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Gayle McCormick - Gayle McCormick

Gayle McCormick- Gayle McCormick- 1971

from wikipedia
Gayle McCormick was born in St. Louis on the 26th of November 1948. Gayle attended Pattonville High in St. Louis and sang high soprano with the Suburb Choir, a 150-voice unit that performed annually with the St. Louis Symphony. Her recording and performing career stretched from 1965 to 1976. McCormick had started her career singing songs by Tina Turner and Etta James.

In 1969 Smith was formed in Los Angeles, California, their first album entitled "A Group Called Smith," featured Gayle McCormick as the primary vocalist. Smith mainly played and recorded covers of pop and soul songs and made the top ten with a remake of "Baby It's You", a previous hit for The Shirelles, was also featured in Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse film Death Proof.

After the group disbanded, McCormick went on to record three solo albums. In the fall of 1971, her performance of "It's A Cryin' Shame" charted at #44.

01. It's A Cryin' Shame

02. Superstar
03. C'est La Vie
04. Natural Woman
05. You Really Got A Hold On Me
06. Rescue Me
07. If Only You Believe
08. Save Me
09. Everyting Has Got To Be Free
10. Gonna Be Alright Now

NB: A versão de Superstar encontrada nesse disco é para mim, sem dúvida, a melhor que já ouvi em minha vida.

+ @320 (CD reissued 2008)

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Jorma Kaukonen - Fur Peace Ranch

Jorma Kaukonen - Fur Peace Ranch, Darwin, OH - 2010

Jorma Kaukonen, guitarrista do Jeffeson Airplane e Hot Tuna tem, além de sua discografia conhecida e espalhada por tudo quanto é canto, tem um enorme catálogo pessoal  (cheque AQUI )  cujas gravações estão disponíveis apenas digitalmente.

Fur Peace, gravado em 1999 em seu rancho, traz Jorma acompanhado apenas de seu violão e aonde, como de costume, não economiza em técnica, sentimento e maestria.

01. Hesitation Blues (aborted)
02. Walkin' Blues
03. True Religion
04. How Long Blues
05. Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out
06. Death Don't Have No Mercy
07. Do Not Go Gentle
08. I See The Light
09. San Francisco Bay Blues
10. Embryonic Journey
11. Good Shepherd
12. Too Many Years
13. 99 Year Blues
14. I Am The Light Of This World
15. Parchman Farm
16. Uncle Sam Blues
17. Nine Pound Hammer
18. Hesitation Blues
19. Genesis
20. That'll Never Happen No More
21. Been So Long
22. Water Song
23. Encore: Police Dog Blues


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Sugaree - The American Dreams

Sugaree - The American Dreams - 2010

Few may have heard of singer Sugaree but they are very likely to have heard of her father, legendary singer-songwriter Leon Russell, on whose label Sugaree’s debut has been released.

Though that fact smacks of nepotistic opportunism, saying so outright would only be permissible if the album was a dud. Truth is, The American Dream is something of a pop gem – a contemporary album that is a million miles from the country-blues music of her father. A short album at just over thirty minutes, it mixes different genres – rock, pop and R&B – with an electro-dance vibe that pulls all its disparate references into a coherent, if sometimes samey, sound.

The album starts off very strongly with the title track’s bombastic opening synth-strings, guitars and bass, above which Sugaree takes time to admonish American consumerism. The exotic sonic palette of ‘Beautiful’ underpins strong melodies and vocals, her voice immediately recalling to mind Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie, and has a chorus hook that could pay commercial dividends given the right break.

Elsewhere, ‘Is This War (A Love Song)’ is all cabaret and tribal beats, ‘Lying Down’ is filled with stadium drums and caterwauling vocals that could have been pulled from a Shakira album, while ‘One More Time’, ‘Personal Stranger’ and ‘Simple Solution’ are well-written contemporary pop songs.

NB: Para os defensores de que somente rock possa girar em seu player, esse download é altamente NÃO recomendado.

01. The American Dream       

02. Beautiful       
03. Is This War (A Love Song)       
04. Lying Down       
05. One More Time       
06. Personal Stranger       
07. Security       
08. Simple Solution       
09. Stepping Stones       
10. What It Looks Lik


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Leon Russell – Life And Love

Leon Russell – Life And Love - 1979

01. One More Love Song
02. You Girl
03. Struck By Lightning
04. Strange Love
05. Life And Love
06. On the First Day
07. High Horse
08. Sweet Mystery
09. On the Borderline

Leon Russell - Guitar, Vocals
Jody Payne, Roger Linn - Guitar
Bernetta Rand,  Joe Chemay, Lena Luckey, Wornell Jones, Francis Pye - Back Vocals
Mickey Raphael - Harmonica
Marty Grebb - Guitar, Saxophone


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Agora Fudeu de Vez

E os Federais entraram em Ação.

Não entendeu? Clique AQUI

Se eu tomar um baculejo dessas ai, tô no lucro.

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The Bureau - ...And Another Thing

The Bureau - ...And Another Thing - 2008

The Bureau were a New Wave soul group formed in late 1980 in Birmingham, England, when the original lineup of Dexys Midnight Runners split-up.

Ex-Dexy's members Pete Williams, Geoff Blythe, Steve Spooner, Stoker and Mick Talbot were joined by Paul Taylo, Rob Jones and Archie Brown from a group called The Upset, which had supported Dexy's on tour. The Bureau retained their Dexy's roots and played powerful brass driven sounds.

The debut single, "Only For Sheep", was a hit in Australia, reaching #6], but failed to reach the UK Singles Chart - as did the follow up single "Let Him Have It", inspired by the Derek Bentley / Christopher Craig case. An eponymously titled album was released in 1981, but only in Canada and Australia, and the band members went their separate ways soon afterwards. The album was finally released in the UK in 2005, and the band reunited to play two launch gigs in London and Birmingham in February that year.


Archie Brown - Vocal, Guitar, Sax
Pete Williams - Bass, Ukulele, Clarinet, Guitar, Vocals
Crispin Taylor - Drums, Guitar, Percurssion
Mick Talbot - Keyboards, Vocals
Paul Taylor - Trombone
Geoff Blythe - Saxophone

01. Run Rabbit Run
02. Save Me
03. Chance In a Million
04. A Fine Mess Rag
05. Freedom March
06. Just a Word
07. Falling

08. Mad
09. Divided In Two
10. Flying Lessons
11. Nothing's Going To Stand In Our Way
12. Keaton's Walk (Bonus Track)


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Steve Ellis - The Love Affair is Over

Steve Ellis - The Love Affair is Over - 1983

from AMG
In 1977, ex-Love Affair singer Ellis recorded an album called The Last Angry Man with producers Tony Meehan and Dave Courtney. When Meehan and Courtney had a dispute, the album was withdrawn, although some cassette copies were issued by Ariola briefly in 1978. This CD marked the first time the album was widely available, with the addition of seven previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded in 1983.

Ellis was in the tradition of British rock/soul/blues belters such as Steve Marriott (his closest vocal counterpart) and Rod Stewart, and there are also traces of Robert Plant and Van Morrison. He was not nearly in the same league as any of those singers, mind you, but he was OK. A couple of name guitarists (Albert Lee and Henry McCulloch) contributed to the sessions on The Last Angry Man, which yielded average though unobjectionable mainstream late-'70s rock with shades of folk-rock, mellow singer/songwriting, blue-eyed soul, and hard rock riffing.

The seven 1983 songs (subtitled as the Basement Days portion of this disc) are again generic 1970s-type British rock, though the material is weaker, and the style by this time not at all in sync with what was either hip or commercial. The most interesting aspects of this archival release, to be honest, are the thorough liner notes, which cover Ellis' entire career dating back to the Love Affair days 

The Last Angry Man

01. Life User
02. Hear Your Woman
03. Hang On Joey
04. Rag And Bone
05. Everlasting Love
06. Blackmail
07. Wind And A Lady
08. Soothe Me
09. Why Do The Good Guys Die
10. The Last Angry Man

Bonus Tracks - Basement Days

11. El Doomo
12. Shark Shoes
13. I Lost My Feelings

14. She's Leaving
15. War Train
16. Hold On
17. Warm Love

Steve Ellis - Vocal
The Starfires - Vocal
Henry McCulloch, Albert Lee , Brian Robertson - Guitar
Brian Odgers - Bass
Barry Morgan, Henry Spinetti - Drums
David Courtney - Piano, Synthesizer
Roger Chapman - Back vocals


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Jeff Beck - Ambassador Theatre

Jeff Beck - Ambassador Theatre - 1975

 By Alan Bershaw
After redefining electric guitar during his tenure in The Yardbirds, numerous outstanding permutations of The Jeff Beck Group, and a brief experiment with ex-Vanilla Fudge/Cactus alumni in Beck, Bogart & Appice, Jeff Beck disappeared from the public eye. When he returned in 1975 with his new album, Blow By Blow, it was immediately apparent that Beck was taking an entirely different approach. The album, produced by the legendary George Martin at his AIR Studios, was strictly an instrumental affair with the music clearly heading in a jazz-fusion direction. The results were nothing short of spectacular, gaining Beck a new legion of fans, and Blow By Blow would sail up the charts, soon to become one of the best selling instrumental albums of all time.

When Beck took this exciting new material on the road, he assembled a stellar new quartet featuring the outstanding rhythm section of bassist Wilbur Bascomb and drummer Bernard Purdie. He wisely retained the services of keyboardist Max Middleton, the only mainstay from his previous groups. Middleton's jazzy keyboard parts complimented much of Beck's finest work from the early 1970s, and in this new band he inspired Beck to reach new levels of sophistication. Beck's explorations into this new genre of music were immediately distinctive and would in retrospect prove to be the commercial peak of a long and illustrious career. This recording, from when Jeff Beck and The Mahavishnu Orchestra took to the road together, captures this new era perfectly. Much of the Blow By Blow album is here when it was fresh and new. Even when Beck dips back into his catalogue, older songs are given an altogether new instrumental treatment, bringing out delightful nuances and making them entirely new experiences.

This set, recorded at St. Louis' Ambassador Theater  (St. Louis, MO / may , 11, 1975), was the final night of the first leg of the North American Blow By Blow Tour, when both Jeff Beck and John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra toured the continent together, providing audiences with a remarkable double bill of cutting edge jazz/rock fusion. Although not without a few dropouts on the master cassette, this recording captures Beck and one of his most revered bands at a peak moment in time. Following this performance, Beck would return to England for two weeks before embarking on the second leg of the tour at the end of the month.

Jeff Beck - Guitar
Max Middleton - Keyboards
Wilbur Bascomb - Bass
Bernard Purdie - Drums

01. Tuning
02. Constipated Duck (incomplete)
03. She's A Woman
04. Freeway Jam
05. Superstition
06. Cause We've Ended As Lovers
07. Air Blower (Incomplete)
08. Power
09. Got The Feeling

10. Tuning
11. You Know What I Mean
12. Diamond Dust