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Phil May and Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels

Phil May and Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels - 1978

By Thom Jurek from AMG
What a mess! It's kind of glorious, but it's a wreck. The Fallen Angels were a legendary never-were band of British former rock icons. The majority of this album was recorded with former Humble Pie guitar picker Mickey Finn (not the T. Rex drummer), teamed with Greg Ridley from Spooky Tooth, Twink Adler from the Pretty Things, and former Fleetwood Mac rhythm guitarist Bob Weston. The lineup was changed almost immediately and after many recruitments and falloffs, a lineup fronted by Finn -- now including vocalist Phil May of Pretty Things fame (the band was on hiatus at the time) -- went to Geneva to record an album. After six weeks in Switzerland that were ruled by rock & roll-styled excess, The Fallen Angels had recorded only eight songs -- none of which were finished. Upon returning to the U.K., everybody quit but May. He recruited some more players and eventually finished the album with overdubs and new songs. Once done, May toured a bit and hung it up by reconvening the Pretty Things, at which time Finn re-formed the band and recorded three more songs. The original album was only issued in Holland, and is thoroughly unmemorable, sounding like a cross between the Eagles jamming with Humble Pie and the Black Crowes. It's just icky, garage-y British blues-style rock, and being recorded in 1976 was already four years past its prime. Even the Faces had already moved on. In retrospect, it sucks, but in a charming, unfocused, drunken way. Standout tracks, if there are any, are "Fallen Angels," "California," "Cold Wind," "Dogs of War," and "Chance."

Phil May - Vocals
Wally Allen - Bass
Bill Lovelady, Ed Deane - Guitar
Frank Byrne, Chico Greenwood - Drums
John Povey - Keyboards, Vocals
Brian Johnston - Keyboards
01. Fallen Angels
02. California
03. 13 1/2 Floor Suicide
04. Dance Again
05. Shine On Baby
06. My Good Friend
07. Cold Wind
08. I Keep On
09. Dogs Of War
10. Girl Like You
11. When The Russians Came Back
12. Chance
13. Lazy Days

With Complete Art-Work!!!! (thanks to original uploader!)


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