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Jorma Kaukonen - Magic

Jorma Kaukonen - Magic  - 1985

From Wikipedia

Magic is a live Jorma Kaukonen album containing performances of acoustic songs from Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna albums recorded during his solo tour of 1984. After a brief reunion tour in 1983 with Hot Tuna, Jorma had continued to play solo and eventually landed a contract with Relix Records. In addition to releasing Kaukonen's new solo recordings, Relix also released live Hot Tuna recordings from the 70s, with the albums Splashdown and Historic Live Tuna. In 1995, Michael Falzarano remastered the album and produced a new version that Relix released as the CD Magic Two.

01. Walkin' Blues
02. Winin' Boy Blues
03. I'll Be Alright (Traditional)
04. Embryonic Journey
05. Candy Man
06. Roads and Roads &
07. Good Shepherd (Traditional)
08. Mann's Fate


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Robby Krieger - Robby Krieger

Robby Krieger - Robby Krieger - 1985

by William Ruhlmann from AMG
For his self-titled 1985 album, former Doors guitarist Robby (or Robbie) Krieger posed on the front cover in the company of three fellow musicians and even printed their names there, such that you might say the title was "Robby Krieger with Arthur Barrow, Bruce Gary, and Don Preston." Two of  those musicians, former Mothers of Invention keyboard player Preston and bass player Barrow, also figured in the songwriting credits, adding to the sense  that, whatever name was out front, this album was a band effort. And so it came across, each musician getting solos in the often complex jazz-rock fusion arrangements.

Krieger may have been the first among equals, but these original tunes were given band arrangements in which everyone got his say. Running close to 15 minutes, the closing track, Barrow and Krieger's "Noisuf," was the most outside in jazz terms, essentially serving as a showcase for the explorations of the various musicians, which even included Krieger's quote from "My Sharona." But that only made it the most extended of the spacy instrumentals that made up the record. Krieger's fans from the Doors might have been less comfortable with the results than Preston's from the Mothers, but the album was a typical fusion effort.

01. Bag Lady
02. Reggae Funk
03. Bass Line Street
04. Costa Brava
05. Noisuf


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Archie Brown And The Bucks - Bring Me the Head of Jerry Garcia

Archie Brown And The Bucks -  Bring Me the Head of Jerry Garcia - 1987

BIO from band's official site

The band is formed in Newcastle by Pat Rafferty and Tony Wadsworth. First gig is the University Fine Art Dept Xmas Party. Still without a name, inspiration comes from Bogart's “Key Largo” - “I’m looking for a couple of young bucks in fancy shirts who busted out of prison”.

Band is instantly popular. John Glynn moves to London and joins proto punks ‘X Ray Spex’. His replacement is Archie Brown, sax player and songwriter with local band ‘Pylon’. Band starts playing Monday nights at the “Cooperage” which is sold out for the next two years. Summer ’77 Tim Wilder is replaced by Seb Shelton.


01. Prisoners
02. Love Has Got A Nerve
03. Who Can Say That
04. African Sun

05. A Little Emotion
06. Bentley
07. Just A Little Weakness08. Sweet Lies
09. Lonely Teardrops
10. Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia

Archie Brown - Guitar, Vocals
Pat Rafferty - Accordion
Tony Wadsworth - Guitar, Vocals
Ian Thompson - Bass
Geoff Lincoln - Bass
Ray Laidlaw - Drums
Tony Cook - Drums


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Osibisa - Monsore

Osibisa - Monsore - 1997

From Allmusic

The brainchild of Teddy Osei, a Ghanaian sax player, composer, and drummer who came to London to study music, Osibisa was one of the first African bands to win worldwide popularity. Their mix of African (especially highlife) and Caribbean forms made them a sensation in the mid 70s and their popularity continues today, even though recording dates have fallen off.

Read more HERE

01. Monsore
02. Djankoso
03. Hold On
04. Kofi-Kofi
05. Jambo Africa
06. Morning Sun
07. Jungle Call
08. Wo Anko Bia
09. Feel Good
10. Monsore (flute version)
11. Hold On (original mix)
12. Feel Good (remix)
13. Aflao

Greg Brown - Vocals
Teddy Osei -  Saxophone, Vocals, Flute, Saxophone, Drums, Backing Vocals
Kari Bannerman,  Roger Bebou , Guitar Smart Inkansah ,  Michael Bailey, Winston Delandro - Guitar
Jean-Karl Dikoto Mandengue, Herman Asafo-Adyei - Bass
Joe Osei, Amadu Saho, Dinesh Pandit,  Daku Potato,  Gaspar Lawal,  Kofi Ayivor - Drums
Errol Reid,  Bessa Simon - Keyboards
Kenny Wellington, Claude Deppa - Trumpet
Raimi Rasheed - Trombone
Bosie - African Xylophone
Kathy,  T-Bone, Pam, Sherry - Backing Vocals


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Buddy Miles Regiment - Sneak Attack

Buddy Miles Regiment - Sneak Attack - 1981
01. Latin Rock Fusion
02. Can You Hold Me
03. Sunshine Of Your Love
04. I've Made Up My Mind
05. Working Hard Every Day
06. Colossus
07. Let's Make It Together
08. Jazz Fusion
09. Hold Her Tight
10. Dust In The Wind        

11. For Your Precious Love

read a bit about this here

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Noel Redding Band - Clonakilty Cowboys & Blowin'

Noel Redding Band - Clonakilty Cowboys & Blowin' - 1975 & 1976

By William Ruhlmann from allmusic.com

Clonakilty Cowboys
Former Jimi Hendrix Experience bassist Noel Redding's second attempt to lead a group (following Fat Mattress), the Noel Redding Band were more of a cooperative effort than their name would suggest. Redding may have been the organizing principal behind the unit, but David Clarke wrote or co-wrote almost all the material as well as singing lead vocals, while Eric Bell played lead guitar. Whoever dominated the band, however, their debut LP, Clonakilty Cowboys, was very much a British rock album of its time. There were hints here of the Faces and there of Mott the Hoople in a mainstream rock sound that seemed utterly familiar in the mid-'70s, but didn't much remind you of Redding's work with Hendrix. When Bell took off on his solo, for example, at the end of "Eight Nights a Week" (a paean to being a rock & roll star), his high-pitched work was out of Rock Guitar 101, but it had none of Hendrix's inventiveness. Maybe it's not fair to make such a comparison, but one falls into comparisons in discussing the music because it had little distinctive character of its own. As singers, neither Clarke nor Redding made it out of the rusty-voiced ranks of generic rock vocalists. Clonakilty Cowboys didn't make any noise on the charts and it didn't deserve to. Redding and company had made a fairly typical album for their time, but hadn't done anything that distinguished them from the pack.

01. There´s A Light
02. Throw Me A Buoy
03. After All
04. Roller Coaster Kids / Whatever Became Of The Children
05. Eight Nights A Week
06. Clonakilty Cowboys
07. Snowstorm
08. Born To His Name
09. If I Had
10. Gotta Move Awaya
Noel Redding emphasized his primacy in the band named after him on their second album, Blowin', putting close-up photographs of himself alone on the front and back covers, albeit with humorous intention. (He was pictured on the front blowing up a big bubblegum bubble and on the back with the burst bubble stuck to his nose.) He also took over production duties on the record and wrote a couple of songs on his own. But this was still a group effort on which lead singer and primary songwriter David Clarke took a prominent, if not dominant, role. The album rocked harder than its predecessor, Clonakilty Cowboys, and, recorded largely in the U.S., seemed to have more of an American, on-the-road feel, beginning with its opening track, "Back on the Road Again." But the Noel Redding Band were still a faceless, nearly generic rock group with a rusty-voiced singer mouthing rock & roll clichés and a standard-issue guitarist. Blowin' didn't sell any better than Clonakilty Cowboys had, and that was about the end of the Noel Redding Band.
11. Back On The Road Again

12. California
13. Yes It´s Alright
14. I´d Rather Go Blind
15. You Make Me Feel So Good
16. Take It Easy
17. Love And War
18. Before The Photograph
19. I`m Just A Sinner
20. Hold On To What You´ve Got

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Buddy Miles - Bicentennial Gathering of the Tribes

Buddy Miles - Bicentennial Gathering of the Tribes - 1976

Buddy Miles lançou pelo selo casablanca (aquele dos discos do KISS) dois álbuns: More Miles Per Gallon, de 1975, que já foi postado AQUI e este, de 1976. Bicentennial Gathering Of The Tribes é praticamente o oposto do primeiro. Sumiram os  sintetizadores (embora ainda se ouça um  ou outro traço desse instrumento (?) horrivel) e sumiram as letras sem sentindo. A impressão que se tem é que nem mesmo Buddy ficou satisfeito com o resultado de "More Miles" e resolveu mudar tudo. Esse disco é obrigatório para os fans do Buddy Miles "hardcore". Um disco mais centrado em bateria-baixo-harmmond  do que em sintetizadores.

Lançado no ano em que o Estados Unidos comemoravam o bicentenário de sua independência, Buddy incluiu nos encartes (ah, que saudade dos encartes!) frase de JFK sobre os indios americanos "Quando negligenciamos o passado heróico do índio americano, enfraquecemos nosso próprio patrimônio". Para muitos, a capa faz também uma homenagem a Hendrix, que tinha antepassados indígenas.

O rip desse vinil foi originalmente postado pelo Fabiano em sua comunidade no orkut, a quem expresso aqui meus agradecimentos por compartilhar esse joia rara. Acontece que o Fabiano fez o upload pelo sharebee a mais de ano e os links estavam inacessíveis. Desconhecendo o significado da palavra BACKUP, eis que o Fabiano formata seu PC e ele próprio acabou ficando sem sua cópia. Entra em cena o Celso, que além de extremo conhecedor de como burlar sites de downloads pagos (não é, Duga?) e torrents privados, especializou-se agora em saber aonde os links são distribuídos. Então, a partir do sharebee ficamos sabendo os links criados no zshare, badongo e megaupload. Um golpe de sorte fez com que o link no megaupload ainda estivesse ativo, embora apenas 9 felizardos tivessem feito o download nesse período de - repito - mais de 1 ano. Valeu "profexô" Celso. Valeu Fabiano!


01. Now's the Time (You Got to Be Real)

02. Where You Gonna Run to Lady
03. Inflation
04. I've Got to Be Me

05. Grecian Lady
06. Won't You Be My Friend
07. Searchin' (For Love)
08. Reuben 'The Hurricane'
09. Wake Me, Shake Me

Buddy Miles - Vocal, Organ, Guitar, Piano, Percussion,Drums, Bass
Ben Schultz - Organ, Sintz, Guitar, Keyboads, Piano, Percussion, Bass
Boyd Albritton - Guitar
Dickey Betts - Slide Guitar 
Ron Perry - Bass
John Maller - Organ, Drums
Don Beck - Organ, Keyboads
Bobby Berge - Percussion, Drums
Wanda Watkins, Jerry Stevens - Vocal
Paul & His New Age Jazz Orchestra Cacia - Trompete
Paul Cacra, Tom Brey - Trompete
Danny Hull, Steve Lawrence - Sax Tenor
Kenny Walther, Ken Walther - Trombone


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Shawn Phillips - Living Contribution - Both Sides

Shawn Phillips - Living Contribution - Both Sides - 2008

This double-CD, released in 2008 in conjunction with a DVD of the same name, presents the beloved British cult folkie in concert at Kirstenbosch Gardens in Capetown, South Africa. The tracks represent the full span of his career, from Isle of Wight flower child acoustic ramblings, through his bluesier 1970s work, through the more complex and poetic work of his later years. His guitar playing is as solid and nimble as ever, and his voice is in fine form, sliding jauntily from a light tenor up to a soulful falsetto.

CD 01
01. American Child           

02. Radio           
03. Steel Eyes
04. Ascent / "L" Ballade
05. Everything She Gives Me
06. Calico and Rainbows
07. Ballad of Casy Deiss
08. Moonshine
09. Woman/Keep On/Sleepwalker/Song for Mr C.

CD 02
01. Coming Down Soft and Easy
02. Landscape
03. Devil's Highway           
04. Early Morning Hours
05. Serendipity Peace
06. It Takes No Time
07. One Way Ticket
08. Blunt and Frank
09. Fondest Dreams
10. Discoveries
11. Moments           
12. We