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Cactus - Live In Japan

Cactus - Live In Japan - 2013

The current version of Cactus went over to Japan in 2012 to record two shows, one audio and one video, “which will come out next year,” according to Appice. He describes that first performance as a “kick-ass show,” and it is an absolute barnburner, with Cactus rolling through classics such as their versions of Mose Allison’s Parchman Farm and Willie Dixon’s You Can’t Judge a Book (By Lookin’ at the Cover), plus Rock & Roll Children and That’s Evil. 

Appice said, “Live in Japan is the first night. It’s not complete. It’s a single-disc. But it was the first night we played in Tokyo, and it was great. It was a kick-ass show. I mean, we’d never been to Japan before, and the crowd was great. It was sold-out, and Jim McCarty was on fire, and the band just sounded great.” Pete Bremy is the bassist for this occasion.


01. Swim
02. One Way or Another
03. Brother Bill
04. Can’t Judge a Book (By Lookin’ at the Cover)
05. Alaska
06. Electric Blue
07. Muscle & Soul
07. Evil
08. Parchman Farm
09 Rock & Roll Children


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Skinny Ass White Boy - All Mixed Up

Skinny Ass White Boy - All Mixed Up - 2008

De acordo com a Ultime Indie Records, Skinny Ass White Boy faz um "post & pop punk" influenciado pelo original rock and roll. Na prática é um rockão, as vezes pesado, com arranjos simples e cru. Tem alguma coisa de punk realmente, mas um punk soft (se é que existe).

Quem é Skinny ou quem toca nesse disco? A única informação (?) é da página do CDBaby que diz que quem toca é Ele mesmo e Ele com ajuda dos amigos. Alguma estória sobre o cara simplesmente inexiste. É a anti-propaganda levada ao extremo e é bem capaz de aparecerem por aqui exigindo que ele não seja divulgado.

Então o problema se repete. Você adquire um disco e não sabe do que se trata. O site da gravadora é tosco de fazer chorar; o artista não tem um site, um facebook, nada. Possivelmente, pelo ano de lançamento deste álbum, o cara nem exista mais.

Como esse trabalho é virtualmente impossível de se achar na rede (a não ser para comprar) e o blog não vive de mais do mesmo, tô colocando ele aqui pra quem quiser curtir. E por favor, não perguntem sobre qual é a senha.

01. Ball Breaker          
02. Perfect Life          
03. That's All Right
04. Forever          
05. Bite Me
06. Someday          
07. Pessimist          
08. Alone          
09. Sloppy X Sex          
10. Boy Meets Girl          
11. Walk of Shame          
12. Bottle & The Pain          
13. Anyway          
14. Wing Man          
15. Mullet Bunch


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Bekka Bramlett - What's In It For Me

Bekka Bramlett - What's In It For Me - 2002 

Lazone Bramlett (Bekka) was born to Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett.The Bramletts were a successful duo in the early 70’s, having gained fame by blending a unique combination of country, rock and roll, gospel, and R&B. They performed along with the musical geniuses of their era, and hit the top of the charts. Delaney and Bonnie go down in music history with vocal and writing credits of hits like “Only You Know and I Know”, “Superstar”, etc. It is little wonder that Bekka finds herself in the musical world she lives in today.

Growing up in a home where the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Roger Miller, Tina Turner, The Rolling Stones and George Harrison might turn up at a moment’s notice, and stay as houseguests for days on end, was the norm for this young lady. Bekka was only four when she sang on her first record at United Artist Studios in Hollywood, California.

Bekka, who replaced Stevie Nicks in the Iconic band FLEETWOOD MAC, from 1993-1997, earned her rightful place in history with her musical prowess. Her forward-thinking attitude and sound had her recording duets with the likes of Billy Joel, Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart, Dwight Yoakum, Vince Gill, Johnny Lang, the legendary “Soul Man” (Sam and Dave), Sam Moore, Bad Company, Kenny Rogers, John Waite, Delbert McClinton and more. 

01. You Can't Measure My Love
02. Closed Curtain
03. One
04. Know Too Much
05. Lead The Way
06. What's In It For Me
07. We All Fall Down
08. Let It Ride
09. Used
10. Don't Believe It
11. Better Days


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Eric Burdon - Raw In Holland '13

Eric Burdon - Raw In Holland '13 - 2013
(Live From Zwarte Cross Festival, The NetherlandsJuly 27, 2013) 

On the heels of 'Til Your River Runs Dry, the classic rocker's best album in some time, Burdon returns with Raw in Holland '13. This live set certainly is raw. On more than a few occasions his iconic howl jumps the rails. Of course, if you're a longtime fan, then you know well that hitting every note just right has always been secondary for Burdon, who prefers unrefined passion more than anything else. In terms of set list, what we're treated to is a career overview: The Animals ("House of the Rising Son"), Eric Burdon & WAR ("Spill the Wine") and newer solo material ("Bo Diddley Special"). 

01. When I Was Young
02. Inside-Looking Out
03. Water
04. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
05. Spill The Wine
06. Wait
07. Black Dog
08. Before You Accuse Me
09. Bo Diddley Special
10. House Of The Rising Sun
11. No Regrets


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Simo - Simo (re-post)

Simo - Simo - 2011

J.D. Simo é um guitarrista norte-americano que começou suas aulas com apenas cinco anos. Como 15 ele já havia lançado um EP ao vivo com seu próprio Power Trio. Com um som baseado no blues-rock, não tardou para que SIno agradasse multidões com sua habilidade. Da mesma forma, a sua participação em shows e discos de artistas consagrados foi somente uma questão de tempo. Com apenas 20 anos, Simo já estava presente nos palcos de Lynyrd Skynyrd, Goo Goo Dolls e Santana,

Em 2006 mudou-se para Nashville aonde se estabeleceu como músico de estúdio, aparecendo em discos de Rodney Atkins, The Van Lears e Travis Meadows. Atualmente ele toca com a Don Kelley Band.

Em 2010 ele formou um novo Trio com Frank Swart no baixo e Adam Abrashoff na bateria e entraram no estúdio para gravar um novo álbum - o primeiro em mais de cinco anos. O resultado está neste disco, simplesmente intitulado "Simo". Um belo disco cheio de rock, blues, solos e um vigoroso vocal; um belo disco como eram daqueles powers-trios dos anos 1970 (inclusive solo de bateria).
01. AOH
02. Shake It
03. Fool For You
04. Young Man, Old Man
05. Clementia's Lament
06. What's On Your Mind
07. That Same Thing
08. Thank You Tony Jones
09. Evil


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Frank Miller - Live At Rockpalast - 2013

Frank Miller - Live At Rockpalast - 2013

Blue-eyed soul singer Frankie Miller made his name on the English pub rock circuit of the early '70s, and spent around a decade and a half cutting albums of traditional R&B, rock & roll, and country-rock. In addition to his recorded legacy as an avatar of American roots music, his original material was covered by artists from the worlds of rock, blues, and country, from Bob Seger and Bonnie Tyler to Lou Ann Barton and the Bellamy Brothers. And Miller himself scored a surprise U.K. Top Ten smash in 1978 with "Darlin'," giving his likable, soulful style the popular airing many fans felt it deserved all along. 

Frankie Miller was born November 2, 1949, in Glasgow, Scotland; he began singing with local bands beginning in 1967, in a style influenced by American soul singers like Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and Otis Redding. After a few years, he moved to the more fertile music scene in London, where he soon met ex-Procol Harum guitarist Robin Trower in the summer of 1971. Impressed with Miller's talents as a raw soul belter in the vein of a Rod Stewart or Joe Cocker, Trower offered him a job as lead vocalist of his new band Jude. It wasn't to be Miller's big break, though; internal conflicts split the group apart by the following year, and Miller returned to the London pub rock circuit. During 1972, he made frequent appearances at the Tally Ho in Kentish Town, often sitting in with Brinsley Schwarz, and signed a solo record deal with Chrysalis. 

Using the Brinsleys as a backing band, Miller recorded his debut album, Once in a Blue Moon, that year. Though it wasn't a hit, it was reviewed respectably; more importantly, when Miller sent a copy to New Orleans R&B legend Allen Toussaint, he was impressed enough to produce Miller's next album. Miller traveled to New Orleans in 1973 to record High Life with an authentic Toussaint-led backing band, resulting in one of his most acclaimed and artistically satisfying albums. Upon returning to England, Miller assembled a Stax-style backing band -- dubbed simply the Frankie Miller Band -- featuring guitarist Henry McCullough, keyboardist Mick Weaver, bassist Chrissy Stewart, and drummer Stu Perry. 

This group traveled to San Francisco to record The Rock (named after Alcatraz), which was released in 1975. The band dissolved not long after, and Miller put together a new outfit called Full House, featuring guitarist Ray Minhinnett, keyboardist Jim Hall, bassist Charlie Harrison, and drummer Graham Deacon. They issued the aptly titled Full House in 1977, which, oddly enough, became fairly popular in Sweden. However, once again, Miller's backing band imploded, and he was back on his own for 1978's Double Trouble, which produced his first British Top 30 hit in "Be Good to Yourself." Late that year, Miller scored a runaway Top Ten hit in the U.K. with "Darlin'," a single included on his 1979 LP Falling in Love (aka Perfect Fit). (Typical of Miller's luck in the record business, his best-known song wasn't an original.) 1980's Easy Money was recorded in Nashville, and some of 1982's Standing on the Edge was recorded at Alabama's legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studios. During this period, Miller also had a Scottish hit with his cover of Dougie McLean's "Caledonia." 1986's Dancing in the Rain was his final studio album. 

In August 1994, Miller suffered a devastating brain hemorrhage that left him in a coma for five months. Unable to walk or talk upon his emergence, Miller rehabilitated himself enough to begin writing songs again; at a late-'90s benefit concert in Edinburgh, Miller's new collaboration with Will Jennings, "The Sun Goes Up, the Sun Comes Down," was performed by Bonnie Tyler, Paul Carrack, and Jools Holland.

CD 01 -  Loreley, 28 august 1982                                                                               
01. Aint’t Got No Money
02. Zap Zap        
03. Be Good To Yourself
04. A Fool In Love
05. It’s All Coming Down Tonight
06. Angels With Dirty Faces
07. To Dream The Dream
08. Danger Danger
09. Standing On The Edge
10. The Jealous Kind
11. A Woman To Love 
12. Down The Honky Tonk        
13. Bad Case Of Loving You
14. Don’t Stop 
15. Let’s Spend The Night Together

Frankie Miller - Vocal, Guitar
Chrissie Stewart - Bass
Ed Dean - Guitar, Vocal
Mick Weaver - Keyborads, Vocal
Malcolm Mortimore - Drums

CD 02 - WDR-Studio Köln, 3 june 1976
01. Drunken Nights In The City
02. Brickyard Blues         
03. The Devil’s Gun
04. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
05. Sail Away
06. The Rock
07. Down The Honky Tonk         
08. If You Need Me
09. A Fool In Love
10. Hand On The Lever
11. Ain’t Got No Money
12. I’m Old Enough

Frankie Miller - Guiar, Vocal
Graham Deakin - Drums
James Hall - Piano
Chrissie Stewart - Bass
Ray Minhinnit - Guitar

CD 03 - Maifestspiele Wiesbaden, 6 may 1979

01. Rockpalast Capture (Peter Rüchel)
02. A Fool In Love
03. Brickyard Blues
04. Papa Don’t Know
05. When I’m Away From You
06. A Woman To Love                  
07. Cold Turkey
08. Ann Elisabeth Jane
09. Fallin’ In Love
10. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
11. Be Good To Yourself
12. Is This Love
13. Ain’t Got No Money - The Fire Down Below           
14. Down The Honky Tonk        
15. Little Queenie
16. Let’s Spend The Night Together

Band Unknown


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Earl Slick - Lost And Found

Earl Slick - Lost And Found - 2000

From Planet Rock
Earl Slick (born Frank Madeloni in Brooklyn, New York, 1 October 1952) is a guitarist best known for his collaborations with David Bowie, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Robert Smith, although he has also worked with other artists including John Waite, Tim Curry and David Coverdale, in addition to releasing several solo recordings.

In the early 1970s, Earl Slick gained his reputation on New York music scene as a guitarist while playing in a band called Mack Truck featuring both singer-songwriter Jimmie Mack and his brother, drummer Jack Mack. His work with Scottish singer-songwriter Jim Diamond was as the duo Slick Diamond. They toured and gave performances for a short time in the late 1970s.

Slick was initially hired by David Bowie to replace Mick Ronson as lead guitarist for the Diamond Dogs tour in 1974 (the live album David Live was culled from this tour). Slick also played lead guitar on Bowie's Young Americans and Station To Station albums, released in 1975 and 1976 respectively. It was Slick's powerful playing that made the latter album's "Stay" an enduring favourite of fans of Bowie and of guitar virtuosity alike. After running afoul of Bowie's management, Slick was replaced as lead guitarist for the Station To Station tour (1976), his role being taken by Stacey Heydon. Slick continued working in the studio with former Mott the Hoople frontman Ian Hunter, John Lennon, and Yoko Ono, but also formed his own solo band, releasing both Razor Sharp and Earl Slick Band in 1976. Slick performed on Lennon and Ono's Double Fantasy. During the sessions for Double Fantasy, the material for 1984's Milk and Honey was recorded as well. Slick also joined Ono in the studio for her solo album, Season of Glass.

Slick returned to Bowie for 1983's Serious Moonlight Tour, which supported the Let's Dance album. Ironically, Slick, who had been ousted as lead guitarist from Bowie's 1976 tour, was the last-minute lead-guitarist replacement for this 1983 tour, substituting for Stevie Ray Vaughan.

After the Serious Moonlight Tour, Slick contributed to Box of Frogs' album, Box of Frogs. Slick then formed Phantom, Rocker & Slick with Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker. The band released two records, Phantom, Rocker & Slick and Cover Girl. Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones contributed a performance to the single "My Mistake" - an experience Slick cites as one of the most memorable in his career. Between the two Phantom, Rocker & Slick albums, Slick appeared with Carl Perkins and a host of other musicians including Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and Roseanne Cash for 1985's Blue Suede Shoes: A Rockabilly Session.

In 1990, Slick collaborated with David Glen Eisley in the band Dirty White Boy, which only released one album, Bad Reputation (1990), and industry showcases in London and Los Angeles. He also played briefly in Little Caesar in 1991-92. Working with mentor Michael Kamen, Slick contributed to several soundtracks in the 1990s, including Hudson Hawk and Nothing but Trouble. He released another solo record, In Your Face, in 1991.

The early 2000s saw Slick return to Bowie's roster, appearing on the studio albums Heathen (2002) and Reality (2003). Slick toured with Bowie in support of those albums as well, and performed on the Bowie DVD and double CD A Reality Tour. Working with producer Mark Plati Slick released a solo album, Zig Zag, which featured guest performances by David Bowie, Robert Smith, Joe Elliott, Royston Langdon and Martha Davis of The Motels. Slick then contributed guitar tracks to a Mark Plati remix of The Cure's A Forest, which appeared on Join the Dots: B-Sides and Rarities in 2004.

From 2006 he was a member of both The Eons with singer-songwriter Jeff Saphin and Slinky Vagabond. Slinky Vagabond were Glen Matlock, Clem Burke, and Keanan Duffty. Slinky Vagabond (the name comes from the lyrics to the David Bowie song "Young Americans") played their debut concert at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash in May 2007.

On February 11, 2011, UK-based Noble PR announced Slick had joined the New York Dolls for their March UK tour. New York Dolls' rhythm guitarist Sylvain Sylvain confirmed the report, "We made some calls and now we finally have got Earl Slick playing guitar. So Earl's going to be joining us for the upcoming tour. He's the newest member of the New York Dolls, if I can put that right now."

In a December 2011 interview featured in Sound Check magazine, Slick revealed that he is currently collaborating with up-and-coming indie artist, Me of a Kind.

In January 2013 it was revealed that he played the guitar for David Bowie on his new album, The Next Day.

Earl Slick - Guitar
Jimmie Mack - Vocals
David Sanborn - Alto saxophone
Gene Leppik - Bass Guitar, Background vocals
Bryan Madey - Drums
Dorian Rudnytzky - Cello, strings
Michael Kamen - Piano, Clavinet, ARP synthesizer
Michael Garson - Piano
Luther Vandross, Ava Cherry, Robin Clark - Background Vocals

01. Loser's Journey
02. Way Down
03. Try and Understand           
04. Sho' Nuff
05. Let Me Go Down Easy
06. Heaven Couldn't Find
07. P. J. Proby
08. Lady Luck
09. Glass Scaffold
10. Jonnie's Machine           
11. Ain't Too High a Price


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Humble Pie - Private´s (New York, NY)

Humble Pie - Private´s (New York, NY) - 1981

The final lineup of Humble Pie, featuring ex-Jeff Beck Group singer Bob Tench on second guitar and bassist Sooty Jones ably augmenting founding members Steve Marriott and Jerry Shirley. Using borrowed equipment (the bands equipment was stolen earlier that day), the group takes to the club stage of the short lived Private's in New York City (March,25,1981). Recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour, here the performance is presented in it's unedited, profanity filled entirety.

This all too brief tour was essentially Humble Pie's last hurrah before calling it quits for good. Regardless, this is a high energy performance showcasing material from their soon-to-be-released "Go For The Throat" album, in addition to several classics from the bands' 1970s repertoire. Highlights include a seering "I Don't Need No Doctor" to open the set, the debut live Pie performance of the Small Faces classic, "Tin Soldier," and a highly extended jam on "30 Days In The Hole." The latter excursion clocks in at nearly 23 minutes and includes a brief diversion into Dr. John's "I Walk On Guilded Splinters."

Steve Marriott - Guitar, Vocals
Jerry Shirley - Drums
Bob Tench - Guitar, Vocals
Anthony "Sooty" Jones - Bass, Vocals


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Luther Grosvenor - Floodgates (re-re-post)

Luther Grosvenor - Floodgates - 1996

by Dave Thompson allmusicguide

Luther Grovesnor's second solo album was a long time coming. The first, back in 1972, caught him midway between stints with Spooky Tooth and, in the guise of glam rock hooligan Ariel Bender, Mott the Hoople. The second, almost a quarter of a century later, caught him somewhere between forgotten hero-dom and absolute obscurity, and in the handful of interviews he gave around that time, he seemed to prefer it that way. He talked of living a normal life and playing guitar for fun. But back in the studio for the first time in years, it was as though he'd never been away. This is not, if any stray Mott fans are passing, an Ariel Bender album. Returning to his given name, he also returned to the style which distinguished both Spooky Tooth and Under Open Skies, the understated melody that has always been his songwriting signature, the underexposed flash which peels out of his guitar, and the underground exuberance which made his the first number the Stones called after Brian Jones left in 1969.

Slammed down in ten days with a revolving door of guest friends (Jim Capaldi, Mike Kellie, Jess Roden) dropping by, it relies on Grovesnor's own persona for charm and effect, keeps fancy production tricks at farthest arm's reach, and it never shows off. Understated, underexposed, underground. Comparisons can be found. "Ninsky Prospect" has a vaguely Lou Reed feel to it, while Kellie's "Fullness of Time" brags a distinctly (but, ironically, pre-Bender) Mott swagger. Elsewhere, a cover of Bob Seger's "Fire Down Below" follows the old Spooky Tooth trick of taking someone else's song and making it their own forever, and there's a thunderous Roden-led romp through Joe Tex's "I Wanna Be Free," which could, in fact, be Free, so there's irony for you. And those are only the most obvious highlights - one could also dwell forever on the autobiographical opener "Evesham Boy," the stunningly tuneful title track, and if you missed it first time around (a lot of people did), the 2001 Floodgates Anthology reissue turns up even more marvels. Eight bonus tracks include an acoustic version of "Floodgates" previously available only on a rare promo sampler, two tracks recorded for the Peter Green tribute Rattlesnake Guitar, and three cut in 1997 for an attempted Spooky Tooth reunion - all good enough to make you wish the project had been taken to fruition. Then comes one track recorded by the teenaged Grovesnor with schoolmate Jim Capaldi in 1966, produced by Giorgio Gomelsky and never before released in any form, while the album closes with another marvel, a live version of "Here Comes the Queen," taken from Grovesnor's debut album, and performed by Mott the Hoople in 1974. And from the collectors' point of view, it's probably true that those two cuts alone are worth the price of admission. True, but very, very misleading. 

1. Evesham Boy
2. Best Years of My Life
3. Floodgates
4. Fullness of Time
5. I Wanna Be Free
6. Ninsky Prospect
7. Lonliest Man in Town
8. Fire Down Below
9. Cathy

Luther Grosvenor - Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Mike Kellie - Drums, Percussion
Dave More - Piano, Hammond, Keyboards
Steve Dolan - Bass
Jessen Rodem - Vocals (5 & 8)
Mick Dolan - Rhythm Guitars (1,3,6 & 7)
Jim Capaldi & The Saints - Backing Vocals (4)
The Clave Bros. - Percussion (4)

+@320 + ART COVER

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Climax Blues Band - Live At Rockpalast

Climax Blues Band - Live At Rockpalast - 1976 (2013 remastered)

Para iniciar fevereiro no mesmo clima que encerramos janeiro, um outro ao vivo gravado no Rockpalast. Nesse caso no longínquo 18 de janeiro de 1976, no estúdio 1 da WDR, Colônia.

O estilo é outro, mas o clima é o mesmo. Diversão pura.

01  I Am Constant   
02  Amerita/ Sense Of Direction  
03  Runing Out Of Time    
04  Country Hat     
05  Come On In My Kitchen  
06  Using The Power   
07  Going To New York 
08  Seventh Son      
09  All The Time In The World


Peter Haycock - Guitar, Vocal
Colin Cooper - Saxophone
John Cuffly - Drums
Derek Holt - Guitar
Richard Jones - Bass