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Blog Fechado / Blog Closed

Olá Todos,

Com uma nova onda de blogs sendo fechados, comunico que caso isso aconteça com este blog, você poderá me encontrar no dia seguinte em onlygoodsong2.blogspot.com

Eu particulamente acho que isso não deva acontecer com quem tem 200 visitas dias. Sou tão pequeno perto de blogões e suas 2000, 3000 (e o número não para de crescer rs). Questão de tamanho e importância (espero). 

Hi Guys,

With a new wave of blogs being closed, report that if it happens with this blog, you will find me in the next day at  onlygoodsong2.blogspot.com

sábado, 27 de julho de 2013

Simon Townshend - Looking Out Looking In

Simon Townshend - Looking Out Looking In - 2012

from JazzWeekly

It’s harder to be older school in rock and roll than having a brother that’s a founding member of the Who, and a dad who was a musician in the Big Band era, but that’s what you get here with guitarist/vocalist/composer Simon Townshend. He’s got a tight little band here with his son Ben on drums and Tony Lowe on bass and piano. The songs have an energetic crispness to them, such as “Forever and a Day,” while “Electric Friend” sounds like an out take from Who’s Next. A couple nice acoustic pieces include Townshend’s touch on the mandolin to add a dash of flavor (as on “She Asked Me”) while “Still Love” includes some celestial strings as a perfect complement to the leader’s earthy and earnest vocals. Blows away all the navel gazing material put out by introspective indie rockers.

Read more about HERE and HERE

01. Forever And A Day
02. Stay
03. Looking Out Looking In
04. She Asked Me
05. Something New
06. There’s A Girl
07. Electric Friend
08. Bed Of Roses
09. Still Love
10. Making Waves
11. Make It

NB: Pra quem tá a fim de ouvir um disco sem frescuras, despretensioso e sem intenção de estar entre os melhores do ano, vale muito - muito mesmo - o download.


sexta-feira, 19 de julho de 2013

VA - Let Us in Americana the Music of Paul McCartney

VA - Let Us in Americana the Music of Paul McCartney - 2013

The album's official release date, June 25, 2013, was a significant day in “Beatles history.” On that day in 1967, The Beatles performed “live” thanks to the BBC on the first global TV music special entitled, Our World. It was viewed by over 400 million people spanning 26 countries. Special guests during The Beatles performance included: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and Graham Nash.

Fast forward to 2013, now 46 years later, with the June 25 release of Let Us In: Americana, the album delves into the catalogue of songs written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Each “Americana” artist chose a composition to record and the proceeds will go to The Women And Cancer Fund, established in the memory of Linda McCartney.

01. The Wood Brothers - Come And Get It
02. Buddy Miller - Yellow Submarine
03. Will Hoge - Band On The Run
04. Jim Lauderdale - I’m Looking Through You
05. Holly Williams - My Love
06. Teddy Thompson - Let Me Roll It
07. Bruce Cockburn - Fool On The Hill
08. Ollabelle - Get Back
09. Lee Ann Womack - Let ‘Em In
10. Steve Earle & Allison Moorer - I Will
11. Rodney Crowell  - Every Night
12. Matraca Berg - Yesterday
13. Ketch Secor - Give Ireland Back To The Irish
14. Sam Bush - I’ve Just Seen A Face
15. Ed Snodderly - Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
16. The McCrary Sisters (Amy Helm, Fiona McBain & Allison Moorer) - Let It Be


terça-feira, 16 de julho de 2013

Phil May and Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels

Phil May and Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels - 1978

By Thom Jurek from AMG
What a mess! It's kind of glorious, but it's a wreck. The Fallen Angels were a legendary never-were band of British former rock icons. The majority of this album was recorded with former Humble Pie guitar picker Mickey Finn (not the T. Rex drummer), teamed with Greg Ridley from Spooky Tooth, Twink Adler from the Pretty Things, and former Fleetwood Mac rhythm guitarist Bob Weston. The lineup was changed almost immediately and after many recruitments and falloffs, a lineup fronted by Finn -- now including vocalist Phil May of Pretty Things fame (the band was on hiatus at the time) -- went to Geneva to record an album. After six weeks in Switzerland that were ruled by rock & roll-styled excess, The Fallen Angels had recorded only eight songs -- none of which were finished. Upon returning to the U.K., everybody quit but May. He recruited some more players and eventually finished the album with overdubs and new songs. Once done, May toured a bit and hung it up by reconvening the Pretty Things, at which time Finn re-formed the band and recorded three more songs. The original album was only issued in Holland, and is thoroughly unmemorable, sounding like a cross between the Eagles jamming with Humble Pie and the Black Crowes. It's just icky, garage-y British blues-style rock, and being recorded in 1976 was already four years past its prime. Even the Faces had already moved on. In retrospect, it sucks, but in a charming, unfocused, drunken way. Standout tracks, if there are any, are "Fallen Angels," "California," "Cold Wind," "Dogs of War," and "Chance."

Phil May - Vocals
Wally Allen - Bass
Bill Lovelady, Ed Deane - Guitar
Frank Byrne, Chico Greenwood - Drums
John Povey - Keyboards, Vocals
Brian Johnston - Keyboards
01. Fallen Angels
02. California
03. 13 1/2 Floor Suicide
04. Dance Again
05. Shine On Baby
06. My Good Friend
07. Cold Wind
08. I Keep On
09. Dogs Of War
10. Girl Like You
11. When The Russians Came Back
12. Chance
13. Lazy Days

With Complete Art-Work!!!! (thanks to original uploader!)


sábado, 13 de julho de 2013

Archie Brown and the Young Bucks - Dirt and Romance

Archie Brown and the Young Bucks  - Dirt and Romance - 1995

Para que o blog não morra por inanição, hoje tem o 4º álbum desta banda de Newcastle. Outros 2 já foram postados no blog, mas, creio, já estejam com seus links (novamente) mortos.

Desculpem-me pela pressa, mas as coisas estão sobrecarregadas para mim nos últimos tempos, sem previsão de melhoras para breve.

É da vida! Divirtam-se.

01. This Town
02. Temporary Arrangement
03. Hurt
04. Bird
05. Gotta Getta Hold

06. Divided in Two
07. Lonely Nights
08. Touching You
09. Do My Eyes Deceive Me?
10. Nothing Personal


sábado, 6 de julho de 2013

Ginger Baker's No Material - Live in Munich 1987

Ginger Baker's No Material - Live in Munich 1987 - 2011

from AMG
No Material consisted of Ginger Baker (drums), Nicky Skopelitis and Sonny Sharrock (guitars), Peter Brötzmann (sax), and Jan Kazda (bass). The band existed for less than a week in 1987. In the liner notes for the 1989 release of Ginger Baker's No Material album, Steve Lake closes by saying "I'm glad that No Material came together to nail down their non-repertoire in March 1987 and glad that their efforts  are now preserved for posterity to puzzle over. May the archivists now go and look for the Munich gig." Well, 20-plus years later,  here is the Munich gig: the first show ever performed by this semi-legendary band. As expected, the performance is absolutely fantastic.  Unfortunately, the recording is not. The biggest issue is the sound. While it's generally clear, the sound is thin and the high end (especially any cymbal work) sounds terrible. It sounds as if the CD was mastered from a compressed MP3 file. Then there's the way it's programmed. The brief interview excerpts follow the first two tracks, totally derailing the momentum of the show. The Sharrock bit is nice, if a bit out of place, but the Skopelitis excerpt adds absolutely nothing. Time must have been a factor because "Piece 3" fades out and back in somewhat clumsily. "Piece 5" is basically solo Sharrock, riffing on his own "Blind Willie" before fading out just shy of the two-minute mark.  It's a confusing way to end the album since there was clearly more music. Fans will want to hear this for sure, but they're likely to be somewhat  disappointed. 

01. Piece 1
02. Interview - Sonny Sharrock
03. Piece 2
04. Interview - Nicky Skopelits
05. Piece 3
06. Piece 4
07. Piece 5

Archive live release from the legendary British drummer. This set was recorded in 1987 at the Theartefabrik in Unterfohring in Munich and was literally a one off project with this band lasting no more than a week. As such it remains a unique document in Ginger's career and is in a sense one big "jam" with no apparent song titles, and played under the name "No Material".