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Gary Wright - First Signs Of Life

Gary Wright - First Signs Of Life - 1995

Review from AMG

Some might recall musician Gary Wright from his several hit songs of the '70s and '80s, including the classic "Dream Weaver." His distinctive vocals and visionary use of keyboards to create a mood were definitive trademarks of his sound. For the '90s, Wright has embellished that sound with the addition of invigorating guitar with African and Brazilian influences. The musicianship here is impressive, supplied by Wright again on keyboards and vocals, and guest musicians Terry Bozzio on drums, Ricardo Silveria on guitar, and even George Harrison on backup vocals. The newly composed original material blends Brazilian percussion with African choral music to create an infectious worldbeat hybrid, and the musicians' performances radiate sincerity and joy.

01. Kani Fe
02. Better Get Up and Go
03. Arawa
04. Rio Amazonas
05. Oh Shu Ba
06. Don't Try to Own Me
07. Olua
08. Bo Bo Wa
09. Rio Amazonas, Pt. 2
10. Twilight

Gary Wright - Keyboards, Vocals
George Harrison - Back Vocals
Ricardo Silveira - Guitar
Jimmy Haslip - Bass, Percussion, Drums
Terry Bozzio -Percussion, Drums
Steve Farris - Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Steve Farris (Drums)
Marlon Klein, T.S. Vinayakaram, T.H. Vinayak Ram, Trichur Mohan, Vikku Vinayakram - Percussion
Ayo Adeyemi - Vocals, Percussion

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