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Eric Burdon - Raw In Holland '13

Eric Burdon - Raw In Holland '13 - 2013
(Live From Zwarte Cross Festival, The NetherlandsJuly 27, 2013) 

On the heels of 'Til Your River Runs Dry, the classic rocker's best album in some time, Burdon returns with Raw in Holland '13. This live set certainly is raw. On more than a few occasions his iconic howl jumps the rails. Of course, if you're a longtime fan, then you know well that hitting every note just right has always been secondary for Burdon, who prefers unrefined passion more than anything else. In terms of set list, what we're treated to is a career overview: The Animals ("House of the Rising Son"), Eric Burdon & WAR ("Spill the Wine") and newer solo material ("Bo Diddley Special"). 

01. When I Was Young
02. Inside-Looking Out
03. Water
04. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
05. Spill The Wine
06. Wait
07. Black Dog
08. Before You Accuse Me
09. Bo Diddley Special
10. House Of The Rising Sun
11. No Regrets


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