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Noel Redding Band - Clonakilty Cowboys & Blowin'

Noel Redding Band - Clonakilty Cowboys & Blowin' - 1975 & 1976

By William Ruhlmann from allmusic.com

Clonakilty Cowboys
Former Jimi Hendrix Experience bassist Noel Redding's second attempt to lead a group (following Fat Mattress), the Noel Redding Band were more of a cooperative effort than their name would suggest. Redding may have been the organizing principal behind the unit, but David Clarke wrote or co-wrote almost all the material as well as singing lead vocals, while Eric Bell played lead guitar. Whoever dominated the band, however, their debut LP, Clonakilty Cowboys, was very much a British rock album of its time. There were hints here of the Faces and there of Mott the Hoople in a mainstream rock sound that seemed utterly familiar in the mid-'70s, but didn't much remind you of Redding's work with Hendrix. When Bell took off on his solo, for example, at the end of "Eight Nights a Week" (a paean to being a rock & roll star), his high-pitched work was out of Rock Guitar 101, but it had none of Hendrix's inventiveness. Maybe it's not fair to make such a comparison, but one falls into comparisons in discussing the music because it had little distinctive character of its own. As singers, neither Clarke nor Redding made it out of the rusty-voiced ranks of generic rock vocalists. Clonakilty Cowboys didn't make any noise on the charts and it didn't deserve to. Redding and company had made a fairly typical album for their time, but hadn't done anything that distinguished them from the pack.

01. There´s A Light
02. Throw Me A Buoy
03. After All
04. Roller Coaster Kids / Whatever Became Of The Children
05. Eight Nights A Week
06. Clonakilty Cowboys
07. Snowstorm
08. Born To His Name
09. If I Had
10. Gotta Move Awaya
Noel Redding emphasized his primacy in the band named after him on their second album, Blowin', putting close-up photographs of himself alone on the front and back covers, albeit with humorous intention. (He was pictured on the front blowing up a big bubblegum bubble and on the back with the burst bubble stuck to his nose.) He also took over production duties on the record and wrote a couple of songs on his own. But this was still a group effort on which lead singer and primary songwriter David Clarke took a prominent, if not dominant, role. The album rocked harder than its predecessor, Clonakilty Cowboys, and, recorded largely in the U.S., seemed to have more of an American, on-the-road feel, beginning with its opening track, "Back on the Road Again." But the Noel Redding Band were still a faceless, nearly generic rock group with a rusty-voiced singer mouthing rock & roll clichés and a standard-issue guitarist. Blowin' didn't sell any better than Clonakilty Cowboys had, and that was about the end of the Noel Redding Band.
11. Back On The Road Again

12. California
13. Yes It´s Alright
14. I´d Rather Go Blind
15. You Make Me Feel So Good
16. Take It Easy
17. Love And War
18. Before The Photograph
19. I`m Just A Sinner
20. Hold On To What You´ve Got

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Es un buen documento, interesante para los completistas (como yo) que buscan todo lo relacionado con Hendrix, aun cuando no mantenga la misma calidad. Felicitaciones por el blog y gracias por el post!

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Não há como comparar estes com o que ele fez com Hendrix. É covardia :)