of Greenday with covers of more traditional fare, as well as including some brand new material, it makes for a nice, varied group of songs. Fans of country-rock won’t be disappointed, but there are also elements of skiffle, doo-wap, blues and honky-tonk scattered throughout to keep things fresh.

One thing you can count on though is the quality of Albert Lee’s guitar. By turns frantic and complicated and slow and languid, the melodies he spins on his six strings are beguiling and impressive throughout the running time of this album.

01. Good Riddance (The Time of Your Life)
02. Spellbound
03. No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile
04. Oh Marie
05. King of Broken Hearts
06. Big Town Girl
07. My Window Faces the South
08. Song For The Life
09. Showdown
10. When Elvis Broke the News
11. Dreaming As One
12. You Know You Just Might
13. Looks Like Love
14. Better Place

Albert Lee - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Gerry Hogan - Acoustic Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Brian Hodgson - Bass
Gavin Povey - Vocals, Piano
Peter Baron - Vocals, Drums


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Ian McLagan & The Bump Band - Live At Lucky Lounge

Ian McLagan & The Bump Band - Live At Lucky Lounge - 2013

Ian McLagan, along with singer/guitarist Steve Marriott, bass player Ronnie Lane, and drummer Kenney Jones, was a member of the British pop/rock band the Small Faces, joining in November 1965, six months after the group's formation. Before then, he had been a member of Boz & the Boz People, among other groups. McLagan's first recorded work with the Small Faces was their third single, "Sha La La La Lee," which peaked in the U.K. Top Ten in March 1966. A teenybopper success at first, the band eventually gained greater critical standing by adopting a more psychedelic style. Over the next two years, they scored further Top Ten British hits with "Hey Girl," "All or Nothing" (which hit number one), "My Mind's Eye," "Itchycoo Park" (which introduced them to American listeners, hitting the U.S. Top 40), "Tin Soldier," and "Lazy Sunday," and among their albums, Small Faces reached the Top Ten and Ogden's Nut Gone Flake hit number one.

In March 1969, Marriott quit to form Humble Pie. Three months later, McLagan, Lane, and Jones combined with singer Rod Stewart and guitarist Ron Wood, formerly of the Jeff Beck Group, to form the Faces. This group developed a reputation for its freewheeling performances, but it was overshadowed by Stewart's solo career, which took off in the fall of 1971 with his hit "Maggie May." Nevertheless, the Faces also had considerable commercial success, reaching the U.K. Top Ten with the singles "Stay with Me," "Cindy Incidentally," and "Pool Hall Richard"/"I Wish It Would Rain," and the albums A Nod Is as Good as a Wink...to a Blind Horse, Ooh La La (which hit number one), and Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners. But in 1975, Stewart quit, while Wood joined the Rolling Stones, and the Faces broke up.  

In the two decades since his arrival in Austin, ex-Faces/Small Faces linchpin and sideman-to-the-stars Ian McLagan has lived up to his status as local musical royalty, delivering consistently excellent new music and energetic live gigs with various incarnations of his crack combo the Bump Band. The veteran Brit singer/keyboardist's long-running happy-hour residency at the Lucky Lounge remains an ideal venue for his mix of boozy buoyancy and unfussy expertise, and this effortlessly amiable 14-song set spins a high-spirited document of the intimate living-room ambiance of those gigs. With effervescent rockers from McLagan's solo catalog augmented by enduring chestnuts by the Small Faces ("Get Yourself Together"), Faces ("Cindy Incidentally"), and ex-bandmate Ronnie Lane (uplifting set-closer "Kuschty Rye"), Live at the Lucky Lounge offers a joyous gem that underlines this Rock & Roll Hall of Famer's stature as a musical gift that keeps on giving.


Esse disco está postado aqui devido a mais uma cortesia do parceiro Duga, que mantém os excelentes blogs Discófilos Anônimos  e Melofilia. Ajuda essa muito bem-vinda, porque me fêz economizar uns R$ 40,00. Valor esse que pesam muito no final do mês \OO/. Valeu mesmo! 

Esse post marca a entrada do blog OGS no 7º dígito de seu contador de visitas (que foi evidentemente hackeado, claro). E para momentos assim, nada melhor que o post de um material inédito, só pra variar um pouquinho.

01. Get Yourself Together
02. Someone Special
03. Loverman
04. Date With an Angel
05. I'm Hot, You're Cool
06. So Lucky
07. Been a Long Time
08. Never Say Never
09. Cindy Incidentally
10. Your Secret
11. Trapped
12. Warm Rain
13. I Will Follow
14. Kuschty Rye 


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Spencer Davis & Band - 24 hours - Live in Germany (re-re-post)

Spencer Davis & Band - 24 hours - Live in Germany - 1988

from wikipedia
Spencer David Nelson Davis is a British musician and multi-instrumentalist, and the founder of the 1960s rock band, the Spencer Davis Group.

In 1963, Davis went to a Birmingham public house to see Muff Woody, a traditional jazz band featuring Muff and Steve Winwood. Steve, only fifteen at the time, was already gaining notice for his musical abilities. Muff, five years older than his brother, was an accomplished jazz musician. When Davis saw the brothers' musical versatility, he knew he had found his band. He soon persuaded them to join him and drummer Pete York as the Rhythm and Blues Quartet. Davis performed on guitar, vocals and harmonica, Steve Winwood on guitar, organ and vocals, Muff Winwood on bass, and Pete York on drums. Playing mainly R&B covers, the band performed first at the Golden Eagle pub on Hill Street, but within a year they had landed a regular gig at The Marquee, and by 1964 had adopted the name The Spencer Davis Group. The group had No 1 hits in the UK with consecutive single releases in 1966 (Keep on Running and Somebody Help Me). Steve Winwood sang lead vocals on all the Spencer Davis Group's hits up to "I'm A Man" in 1967.

The Spencer Davis Group continued after Winwood left, to form Traffic in April 1967, and split in 1969. Another version of the group with Davis and York appeared in 1973 and disbanded in late 1974. Various incarnations of the band have toured in recent years, under Davis' direction.


Spencer Davis - Guitar, Vocals
Bob Metzger - Guitar
David Wintour - Bass
Billy Ruff - Drums
Bobby Crew - Keyboards

01. 24 Hours

02. Lady Cop
03. Sensitive Kind
04. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
05. On The Green Line
06. Pockey Way
07. I'll Take Your Love
08. Don't Want You No More
09. Easy Rider
10. Route 66
11. Strong Love
12. Knock On Your Door
13. Spiral Times


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California Breed (Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham & Andrew Watt)

California Breed - California Breed - 2014

Califórnia Breed é a nova banda de Glenn Hughes e Jason Bonham, que surgiu do desmoronamento do Black Country Communion. A ela junta-se o desconhecido Andrew Watt, que segundo um entusiasmado Hughes seria um "Jimmi Hendrix branco" (menos, Glenn, menos) que fora influenciado por Jimmy Page e John Frusciante.

O disco de estréia, onde todos os seus membros contribuiram para as suas 12 faixas (13 na versão "deluxe"),  sairá dia 19 (ou dia 18 para cliente vipão).

Então é isso. Pegue logo sua cópia antes que a dmca se zangue e feche essa espelunca de uma vez, porque ele não será repostado (mas quem se importa se a partir de segunda-feira todos os blogões terão sua cópia). 


01. The Way
02. Sweet Tea
03. Chemical Rain
04. Midnight Oil
05. All Falls Down
06. The Grey
07. Days They Come
08. Split You Out
09. Strong
10. Invisible
11. Scars
12. Breath


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Ian Hunter - Live From the Dr. Pepper Music Festival at Pier 81

Ian Hunter - Live From the Dr. Pepper Music Festival at Pier 81 

Em 2012 foi lançado o box "Ian Hunter - From the Knees of My Heart - The Chrysalis Years 1979-1981", contendo 3 CDs de sua época sob o selo Chrysalis. O box traz na mesma embalagem os discos "You're Never Alone With A Schizophrenic", "Short Back 'n' Sides", "Welcome To The Club" e mais um BONUS. E é justamente esse bonus que trago agora, já que os demais albuns acham-se fáceis na net.

O 4º CD, ou "Ian Hunter Rocks" traz um show realizado em Nova Iorque (com o Mott The Hoople) em 11 de setembro de 1981 e que já havia sido lançado anteriormente em VHS e mais 4 faixas que foram cortadas da versão original do álbum - também ao vivo - "Welcome To The Club".

01.Once Bitten Twice Shy
02.Gun Control
03.Central Park 'n' West
04.All The Way FRom Memphis/Honky Tonk Women
05.I Need Your Love
07.Just Another Night
08.Cleveland Rocks
09.Irene Wilde
10.All The Young Dudes/Honaloochie Boogie/Roll Away The Stone/Ships
11.Sons And Daughters
12.We Gotta Get Out Of Here (Alternate version)
13.Silver Needles
14.Man O' War


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Bryan MacLean - No One Was Kinder (re-post)

Bryan MacLean - No One Was Kinder - 2005

by Richie Unterberger, AMG
As the secondary songwriter in the renowned folk-rock/psychedelic group Love, guitarist and vocalist Bryan MacLean was overshadowed by that group's driving force, singer/songwriter Arthur Lee. Yet MacLean did manage to squeeze a few of his own compositions onto the group's first three albums: "Softly to Me," "Orange Skies," "Old Man," and "Alone Again Or." MacLean's tunes had a lighter, poppier touch than Lee's, but also had a similar evanescent, mystical glow, enhanced by MacLean's odd trembling vocals. "Alone Again Or," in fact, could be Love's most well-known song of all, leading off their classic Forever Changes album, and driven by an unearthly arrangement of harmony vocals, mariachi trumpet, and strings.

Read more HERE
Elizabeth Mckee, Bryan's mother, in 2006 pieced together some more of Bryan's unreleased recordings, an album of tracks recordd around 1981 with his sister, the very talented singer Maria Mckee and a double album of Bryan's personal spiritual songs. No One Was Kinder features 11 songs including 2 live songs.

"This is a vignette, a bit of musical history. The time, 1981, the place, the apartment we shared in Beverly Hills. Two gifted children, brother and sister, eighteen years apart, yet musically symbiotic. It was wonderful for me to hear them singing together, Maria harmonizing and Bryan singing and playing into an old cassette recorder in the living room" (Elizabeth McKee 25 Oct 2005)

01. No One Was Kinder
02. Candy's Waltz
03. Tired of Sitting
04. Dumbell Song
05. Darlin'
06. Kathleen
07. Never Before
08. Orange Yellow
09. Country Waltz
10. Sweet Dr. Jesus
11. Now I'm Shining


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The Good Rats - Afterlife

The Good Rats - Afterlife - 2014

Novíssimo CD do (The) Good Rats, realizado há poucos dias. É o primeiro após a morte de Peppi Marchello ocorrida em 2013.

Não existe nada sobre este trabalho. Não encontrei nenhum review, nem mesmo no SITE OFICIAL da banda, que parece abandonado, embora conste a agenda de shows. Para mim ainda soa como Good Rats, embora falte algo. Talvez ainda seja o fato de estarem em luto, uma opinião meramente subjetiva.

Por falar em luto, a faixa-titulo é o tipo de homenagem que faria o falecido morrer (rs). Acho que em toda sua carreira musical - mesmo nos maus momentos - Peppi não conseguiria ser mais tosco.  Vamos combinar que tributos e homenagens mal feitos depõem contra a vida do morto. E recentemente temos visto muitos.

01. I'm Still Around
02. She Goes Dirty
03. Washington Lies
04. User
05. Ratcity Slime
06. Alaska
07. Why The World Should Love
08. Vampire Blood Love
09. Politically Correct
10. Afterlife
11. That Was Then, This Is Now
12. Saint Marie
13. No Social Graces
14. White Trash
15. Oh Darlin

Resolvi colocar a faixa-título  para ouvirem se exagero


Benjamin Hugg (re-re-post)

Benjamin Hugg foi um cantor, compositor e guitarrista australiano  Ele lançou dois álbuns, Early One Morning (1974) e What's Been Happening (1975). Suas músicas são basicamente folk rock com boas pitadas de uma boa pop music. Ele chegou a excursionar com a sua "The Benjamin Hugg Band" composta por  Greg Johnson (guitarra), Keith Miller (baixo) e David Pitt (bateria). Após esse segundo disco ele simplesmente desapareceu de seu público.

Infelizmente, não disponho de mais informações sobre o artista, a não ser a de que ele morreu em decorrência de um câncer. Para sites como o Allmusic, ele simplesmente nunca existiu. No RateYourMusic, só umas capinhas em baixíssimas resoluções.

Early One Morning - 1974

01 - Interlude (Early One Morning)
02 - Thanks God You´re Here With Me
03 - Such Little Time
04 - Lovely Picture
05 - Silly Minded People
06 - Alleys of Austin
07 - My Jenny
08 - Here Comes Alice  And Me
09 - I´ve Found Love
10 - Hand Me Down Secondhand Smile
11 -  Epilogue (Early One Morning)

Benjamin Hugg - Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Peter Robinson - Bass, Acoustic and Eletric Guitars
Bill Pyman - Acoustic and Eletric Guitar, Back Vocals
Doug Sornan - Acoustic and Eletric Piano
Buddy England - Acoustic Guitar and Back Vocals
Garth Thompson - Drums and Percussion
Bruce Woodley - Acoustic Guitar
Barry Sullivan - Bass
Rick Berger - Bass
Joe McLaughlin - Piano
Kerryn Tolhurst - Steel Guitar
Wendy Cook - Back Vocals


What´s Been Happening - 1975

01 - Needle of Misfortune
02 - What's Been Happening
03 - Loving You
04 - Don't Leave me This Way
05 - I Hear You Sing
06 - Dirty Man
07 - Without You
08 - Where is the Love
09 - Easy

Benjamin Hugg - Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Peter Walker - Guitar
Peter Roberts - Bass
Tim Partridge - Bass (Funky)
Michael Bart - Keyboards and Synths
Russel Dunlop - Drums
Joe Tattersall - Drums
Geoff Oakes - Sax
John Sayers - Piano
Barry Leef, Peter Walker, Joe Tattersall - Back Vocals


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Michael Giles - The Adventures Of The Michael Giles MAD BAND (re-repost)

Michael Giles - The Adventures Of The Michael Giles MAD BAND - 2009

"Mad Band music is made in the moment without composition, arrangements, rehearsal or great expectations. The only idea is to have no ideas and be completely  spontaneous. In a spirit of freedom the Mad Band explores the universe of sound, silence, space and time."

On the 40th anniversary of his celebrated debut recording, KIng Crimson's legendary former drummer Michael Giles returns with his first album of original material for nearly three decades.

Alongside Ad Chivers and Dan Pennie, Giles has created a powerfully percussive and innovative fusion of Free Rock and Jazz influences that marks genuinely fresh territory for this most expressive and unique of players.

01. Space And Time
02. In The Key Of X
03. Piano Tuning For Beginners
04. The Bitch
05. Handle With Care
06. Perverse Gear
07. Cosmic Collusion
08. Nomadsland
09. High Level Meeting
10. Flirting With Flams
11. Diminished Responsibility
12. In The Key Of Why
13. Spellbound 


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Black Girls - Hell Dragon (re-post)

Black Girls - Hell Dragon - 2012

Richmond, Virginia's BLACK GIRLS have become a staple in their hometown almost overnight. In a city where there are probably more bands than actual citizens, they have quickly developed a large and dedicated fan base in their short one year history. As editor of RVA Magazine, Andrew Necci puts it, "they have somehow accomplished the impossible in Richmond--they play out more than any band I can think of, yet still bring out legions of fans and musical peers."

The shorthand for their sound is "snuff rock" -- which the band refers to as psychedelic southern soul. On tape, it sounds like Freddie Mercury was raised by swamp people. Onstage, it sounds like Dick Dale playing at the Apollo.

Beginning with the release of a self-titled anthology of collected demos, Black Girls have turned heads up and down the East Coast. As that album went into it's second pressing, they released a vinyl single of “Broadway” as a split with local heavy hitters NO BS! BRASS BAND – the pet project of Bon Iver's horn man, Reggie Pace. Black Girls have shared stages with bands such as Fucked Up, Wavves, Girl Talk, Best Coast, Soft Landing, Wild Nothing, and Fang Island.

This winter, the release of BLACK GIRLS’ first proper full length "Hell Dragon" will teleport you to some place between 2112 and 1999.


Drew - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mike - Lead Guitar, Piano
Fletcher - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jeff - Bass
Stephen - Drums, Vocals

01. Broadway
02. St. Simons
03. South Carolina
04. Club Bangin'
05. Country Song
06. Low
07. So Sorry
08. Miami
09. Get Off


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The Coal Porters - How Dark This Earth Will Shine (re-post)

The Coal Porters - How Dark This Earth Will Shine  - 2004

When released this was the first new material from Sid Griffin since Western Electric in 2000 and it is the Coal Porters first studio acoustic bluegrass effort. Reviews of How Dark This Earth Will Shine were incredibly positive and you can read them elsewhere if you check out the reviews on this web site. Know why the band got invited as one of only thirteen acts to showcase at the October 2004 International Bluegrass Music Association’s World of Bluegrass festival in Kentucky and hear how they could bring audiences to their feet (almost) every time. “Morning Song” was released as a single in March 2005 in the UK and received quite alot of airplay!

01. Fair Play Virginia
02. Yonder Over Canaan
03. Morning Song
04. June Apple Breakdown
05. No Tongue Can Tell
06. Leaves On The Trees
07. Maybe I'll Cry Tomorrow
08. Idiot Wind
09. Teenage Kicks / Old Joe Clark
10. Polly
11. New Cut Road 


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Sassafras - Sassafras Live (re-post)

Sassafras - Sassafras Live - 1978

Sassafras were first formed in 1970 as a three-piece band with guitarist Ralph Evans, bassist Ricky John Holt and drummer Rob Reynolds. Guitarist David (Dai) Shell, who was working in a residency in Titos nightclub in Cardiff was the first musician they drafted in to enlarge the band.

Ralph "We all thought that Dai was a wonderful guitarist so we asked him to join us...."
Dai "So it wasn't my looks then?"
Ralph "It was probably because you had a mini-van at the time and we wanted to use it.

Sassafras found themselves an agency in Hereford and the band were finally on the road. In 1971 Dai Shell set up Ddraig (Dragon) Studios in Severn Road, Cardiff with the help of musician Peter (Jake) Jacobs and Carl Leighton-Pope. Steve (Pudding) Jones joined them at Ddraig as did John Kelly who later went on to produce Kate Bush, Chris Rea and Paul McCartney to name a few.

Dai "Draig means 'dragon' in Welsh, but we spelt it with two 'd's because we were a bit thick! That was when Jake came in and part financed the studios. Well, he didn't really part finance it - he stole most of the bricks and some matresses for the walls, so he was in."

Feeling the need to expand once again, vocalist Terry Bennett from Nottingham was invited down to Ddraig to record some songs, instead he found himself being auditioned, his distinctive voice was exactly what Sassafras were looking for.   READ MORE HERE

01. Riding High
02. Busted Country Blues
03. School Days

04. Moonshine
05. Expecting Company
06. Ohio
07. Electric Chair


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Rich Hopkins & Barry 'The Fish' Melton - Duel in the Desert (re-re-post)

Rich Hopkins & Barry 'The Fish' Melton - Duel in the Desert - 2007
Country Joe McDonald and his partner "the fish" (also known in real life as Barry Melton) helped put the word "psychedelic" into mainstream American speech during the 60's and 70's with several of the best rock and roll albums to ever come out of the San Francisco bay area.

Along with admitted major "Fish" fan, guitarist/vocalist Rich Hopkins, Melton can be now be heard on DUEL IN THE DESERT, an import CD from Taxim Records in Germany. Melton and Hopkins are in fine form with a disc full of songs written by Hopkins, Melton, Melton and Hopkins, Chuck Berry and even a couple of folk and blues items from the Public Domain. Rounding out the group are Nick Augustine on Bass Guitar and Tom Larkin on Drums.

01. Alabama Bound (Publ. Domain, arr. Hopkins)
02. I've Seen the World from Your Eyes (Hopkins)
03. Please Forgive Me (Melton)
04. Without You (Hopkins) 5:23
05. The Highway is a Devil (Melton)
06. Duel in the Desert (Hopkins)
07. Pretty Polly (Publ. Domain, arr. Hopkins &  Melton)
08. Oh Death (Publ. Domain, arr. Hopkins &  Melton)
09. Thirty Days (Chuck Berry)

Rich Hopkins - Guitar, Vocals
Barry Melton - Guitar, Shakers, Vocals
Nick Augustine - Bass
Tom Larkins - Drums

+@320 with complet art-cover

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The Psychedelic Guitar Circus (repost)

Henry Kaiser, Harvey Mandel, Steve Kimock and Freddie Roulette - The Psychedelic Guitar Circus - 1994

From Punmaster

Experimental guitarist Henry Kaiser, a man of boundless energy and an anything goes perspective - who incidentally falls into the Salvador Dali , "I don't take drugs, I am drugs" school - is one of the founding fathers of the relatively new school of American free-improvisational guitar, showcased on numerous solo recordings and side projects. A longtime expert on what is now collectively termed as "world music," Kaiser has produced records of Indian and Korean classical music and most recently traveled to Madagascar to record and perform on the acclaimed "World Out of Time" CD's (with partner David Lindley).

H arvey Mandel ranks as one of the pioneers of not only blues-rock but of virtually every sonic trick rock guitarists have come to take for granted. Along with Mike Bloomfield, he pushed the blues envelope into wide-open spaces and upped the ante considerably when he moved to San Francisco at the height of the Fillmore era. "Without sounding immodest," he states, "I would say we were trendsetters in that area of guitar playing, because it didn't exist before then. There were no Hendrixes or Claptons when I started playing. There wasn't that much on record - you couldn't go down to your local record store and get the real stuff - so my original bible was the Ventures. Then I saw real blues guys like Buddy Guy playing in person." In addition to his work with Charlie Musselwhite, John Mayall, Canned Heat and the Rolling Stones, Mandel's solo LP's are classics - in particular, his debut, Cristo Redentor.

Harvey Mandel has a knack for extending the accepted blues vocabulary, thus transcending the genre. "It wasn't so much what I was listening to," he points out, "it was more the physical part of the guitar. I wanted to be able to express it more like a violin or a harmonica; for some reason I always went for that sustain, long before I even knew what it was. Then feedback came as a result of that." (This was incidentally, long before the advent of Marshall amps. "No, it was mostly on little Fender amps at first, using different tricks, and I eventually used an all-tube, low quality Bogan pa amplifier. Had the greatest natural sustain.") 


01. On Broadway
02. She Caught The Katy
03. Skil Trik
04. Mizrab / India
05. Jumpin' At Shadows
06. West Coast Salegy
07. The Wayback Machine
08.  Blues For Sun Ra / Interstellar Overdrive
09.  Up From The Skies
10.  Norwegian Wood
11.  The Serpent
12.  Sandy The Pelican
13.  Teardrop

Harvey Mandel, Henry Kaiser, Steve Kimock - Guitar
Freddie Roulette - Guitar, Vocal
Bobby Vega - Bass
Bob Bralove - Keyboards
John Hanes - Drums

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Michael Giles Mad Band - In The Moment


Michael Giles Mad Band - In The Moment - 2011

By John Gordon from from DOA
The Mad Band introduce themselves as practitioners of improvised and spontaneous music, although this only provides the most basic of introductions to their skilfully crafted, approaching virtuosic levels of musicianship. Formed by founding member of King Crimson Michael Giles around a decade ago, the Mad Band in their present form are to all intents and purposes a continuation of that hugely influential group, including as it does (on this album) modern composer and also former Crimson associate Keith Tippett. Both musicians played on the bands 1971 In The Wake Of Poseidon album, and while Michael Giles left the band as a full member around this time, Keith Tippett continued to work alongside Robert Fripp until 1972′s Islands album.

In The Moment is the second album recorded by Michael Giles and his two other full band members, guitarist Daniel Pennie and percussionist AD Chivers, following on from 2009′s The Adventures Of… Keith Tippett has an extensive reputation outside of his work with King Crimson, and there’s an energy and depth to the work of the Mad Band that’s difficult to categorise. It’s very slightly misleading to describe this music as ‘improvised’ though. While spontaneous composition and extemporised jamming is what fuels the Mad Bands musical engine, there’s a myriad of influences present throughout In The Moment, and it can seem as much of a collision of talents as an association.

he album has a definite structure, and the tracks build upon each other purposefully, lending the proceedings a symphonic air. These are after all greatly experienced and committed musicians, and ones whose talents require (both in their earliest collaborations and now) wider structures to function within than the conventional rock/jazz/classical formats provide. Elements of all of these combine across the 14 tracks on In The Moment, referencing mainstream rock as often as they do John Cage or Stockhausen, the Bad Seeds or Neubaten, Public Image or Can : the one binding element holding these and other influences together is Michael Giles’ continuously inventive drumming which is thunderously assertive one moment then disingenuously reflective the next, and the rhythmic initiative of the tracks is shared amongst the performers, whether it comes from Keith Tippetts scattered piano chordage, Daniel Pennies controlled guitar feedback or the percussive interjections of AD Chivers.


01. Grand Graffiti    
02. Why Not    
03. Heavy Metal On Sunday    
04. The Track Less Travelled    
05. Water Colour Mystery    
06. Guess What    
07. Fat Cat Casino    
08. Highly Strung    
09. Three Four All    
10. Boots And Ballgowns    
11. Taxi To The Moon    
12. Care And Attention    
13. Hot Pursuit    
14. And Yet (In The Fullness Of Time)    

Michael Giles - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Keith Tippet - Piano
Daniel Pennie - Guitar, Loops
Adrian Chivers - Found Sounds, Horns