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Ian McLagan & The Bump Band - Live At Lucky Lounge

Ian McLagan & The Bump Band - Live At Lucky Lounge - 2013

Ian McLagan, along with singer/guitarist Steve Marriott, bass player Ronnie Lane, and drummer Kenney Jones, was a member of the British pop/rock band the Small Faces, joining in November 1965, six months after the group's formation. Before then, he had been a member of Boz & the Boz People, among other groups. McLagan's first recorded work with the Small Faces was their third single, "Sha La La La Lee," which peaked in the U.K. Top Ten in March 1966. A teenybopper success at first, the band eventually gained greater critical standing by adopting a more psychedelic style. Over the next two years, they scored further Top Ten British hits with "Hey Girl," "All or Nothing" (which hit number one), "My Mind's Eye," "Itchycoo Park" (which introduced them to American listeners, hitting the U.S. Top 40), "Tin Soldier," and "Lazy Sunday," and among their albums, Small Faces reached the Top Ten and Ogden's Nut Gone Flake hit number one.

In March 1969, Marriott quit to form Humble Pie. Three months later, McLagan, Lane, and Jones combined with singer Rod Stewart and guitarist Ron Wood, formerly of the Jeff Beck Group, to form the Faces. This group developed a reputation for its freewheeling performances, but it was overshadowed by Stewart's solo career, which took off in the fall of 1971 with his hit "Maggie May." Nevertheless, the Faces also had considerable commercial success, reaching the U.K. Top Ten with the singles "Stay with Me," "Cindy Incidentally," and "Pool Hall Richard"/"I Wish It Would Rain," and the albums A Nod Is as Good as a Wink...to a Blind Horse, Ooh La La (which hit number one), and Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners. But in 1975, Stewart quit, while Wood joined the Rolling Stones, and the Faces broke up.  

In the two decades since his arrival in Austin, ex-Faces/Small Faces linchpin and sideman-to-the-stars Ian McLagan has lived up to his status as local musical royalty, delivering consistently excellent new music and energetic live gigs with various incarnations of his crack combo the Bump Band. The veteran Brit singer/keyboardist's long-running happy-hour residency at the Lucky Lounge remains an ideal venue for his mix of boozy buoyancy and unfussy expertise, and this effortlessly amiable 14-song set spins a high-spirited document of the intimate living-room ambiance of those gigs. With effervescent rockers from McLagan's solo catalog augmented by enduring chestnuts by the Small Faces ("Get Yourself Together"), Faces ("Cindy Incidentally"), and ex-bandmate Ronnie Lane (uplifting set-closer "Kuschty Rye"), Live at the Lucky Lounge offers a joyous gem that underlines this Rock & Roll Hall of Famer's stature as a musical gift that keeps on giving.


Esse disco está postado aqui devido a mais uma cortesia do parceiro Duga, que mantém os excelentes blogs Discófilos Anônimos  e Melofilia. Ajuda essa muito bem-vinda, porque me fêz economizar uns R$ 40,00. Valor esse que pesam muito no final do mês \OO/. Valeu mesmo! 

Esse post marca a entrada do blog OGS no 7º dígito de seu contador de visitas (que foi evidentemente hackeado, claro). E para momentos assim, nada melhor que o post de um material inédito, só pra variar um pouquinho.

01. Get Yourself Together
02. Someone Special
03. Loverman
04. Date With an Angel
05. I'm Hot, You're Cool
06. So Lucky
07. Been a Long Time
08. Never Say Never
09. Cindy Incidentally
10. Your Secret
11. Trapped
12. Warm Rain
13. I Will Follow
14. Kuschty Rye 


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S R Management disse...

If you're ever in Austin on a Thursday evening, drop into the Lucky for a two hour frolic with Ian and the band. It will be the best 2 hours of your week, and it's all free! I did and it was, and I'll be back that's for sure.

Only Good Song disse...

You a Lucky Man, brother