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Steve Marriott - 30 Seconds to Midnite

Steve Marriott - 30 Seconds to Midnite - 1989

01. Knocking on Your Door
02. All or Nothing
03. One More Heartache
04. The Um Um Um Um Um Song
05. Superlungs
06. Get Up, Stand Up
07. Rascal You
08. Life During Wartime
09. Phone Call Away
10. The Clapping Song
11. Shakin' All Over
12. Gypsy Woman

Steve Marriott - Guitar, Vocals
James Litherland, Chris Pye - Guitar
Steve Waliys - Slide Guitar
Mick Weaver - Piano
Andy Pask, Mario Castronari - Bass
Philip Todd, Chris White - Saxophone
Guy Barker - Trumpet
Frank Ricotti - Percussion
Simon Hidding - Harmonica
P.P. Arnold, Jim Leverton, Dan - Vocals
J. Neil Sidwell, Stuart Brooks, Simon Gardner - Brass


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The Alastair Greene Band - Official Bootleg - Live In L.A

The Alastair Greene Band - Official Bootleg - Live In L.A - 2003

Alastair Greene is a guitarist/singer/songwriter based out of Santa Barbara California who plays blues and blues influenced rock much in the same vein as Gov't Mule, Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Allman Brothers Band, etc,..

He has performed and/or recorded with a number of California and International artists over the years including: Alan Parsons, Mark Karan (Ratdog), Jeff Pevar (CSN), Aynsley Dunbar, Frank Goldwasser, The Pontiax, Wally Ingram, Seymour Duncan and Mitch Kashmar to name a few. His first full length album under his own name entitled "A Little Wiser" was released in late in 2001. The Alastair Greene Band has shared the stage with such artists as John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Mike Campbell's Dirty Knobs, Billy Boy Arnold, Lonnie Brooks, Jonny Lang, Junior Brown, Lucky Peterson and Robin Trower.

This is a LIVE CD from Winter of 2002 recorded direct to CD from the mixing board at an LA Club.

Alastair Greene - Guitar, Vocals
Jack Kennedy - Bass
Tom Lackner - Drums
Steve Utstein - Hammond B-3 Organ

01. Ramblin' Mind
02. Beginning To Wonder/Cissy Strut
03. Say What You Want
04. One Way Out
05. Afro Blue
06. Love Too Strong
07. Three Bullets


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The Rolling Stones - Zilker Park

The Rolling Stones - Zilker Park, Austin, TX, (October 22, 2006) 

Achei esse video ontem à tarde e resolvi disponibilizá-lo aqui. Só resta agradecer ao uploader original e assistí-lo antes que o deletem.

01. You Got Me Rocking
02. Let's Spend The Night Together
03. Shes So Cold
04. Oh No. Not You Again
05. Sway
06. Bob Wills Is Still The King
07. Streets Of Love
08. Ain't Too Proud To Beg
09. Tumbling Dice
10. Learning The Game
11. Little T&A
12. Under My Thumb
13. Get Off My Cloud
14. Honky Tonk Women
15. Sympathy For The Devil
16. Jumpin' Jack Flash
17. I Can't Get No Satisfaction
18. Brown Sugar

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Juan Martin - Solo

Juan Martin - Solo - 2009

Renomado violonista flamenco em seu disco de 2009. Aqui Juan leva-nos a uma viagem pelas paisagens da Andaluzia, em uma homenagem ao poeta Federico Garcia Lorca.

Não sei porque na CD universe pedem U$ 30 por esse álbum. Não sei se vale tanto.

Sem mais.

01. Con Rumbo Al Carnaval           
02. Farruca Martín           
03. Llora La Seguiriya           
04. Taconeos           
05. Ecos Sin Luz           
06. Alegría De Pablo           
07. El Metrónomo De Miró           
08. Soleá Eterna           
09. El Sueño De Lorca


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The Ambulators With Pete French - On Top

The Ambulators With Pete French - On Top - 2007

review from cdbaby
The term SUPER-GROUP is thrown around far too often but the truth of the matter is that these guys really do all come from SUPER groups. Vocalist Pete French has done time with Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert in Cactus as well as making albums with Atomic Rooster and his own Leaf Hound. Guitarist Ray Majors is a former Yardbird and member of Mott The Hoople. Don Craine and Keith Grant are founding members of The Downliners Sect. Roger Cotton was a member of Peter Green's Splinter Group and Mick Avory is the drummer for The Kinks.

Peter French - Vocals
Ray Majors  - Guitar
Doun Crane - Guitar
Keith Grant - Bass
Roger Cotton - Keyboads
Mick Avory - Drums

01. Sitting On Top of the World

02. Blue Monday
03. Nature
04. Wang Dang Doodle
05. What a Price


Gary Wright - First Signs Of Life

Gary Wright - First Signs Of Life - 1995

Review from AMG

Some might recall musician Gary Wright from his several hit songs of the '70s and '80s, including the classic "Dream Weaver." His distinctive vocals and visionary use of keyboards to create a mood were definitive trademarks of his sound. For the '90s, Wright has embellished that sound with the addition of invigorating guitar with African and Brazilian influences. The musicianship here is impressive, supplied by Wright again on keyboards and vocals, and guest musicians Terry Bozzio on drums, Ricardo Silveria on guitar, and even George Harrison on backup vocals. The newly composed original material blends Brazilian percussion with African choral music to create an infectious worldbeat hybrid, and the musicians' performances radiate sincerity and joy.

01. Kani Fe
02. Better Get Up and Go
03. Arawa
04. Rio Amazonas
05. Oh Shu Ba
06. Don't Try to Own Me
07. Olua
08. Bo Bo Wa
09. Rio Amazonas, Pt. 2
10. Twilight

Gary Wright - Keyboards, Vocals
George Harrison - Back Vocals
Ricardo Silveira - Guitar
Jimmy Haslip - Bass, Percussion, Drums
Terry Bozzio -Percussion, Drums
Steve Farris - Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Steve Farris (Drums)
Marlon Klein, T.S. Vinayakaram, T.H. Vinayak Ram, Trichur Mohan, Vikku Vinayakram - Percussion
Ayo Adeyemi - Vocals, Percussion

Re-post of an original publication March 30, 2010 but now with 320 @


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David Lewis - Ghost Rhymes

David Lewis - Ghost Rhymes - 2007

Ghost Rhymes is the third release from David Lewis, who has been producing collections of melodic and gently reflective songs since the late 1980's. Lewis, who is based in West London, has been described as ‘a writer and singer worth getting to know’ (Sing Out!), his work as ‘smart song-craft’ (CD Now). Writing within a modern British folk tradition with strong roots in the 60s and 70s (Sandy Denny, Robin Williamson, Al Stewart, Donovan), Lewis’s songs may draw from past folk traditions, but they aim to present a contemporary respite from modern uncertainties. Co-produced by long-time collaborator John Wesley Harding, Ghost Rhymes features Harding and a host of other talented musicians.

Ghost Rhymes was recorded in Seattle, San Francisco and Harpenden, UK and it features 13 new songs (three co-written with Harding). “Water From the Well” and “Trying to Remember A Dream” feature a full folk-rock band sound, while songs such as “Waterwheel”, “Fever Dream”, “Something Real” and the title track explore a range of acoustic finger-picking styles and tunings. 


Dave Lewis - Guitar, Vocals
Kurt Bloch - Guitar, Keyboards
Chris Von Sneidern - Bass, Keyboards, Percussion
Chris Xefos -  Bass
Mike Musburger - Drums
Carrie Bradley - Fiddle,  Back Vocals
John Wesley Harding - Organ, Guitar, Harmonica, Electric Guitar,  Back Vocals, Mini Moog

01. Something Real            
02. Water from the Well            
03. Whole Again            
04. Ghost Rhyme            
05. Hidden Heart            
06. Tricks with Time            
07. Waterwheel            
08. Follow Her Down            
09. Confidence            
10. Fever Dream            
11. Trying to Remember a Dream            
12. Black Pig            
13. Lullaby


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V.A - The Yardbirds Family Tree - Birds Of A Feather

V.A -  The Yardbirds Family Tree - Birds Of A Feather - 2006

By Dave Thompson from Goldmine Magazine
There’s the Yardbirds’ family tree, and then there’s the Yardbirds’ family tree, and in terms of having something fresh to listen to, one is a lot more enjoyable than the other. John Mayall, Cream, the Jeff Beck Group, Led Zeppelin – whatever is left to be said about the monsters that once took flight from the Yardbirds’ nest? But step away from the antics of a few smart guitar slingers, and there’s an underground swirling around the band’s other members that rarely sees the daylight it deserves.

In fairness, this is less a Family Tree collection, than an anthology of Jim McCarty’s more recent, extra-curricular activities. The British Invasion All-Stars, the Yardbirds Experience and, of course, the Jim McCarty Band are the dominant names here, together with a clutch of McCarty-less highlights from the Ambulators’ tribute to ‘birds mentor Sonny Boy Williamson. Likewise, the 19 tracks turn up a mere handful of established Yardbirds classics (“Shapes Of Things,” of course, kicks it all off), preferring to mine the entire British beat repertoire of bluesy classics, R&B stompers and proto-rock howlers.

The line-up across the four acts is phenomenal – Don Craine, Phil May, Dick Taylor, Eddie Phillips, Mick Green, Matthew Fisher, Ray Majors, Mick Avory, Dave Walker … and that’s just the names that your pet goldfish would recognize. Noel Redding leads one aggregation across a dynamic “Jimi Hendrix Trilogy”; Pete French (ex-Cactus) fronts another through an incendiary “Wang Dang Doodle” and a Cream-stopping “Sitting On Top Of The World.” (Both tracks, incidentally, are previously unreleased.)

There’s no weak moments, no awkward segues, no annoying lapses. From start to finish, Birds of a Feather blazes as brightly as the blues should burn, and rocks with all the passion that the Yardbirds themselves made their own. Others among the band’s hatchlings may grab all the headlines, and make all the noise. But when it comes to actually playing the music, and making it matter, this is Year Zero.

01. Shapes of Things
02. Mona
03. Gimme Some Lovin'
04. Shakin' All Over
05. Green Onions    
06. I'm a Man        
07. Wang Dang Doodle
08. Sitting on Top of the World
09. Outside Woman Blues
10. How Many More Times

11. Framed
12. I Go Crazy
13. How Blue
14. Don't Start Me Talkin'
15. Nine Below Zero
16. Bring It on Home
17. Keep It to Yourself
18. Help Me
19. Jimi Hendrix Trilogy

Tracks 1-6 by The British Invasion All-Stars featuring Yardbirds founding member Jim McCarty along with Dick Taylor and Phil May of The Pretty Things, Matthew Fisher (Procol Harum) Don Craine and Keith Grant (Downliners Sect) Eddie Phillips (Creation) Ray Phillips (Nashville Teens) and Mick Green (The Pirates)

Tracks 6 and 7 are brand new recordings featuring Pete French (Cactus/Atomic Rooster) on vocals. Never before released!

Tracks 9-13 are by The Jim McCarty Band once again with Mr McCarty on drums, co-lead guitar by current Yardbirds vocalist John Idan and former Yardbirds axe-man Ray Majors along with Rod 'The Mod' Demick on bass. Vocals handled by Idan and Majors.

Tracks 14-18 are from the album 'Mostly Sonny-A Tribute to Sonny Boy Williamson' by The Ambulators with Dave (Savoy Brown) Walker on vocals. Don Craine - guitar, Nigel Watson- guitar, Ray Majors-lead guitar, John O'Leary-harmonica, Roger Cotton-keyboards, and Mick Avory (The Kinks) on drums.

Track 19 is a long out of print song by The Yardbirds Experience. 'The Yardbirds Experience' is the same basic line-up as The British Invasion All-Stars with the additional of Noel Redding on bass.


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British Blues All Stars - At Notodden Blues Festival

British Blues All Stars - At Notodden Blues Festival - 2007

Formed  in 2004, the British Blues All Stars have been blazing a trail across the globe playing blues festivals from San Francisco to Notodden in Norway. Affectionately known by its members as the ‘Silver Shufflers’ the All Stars includes musicians who began their careers up to half a century ago and were responsible for the creation of the British Blues style that rocked the world.

Membership of this elite collaboration is by invitation only and offered to those who have made a major contribution to British Blues. Its participants can trace their musical roots to such seminal bands as; Fleetwood Mac, Manfred Mann, John Mayall’s Blues Breakers, Savoy Brown, Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated and many other legendary outfits.  The line-up varies with the commitments of its members, but The British Blues All-Stars always give an epic performance. The British Blues All Stars at Notodden Blues Festival was released August 28, 2007.

NB: Este acha fácil pela net e possivelmente venham todos da mesma fonte. Mas quando postei o British All-Stars, imediatamente lembrei-me desse.

Peter Green - Guitar
Kim Simmonds, Long John Baldry - Vocals, Guitar
Tom McGuinness - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
Gary Fletcher - Bass
Bob Hall - Vocals, Piano
Colin Allen - Drums
Steve Beighton - Sax

01. When It Rains
02. Mississippi Steamboat
03. Standing By My Window
04. Black Magic Woman
05. Pine Top's Boogie Woogie
06. Midnight In New Orleans
07. Shake That Thing
08. Beehive Blues
09. I Got My Eye On You
10. Where Has Your Heart Gone
11. Every Day I Have The Blues
12. Baldry's Out

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British Invasion All-Stars - British Invasion All-Stars

British Invasion All-Stars - British Invasion All-Stars - 2002

by Alex Henderson from AMG
The British Invasion All-Stars are a 21st century band with a '60s sound, which isn't surprising because all of its members are veteran rockers who belonged to various '60s bands (some more prominent than others). In rock circles, the term British Invasion is used to describe the wave of British rock bands that made its presence felt in the '60s. Rock was born in the United States, but when the Beatles and many other British acts hit big in the '60s, it was clear that England had become a major player in the rock & roll field.

Formed in 2001, the British Invasion All-Stars boasts former-Yardbird Jim McCarty on drums and lead vocals, ex-Procol Harum member Matthew Fisher on electric Hammond organ, and Eddie Phillips (formerly of the Creation) on lead guitar. The three other members are Ray Phillips, of the Nashville Teens fame, on lead vocals, and two ex-members of the Downliners Sect: rhythm guitarist Don Craine and bassist Keith Grand (who contributes background vocals and shares the lead vocals with Phillips and McCarty). The British Invasion All-Stars' self-titled debut album, which was released on the independent Mooreland Street label in 2002, shows no awareness of the alternative rock sounds of the early 2000s; the band is totally unaffected by any of the punk, new wave, post-punk, pop-metal, or alternative rock that came after the '60s. From covers of well-known songs by the Yardbirds ("Shapes of Things") and the Who ("Shakin' All Over"), to new material, everything on the British Invasion All-Stars' first album is unapologetically '60s-minded. The CD boasts several guest musicians who have strong '60s credentials, including bassist Noel Redding (who was one-third of the Jimi Hendrix Experience) and two ex-members of the Pretty Things: Dick Taylor and Phil May.

This self-titled debut album by the British Invasion All-Stars was released in 2002, but if you didn't know better, you might assume that it was recorded in the mid- to late '60s. That's because their music is a celebration of '60s British Invasion rock, and all of them know a lot about that subject - they were members of bands like the Yardbirds, Procol Harum, and the Nashville Teens. All of the material sounds dated, and that is true of new songs (including the moody "Heavy Weather") as well as covers of '60s hits like the Yardbirds' "Shapes of Things," the Who's "Shakin' All Over," and Booker T. & the M.G.'s "Green Onions" (which ends up with a British blues-rock outlook rather than a Stax/Volt outlook). Even the production sounds dated; if producer/arranger Mike Ober wanted to make this CD as '60s-sounding as possible, he accomplished his goal. But dated isn't necessarily a bad thing if you are a die-hard fan of a particular era; in fact, it can actually be a plus. And for fans of '60s British Invasion rock, this release is dated in a good sense - dated as in being an enjoyable celebration of an era that gave fans great bands like the Beatles, the Yardbirds, the Zombies, the Who, and the Kinks. The British Invasion All-Stars' performances fall short of mind-blowing; none of their covers are superior to the original versions. But the album is generally decent, and it is worth hearing if you are a serious admirer of '60s rock.

01. Shapes of Things
02. United
03. White Knight
04. Gimme Some Lovin'
05. Bad Penny
06. Heavy Weather
07. Tobacco Road

08. Shakin' All Over
09. Green Onions
10. Glimpses of God
11. Lavender Down
12. Mona
13. I'm a Man
14. How Does It Feel


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Simon Phillips and Jeff Babko - Vantage Point

Simon Phillips and Jeff Babko - Vantage Point - 2000

By Hilarie Grey from jazztime 
Offering authentic acoustic jazz from a unique Vantage Point are drummer Simon Phillips and pianist Jeff Babko. Phillips, most widely known as the foundation of pop-rock mega-band Toto, has worked out acclaimed jazz-rock chops over the years. Teaming with the dazzlingly talented Babko, bassist Dave Carpenter and the blistering dual-horn attack of trumpeter Walt Fowler and saxophonist Brandon Fields, Phillips serves up a sound that reveres the masters of '50s and '60s jazz, with the crisp bite of modern production. From the sweet, blithely swinging horn-based feel of "New Blooded," to the wicked film noir sounds of "Miles Away," spotlighting Carpenter's mysterious bass and squinched mute horns, the quintet's sound is vintage-bracing and potent-but with a spacious instrument placement that deposits listeners directly in the club, ringside. The solos stretch, romp and wail, with Fowler's scorching trumpet powering the soulful "Vantage Point," and Phillips offering a huge drum intro to the hard bop of "Bewilderment," for example. A live hyper-fast romp entitled "Spirits of Trane" showcases the band's mind-boggling synchronicity and features some truly inspired sax spirals and squeals that might suggest that actual channeling of these spirits has occurred on this truly transporting effort.

01. Vantage Point
02. New Blooded
03. Bewilderment
04. Miles Away
05. Doubletake
06. Dreamscape
07. One of a Kind
08. Spirits of Trane (Recorded live at Café Cordiale, Sherman Oaks on September 1st, 1999)

Simon Phillips - Drums
Jeff Babko - Piano
Dave Carpenter - Acoustic Bass
Walt Fowler - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Brandon Fields - Sax Tenor, Sax Soprano

NB: Eu não sei se é uma questão de ser outra edição ou serviço mal feito mesmo, mas existe um arquivo deste disco rolando na net com sete - e não oito! -  faixas. No caso, sem "one of a kind". Então, se já tens a sua cópia, é hora de fazer o upgrade.

Se quiseres saber mais sobre Jeff Babko ou baixar mais alguma coisa dele, dê uma olhada AQUI