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Black Girls - Hell Dragon (re-post)

Black Girls - Hell Dragon - 2012

Richmond, Virginia's BLACK GIRLS have become a staple in their hometown almost overnight. In a city where there are probably more bands than actual citizens, they have quickly developed a large and dedicated fan base in their short one year history. As editor of RVA Magazine, Andrew Necci puts it, "they have somehow accomplished the impossible in Richmond--they play out more than any band I can think of, yet still bring out legions of fans and musical peers."

The shorthand for their sound is "snuff rock" -- which the band refers to as psychedelic southern soul. On tape, it sounds like Freddie Mercury was raised by swamp people. Onstage, it sounds like Dick Dale playing at the Apollo.

Beginning with the release of a self-titled anthology of collected demos, Black Girls have turned heads up and down the East Coast. As that album went into it's second pressing, they released a vinyl single of “Broadway” as a split with local heavy hitters NO BS! BRASS BAND – the pet project of Bon Iver's horn man, Reggie Pace. Black Girls have shared stages with bands such as Fucked Up, Wavves, Girl Talk, Best Coast, Soft Landing, Wild Nothing, and Fang Island.

This winter, the release of BLACK GIRLS’ first proper full length "Hell Dragon" will teleport you to some place between 2112 and 1999.


Drew - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mike - Lead Guitar, Piano
Fletcher - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jeff - Bass
Stephen - Drums, Vocals

01. Broadway
02. St. Simons
03. South Carolina
04. Club Bangin'
05. Country Song
06. Low
07. So Sorry
08. Miami
09. Get Off


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Anônimo disse...

Thanks a lot for the repost ! Never heard of these guys before - good to hear them.


Only Good Song disse...

Happy for you, Bert,


Manga Dura disse...

salve moçada tem como enviar para mim este álbum ou posta novamente este disco eu não achei link para fazer o download.abraços

Only Good Song disse...

Fala, MangaDura
Sobre o seu comentário acerca do link para o Black Grils:
No final do Post, tem um "+" à frente do "192" (que é o bitrate).
É só clicar nesse "+" para fazer o download

Only Good Song disse...

Ah sim!
Não me pergunte sobre a senha, por favor :)