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Tommy Bolin - Live at Ebbets Field 1976 (repost)

Tommy Bolin - Live at Ebbets Field 1976 - 1996

By Greg Prato, All Music Guide

Due to the success of his back-to-back appearances at Denver's Ebbets Field club in 1974, Tommy Bolin chose to premiere his new Tommy Bolin Band at the venue in May of 1976. Included in this top-notch band were ex-Vanilla Fudge keyboardist/singer Mark Stein and drummer Narada Michael Walden (nowadays a producer), while Norma Jean Bell (saxophone) and Reggie McBride (bass) rounded out the group. Like all Tommy Bolin concerts and albums, the music is extremely varied. Included is one of Bolin's trademark songs, the swaggering "Teaser," which remains sadly overlooked by classic rock radio. You'll also find reggae sounds on "People People," jazz fusion balladry on the Narada Michael Walden-sung "Delightful," and the funky groove of "The Grind." It wouldn't be a Bolin concert without a song for Tommy to show off his guitar talent, and here it's "Marching Powder." A strong album, it's only slightly diminished by a far, far too long drum solo (almost ten minutes!), which is completely unnecessary, since the majority of the people buying Tommy Bolin CDs are doing so to hear his memorable songwriting and guitar skills. Still, it's worthy of any serious Tommy Bolin fan's time.

1 Teaser
2 People, People
3 The Grind
4 Wild Dogs
5 Delightful
6 I Fell in Love
7 Marching Powder
8 Lotus
9 Homeward Strut

Tommy Bolin - Guitar, Vocals
Reggie McBride - Bass
Narada Michael Walden - Drums, Vocals
Mark Stein - Keyboards, Vocals
Norma Jean Bell - Saxophone, Vocals


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The Psychedelic Guitar Circus

Henry Kaiser, Harvey Mandel, Steve Kimock and Freddie Roulette - The Psychedelic Guitar Circus - 1994

From Punmaster

Experimental guitarist Henry Kaiser, a man of boundless energy and an anything goes perspective - who incidentally falls into the Salvador Dali , "I don't take drugs, I am drugs" school - is one of the founding fathers of the relatively new school of American free-improvisational guitar, showcased on numerous solo recordings and side projects. A longtime expert on what is now collectively termed as "world music," Kaiser has produced records of Indian and Korean classical music and most recently traveled to Madagascar to record and perform on the acclaimed "World Out of Time" CD's (with partner David Lindley).

H arvey Mandel ranks as one of the pioneers of not only blues-rock but of virtually every sonic trick rock guitarists have come to take for granted. Along with Mike Bloomfield, he pushed the blues envelope into wide-open spaces and upped the ante considerably when he moved to San Francisco at the height of the Fillmore era. "Without sounding immodest," he states, "I would say we were trendsetters in that area of guitar playing, because it didn't exist before then. There were no Hendrixes or Claptons when I started playing. There wasn't that much on record - you couldn't go down to your local record store and get the real stuff - so my original bible was the Ventures. Then I saw real blues guys like Buddy Guy playing in person." In addition to his work with Charlie Musselwhite, John Mayall, Canned Heat and the Rolling Stones, Mandel's solo LP's are classics - in particular, his debut, Cristo Redentor.

Harvey Mandel has a knack for extending the accepted blues vocabulary, thus transcending the genre. "It wasn't so much what I was listening to," he points out, "it was more the physical part of the guitar. I wanted to be able to express it more like a violin or a harmonica; for some reason I always went for that sustain, long before I even knew what it was. Then feedback came as a result of that." (This was incidentally, long before the advent of Marshall amps. "No, it was mostly on little Fender amps at first, using different tricks, and I eventually used an all-tube, low quality Bogan pa amplifier. Had the greatest natural sustain.") 


01. On Broadway
02. She Caught The Katy
03. Skil Trik
04. Mizrab / India
05. Jumpin' At Shadows
06. West Coast Salegy
07. The Wayback Machine
08.  Blues For Sun Ra / Interstellar Overdrive
09.  Up From The Skies
10.  Norwegian Wood
11.  The Serpent
12.  Sandy The Pelican
13.  Teardrop

Harvey Mandel, Henry Kaiser, Steve Kimock - Guitar
Freddie Roulette - Guitar, Vocal
Bobby Vega - Bass
Bob Bralove - Keyboards
John Hanes - Drums


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'Dirty' Dave Osti - Live 'n' Dirty

'Dirty' Dave Osti - Live 'n' Dirty - 2011

Gravado ao vivo em 07 de outubro 2011 no Cafe 322, em  Sierra Madre (California), Dirty 'n' Live é o mais recente álbum de Dave Osti.

Esse upload é para atender a um pedido que ninguém fêz. :)

Dave Osti - Guitar, Vocal
Moyes Lucas - Drums
Dave Batti - Bass

01. Lips of a Liar

02. Delusion As Usual
03. Dustbroom
04. Freedom Fight
05. Ball and Chain
06. Lit Again
07. Play What The Man Can't Say


Bom Dia, Companheiros!

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Dave Osti - In The West

Dave Osti - In The West - 2007

Dave Osti é um guitarrista californiano que vem empolgando seu público há mais de 30 anos com sua guitarra de blues e  seu violão folk não somente como músico, mas também como compositor. Em sua carreira, "Dirty" Dave Osti já dividiu o palco com artistas do quilate de Don Henley, Guns and Roses, Crosby Stills & Nash, Philip Sayce, Frank Simes e BB Chung King.

In The West foi foi gravado em 2005, em uma sessão de - se não falha meus neurônios - 3 dias realizada em seu apartamento. Todas as 21 canções (ufa!) são de sua autoria.

Esse álbum nada tem a ver com seus trabalhos mais recentes, embassados em um blues-rock à Steve Ray Vaughan (é!, quase) ou Derek Miller. In The West é Folk. Folk com boas pintadas de blues.

Esse é um disquinho tranquilo de se achar por aí

Official Site HERE

01.Hate Covered Woman
02.The Thorn
03.Brother Ray
05.Chosen Few
06.When You Get High
07.Walkin Dead
08.The Sun in My Shadow Land
10.Lying Cross the Sun
11.Lazy Delights
12.Too Bad
13.Fast Drinkin Man
14.Arizona Black Pearl
16.Go Light the Fire
17.Shoot Some More
19.If You Will
20.Back to You
21.Twenty Five Keys


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Luther Grosvenor ‘Floodgates Anthology’ - EP

Luther Grosvenor ‘Floodgates Anthology’ - EP - 2001

01. Cathy
02. Floodgates (acoustic version)
03. Merry Go Round
04. Crying Won't Bring You Back

 More Luther? Click Here


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David Elliott - All One - 2009

David Elliott - All One - 2009 

There will always be the need for songwriters in the Rock genre and when looking through any artist's recorded catalogue you are likely to find a number of 'covers' by songwriters with unfamiliar names.  David Elliott has been busy writing and recording for many years with a variety of artists and he had two solo albums released in England on Atlantic Records in the 70's ('David Elliott' & 'Solid Ground').

David has numerous credits and co-credits to his name and some of the songs performed here have a certain notoriety. His composition of 'I'm On Fire For You Baby' was recorded by established Canadian band April Wine, who had a top ten hit with it, and it was recently placed in the movie ‘Trailer Park Boys’. Also Mick Grabham, one time lead guitarist with Procul Harum recorded it, and it is on his latest album 'Mick The Lad'.

While living in England during late 1974 David was involved in the late Paul Kossoff's  'Love Is The Lord' project.  Free had broken up and after Paul's initial solo album 'Back Street Crawler' in 1974 he was trying to put a new band together. David plays piano on 'You've Taken Hold Of Me' from these sessions, originally issued on the posthumous 'Koss' album on DJM Records in 1977, but featured here for the first time is the David Elliott original ‘AlI One' also recorded with Paul Kossoff during the same period.

All One features Paul Kossoff in one of his 'lost but found' recordings. This song is a must have for all Free Fans. Paul Kossoff provides all the thrills and licks we'd expect. It's release is very welcome as another piece in the jigsaw of what was happening during the lost period of broken bands and uncompleted albums. ANY new Kossoff is always welcome.

The majority of the tracks on his 'All One' CD were recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and utilize some fine musicians such as David Hood, a well known bass player who has played on many classic soul and rock hits, and Scott Boyer, a noted songwriter/guitarist. 

01. Little Miss Gone Again
02. Sneaky Suspicion
03. Mr. Right
04. All One

05. I Hold the Ace
06. I'm On Fire For You Baby
07. Break On Out and See Me           
08. Step Back See
09. If You Sell One Acre
10. I've Got a Bet With Myself


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V.A - Substitute - The Songs Of The Who

V.A - Substitute - The Songs Of The Who - 2001

by Dan LeRoy from AMG

Considering the Who are without question in the top tier of legendary and influential rock acts, you'd think they deserved better than this dispiritingly poor tribute -- especially because unlike your average tribute album, this one features no shortage of heavyweights, here paying homage to Townshend, Daltrey, Entwistle, and Moon.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment is how badly one of the band's oldest friends lets it down; David Bowie turns in a slowed-down cover of "Pictures of Lily" that's lifeless enough to make you nostalgic for Tin Machine. However, most of the other hired help fares no better. Give pop lightweights Fastball and jam band progenitors Phish both credit for trying to tackle their cuts -- "The Real Me" and "5:15," respectively -- head-on, but neither band is up for two of the most rocking cuts in the Who's songbook, and the vocals on both tracks are embarrassingly bad. Ditto for Pearl Jam's "The Kids Are Alright," which also sticks closely to the original arrangement, making Eddie Vedder's whimpering all the more ridiculous. Even the Who itself, regrouped for a run-through of the title cut, will try the patience of devoted fans. 

In fairness, Sheryl Crow does turn in a handsome version of "Behind Blue Eyes," and having fellow mod-loving Brits like Paul Weller ("Circles") and the underrated Cast ("The Seeker") on board was a decent idea. But overall, the best thing you can say about Substitute is that, considering Townshend'd vast back catalog, the inclusion of only 11 songs is a rare act of mercy. 

NB: Eu particulamente discordo da crítica acima. Gostei muito das versãoes de Paul Weller, Bowie e Ocean Colour Scene. E não dá para levar a sério uma crítica onde se diz que o melhor que há no disco é a versão para Behind Blue Eyes.
Bah! São criticos. Normalmente músicos frustrados :)

01. Cast - The Seeker
02. Ocean Colour Scene - Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
03. Paul Weller - Circles

04. David Bowie - Pictures Of Lily
05. Pearl Jam - The Kids Are Alright
06. Fastball - The Real Me
07. Unamerican - Naked Eye
08. Stereophonics - Who Are You
09. Phish - 5.15
10. Sheryl Crow - Behind Blue Eyes
11. The Who featuring Kelly Jones - Substitute


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Bobby Whitlock - Esoteric

Bobby Whitlock - Esoteric - 2012

Leia/Read Aqui/Here e/and Aqui/Here

01. Devil Blues   
02. Time for Letting Go   
03. John the Revelator   
04. Nobody Knows
05. Just Another Mountain   
06. River of Life   
07. Roll On   
08. What Happened to Love   
09. Good Woman Blues   
10. Castles in the Wind   
11. It's Not The End of The World
12. Changing Faces

Brannen Temple - Drums
Jeff Plankenhorn - Guitar
Robbie Venturini - Bass


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The Good Old Boys - Live At The Deep Purple Convention

The Good Old Boys - Live At The Deep Purple Convention 

review by Stuart A Hamilton

A concert staged for a convention commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the formation of Deep Purple saw The Good Old Boys taking the stage of Esquires in Bedford. In case you don't know, The Good Old Boys feature original Deep Purple bassist Nick Simper along with his former Warhorse / Fandango colleague Pete Parks on guitar. Add in former Strawbs drummer Richard Hudson, ex Renaissance guitarist Simon Bishop and one time Jo Jo Gunne vocalist Alan Barratt, and you've got a fair pedigree going on.

However, nowadays they're largely content to play other peoples songs in the manner of a glorified bar band, as they tackle blues, soul and rock'n'roll chestnuts from the likes of Eddie Cochran, former Simper employer Johnny Kidd, ZZ Top and Fleetwood Mac. They do tip their hat to Deep Purple with their version of 'Hush', and a fine version it is too. It's the sound of a really great night out, and if you stumbled into one of their shows, then you're pretty much guaranteed a good time. My favourite was their take on The Temptations classic, 'Shakey Ground', a tune also covered once upon a time by Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden on his "Look At Me Now" album (as well as being issued as a single).

Whether this translates onto CD is another matter altogether, although the musicians involved do put on a fine performance, and I'm quite happy to have it sitting here in my collection. The CD comes with a 12 page colour booklet with band biographies and photos from the soundcheck and show, including one of Simper alongside his replacement's replacement, Glenn Hughes.

Alan Barratt  - Vocals
Simon Bishop - Guitar, Vocals
Peter Parks - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Simper - Bass, Vocals
Richard Hudson - Drums

01. I'm Ready
02. A Fool For Your Stockings
03. My Way
04. Shakey Ground
05. Sleepwalk
06. Twenty Flight Rock
07. Somebody To Love
08. Don't Worry Baby
09. C'mon Everybody
10. Shakin' All Over

11. Oh Well
12. Hush
13. All My Rowdy Friends Are Comin' Over Tonight



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Head West - Head West

Head West - Head West - 1970

Head West foi uma banda baseada em Paris, França e hoje ela é conhecida por abrigar o vocalista e guitarrista Bob Welch, que esteve com o Fleetwood Mac a partir de 1971. Tanto que este álbum foi relançado mais tarde como sendo mais um dos discos da carreira solo do guitarrista, adquirindo o nome de "Bob Welch with Head West" (mais um exemplo de honestidade e respeito pelos músicos). A banda tinha ainda  Bobby Hunt nos vocais e orgão e Henry Moore na bateria e vocais.

Bob Welch

Bob Welch, que desfrutou de uma carreira solo de sucesso, morreu ontem,  quinta-feira, aparentemente cometendo suicídio em sua casa em Nashville. Aos 66 anos e sofrendo de problemas de saúde não revelados, ele deixou um bilhete de despedida que foi encontrado junto a seu corpo por sua esposa.

Para Mick Fleetwood, que era seu agente durante a carreira solo, a notícia de sua morte foi "incrivelmente contraditória", pois, segundo ele, o guitarrista era um ser humano inteligente e sempre o encontrava de bom humor.

A morte dele junta-se à de outro ex FM, Bob Weston, ocorrida em janeiro.

NB: Sei não! Acho que daqui a pouco esse blog só terá postagens de artistas mortos. Se bem que jamais postarei Andy Gibb :)

01. Head West
02. People
03. Hurry Up
04. Changes
05. Tired of Hangin' On"
06. Faces
07. Attention
08. Czar
09. Someday
10. Straight Down
11. Starchild
12. Costalarico
13. Victória (Bonus Track)

Bob Welch – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Robert Hunt – Vocals, Organ
Henry Moore – Vocals, Drums, Percussion


Albatross - Everybody's Got The Blues

Albatross - Everybody's Got The Blues - 1995

Albatross foi uma banda de blues liderada pelo guitarrista irlandês Barry McCabe. O primeiro lineup vem de meados dos anos 70 - com outro nome - e a banda mudou de nome depois do álbum homônimo do Fleetwood Mac.

Duas das principais influências de Barry são Rory Gallagher e Peter Green e a Albatross assim como estas influências, passeia pelo rock rápido e direto de Rory, com seus blues à Fleetwood de seus melhores anos, como pode ser ouvido em "I don't know your name".

No final de 2010, inicio de 2011, o grupo voltou a reunir-se para uma série de shows pela Europa, inclusive com a promessa de lancarem mais um álbum.

Barry McCabe - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Feltham - Harmonica
Johnny Fean - Guitar
Pat Mc Manus - Guitar

01. Intro & Too Late Now
02. Fine, Fine, Fine
03. Feel So Good
04. I Don't Know Your Name

05. Move It On Over
06. Prisoners Of Consience
07. Intro 2 & Someone I Used To Know
08. Never Say Die
09. Full Moon On Main Street
10. Freddy Wants Your Cadillac
11. Talk To Your Daughter
12. Sweet Little Angel
13. Night Time People
14. Tempted

Tracks 1-7 - recorded live in Lille and originally realesed in 1990.
Tracks 8-16 - recorded live at the Independence Day Festival in Norway.


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Henry McCullough - Hell of a Record

Henry McCullough - Hell of a Record - 1984

Henry McCullough was one of the busier guitarists in England during the 1970s, and has played alongside such stars and superstars as Joe Cocker and Paul McCartney. Born in Portstewart, Northern Ireland in 1943, he took up the guitar as a boy and was playing in the Irish show band the Skyrockets in the mid-'60s. After a few years of playing dancehalls, he decided to move his career to the next phase -- he'd met three other players, Ernie Graham (guitar/vocals), Chris Stewart (bass), and Dave Lutton (drums), from a show band called Gene & the Gents, and together they formed the People, later renamed Eire Apparent. Their sound was a mix of blues, pop, and psychedelia, with a commercial and virtuoso edge to the playing and singing. They jumped into the big time after a move to London and being signed by Chas Chandler and Mike Jeffery, the managers of Jimi Hendrix -- from obscurity, they were suddenly thrust into Hendrix's orbit, touring England and then America in support of the legendary guitarist.

Read more HERE

Henry McCullough - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
Troy Klontz - Pedal Steel
Casey van Beek - Bass, Vocal
Chuck D'Walt - Drums
Jimmy Karstein - Percussion
Dick Simms - Organ
John French - Piano
Shelby Eicher - Fiddle
Debbie Campell, Mike Brown - Vocal

01 Here We Go Again
02 Tears On Your Face
03. Can't Help Falling In Love

04. Shining Star
05. Whispering Love
06. Down In The Amusements
07. Foolish Hearts
08. Too Upset To Say Goodbye
09. Just Because
10. Cold Cold Heart
11. Couldn't Sleep For Thinking Of Hank Williams