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Reeves Gabrels - Ulysses (Della Notte) (Re-post)

Reeves Gabrels - Ulysses (Della Notte) - 1999

ULYSSES (Della Notte) was the second full-length solo album for Gabrels. It appeared originally in 1999 as a then-pioneering digital-only release that comprised eight songs and won a Yahoo! Internet award. E-Magine Entertainment then put it out on CD in 2000, adding a ninth track. After a hiatus of several years in availability, the rights reverted to the artist and the album is now being offered again for digital download and on CD.

Gabrels' inventive style on guitar and ironic style in writing songs--with lyrics by turns acerbic, by turns sweet--both shine in this recording. ULYSSES (Della Notte) is first and foremost a collection of finely crafted songs, all of which organically incorporate genre-bending, mind-bending guitar playing as well. All nine songs feature Gabrels on vocals, and some in addition include notable guest appearances by talented musical colleagues.

"Jewel" is one of these special tracks: it combines vocals by Gabrels with Frank Black (Pixies), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and David Bowie. "Yesterday's Gone" is a beautiful ballad sung by Robert Smith of The Cure and representing a dreamy songwriting collaboration for Gabrels and Smith, who at the time were simply friends. It would take another fifteen years for then to become band mates.

01. Arrow (feat Dan McCarroll / Mark Plati / Amanda  Reisman)
02. Lines
03. Thirteen Years (Della Notte)
04. Jewel (feat Frank Black / David Bowie / Dave Grohl / Mark Plati)
05. Accident
06. Trap (feat Mike Levesque / Mark Plati)
07. Yesterday's Gone (feat Jason Miller / Robert Smith)
08. Standing (feat. Mark Plati)
09. Party Puppet


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Peter Lewis - The Road To Zion

Peter Lewis - The Road To Zion - 2019

from /www.gratefulweb.com
Peter Lewis played a crucial part in the creation of that rare beast, the perfect rock & roll album: Moby Grape, a legendary union of guitars, voices and brotherhood made in a now-distant American age, the psychedelic San Francisco of 1967. Many miles later, Peter has made his best record as a singer, songwriter and spiritual explorer: The Road To Zion, new stories of wanderlust, fortune, trial and commitment that still carry the living glow and redemptive power of that great band.

Like his best songs for the Grape - "Sitting by the Window" on that first LP; "He" on 1968's Wow; the gorgeous Moby Grape '69 miniature "What's to Choose" - the day-glo-country twang of "Down by the Water" comes with a kick inside: the cycle of sorrow and lessons that, in time, lead to light.

Count the years on the way to The Road To Zion, and you find an astonishing statistic: It is only Peter's third solo album. But he never lost the path or mission. "I know we'll meet again, this you can rely on," Peter promises in the title track "The Road To Zion." Relish the searching and ringing guitars here, until the next time.

01. On The Road To Zion
02. Down By The Water
03. When I Think About Me
04. Nobody's Love
05. In This Place
06. Journey To The Crossroads
07. A Song For Kris
08. When I'm Gone
09. Only A Fool
10. Celebration Of January 24
11. The Gypsy


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Reese Wynans And Friends - Sweet Release

Reese Wynans And Friends - Sweet Release - 2019

When Reese Wynans decided to make his first-ever solo album after more than 50 years in the business, including a taste of his days with Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble was a no-brainer. So it's no surprise that Sweet Release, due out March 1, opens with an electrifying new version of 1989's "Crossfire," whose video is premiering exclusively below.

"It was great to do that one," the keyboardist tells Billboard. He credits Sweet Release producer Joe Bonamassa, who Wynans has played with for the past five years, with the suggestion to do the track. His brassy take on the song, which Wynans co-wrote, features a reunion with the Double Trouble rhythm section of Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton and guest vocals by Sam Moore, while Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Jack Pearson play guitar. "I do recall playing that song and loving that song back in the day," notes Wynans, who adds an extended organ solo to his version. "When we were first writing it, Tommy came up with that bass line and that R&B groove, and someone said it sounded like a Sam & Dave kind of groove.

"When I was telling that story to Joe he recommended that we hire Sam Moore to come and sing it. I never met Sam before. He agreed to do it and he loves the song and loves singing it. The whole thing was very exciting."

Wynans can say the same for the entire 13-track Sweet Release, which was recorded in Nashville and also features guest appearances by Vince Gill, Keb' Mo, Warren Haynes, Wet Willie's Jimmy Hall, Bonnie Bramlett and others. The set is an outgrowth of another album Wynans had made of all original material; He "wasn’t that happy with the way they came out" and put the project aside, only to have Bonamassa resurrect the idea of a Wynans solo album and insisting he produce it. Bonamassa also came up with the idea for Wynans using the album to revisit his career, including early influences (Tampa Red's "I've Got the Right to Be Blue" and "So Much Trouble," Michael Bloomfield's "You're Killing My Love"), Les Dudek's "Take the Time" from his days in Jacksonville, Fla., playing with the Allman Brothers Band precursor the Second Coming, additional songs initially recorded with Vaughan ("Say What!," "Riviera Paradise" and "Hard to Be"), the Beatles' "Blackbird," the Meters' "Soul Island" and the title track, from Wynans' days playing in Boz Scaggs' band.

"You run into a lot of sidemen like myself who make records and nobody really listens to them very much. You're just doing it to have something out," notes Wynans, whose resume also includes work with Carole King, Los Lonely Boys, Brooks & Dunn, Buddy Guy, Trisha Yearwood and many more. "So we decided we should go ahead and play some of the songs I famously played on in the past for other people and start from there." While Bonamassa is keeping him busy Wynans is hoping to put together some shows of his own in the future, and he also sees Sweet Release as a first step in maybe bringing those original songs out at some point.

"That's coming up; You'll be hearing some of that in the next record, for sure," Wynans says. "I never thought of myself as a frontman or a rock star or anything like that. I'm a musician and I love being a musician and help make people's songs sound better. I don't have to sit out front, but it's nice to get a chance to do it now, after so many years of playing, y'know?"

01. Crossfire
Reese Wynans - Keyboards
Sam Moore - Vocals
Jack Pearson, Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Guitar
Chris Layton - Drums
Horns – The Texacali Horns
Joe Sublett - Saxophone
Darrell Leonard - Trumpet

02. Say What!
Reese Wynans - Keyboards
Tommy Shannon - Bass
Chris Layton - Drums
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Guitar

03. That Driving Beat
Reese Wynans - Keyboards
Mike Farris - Lead Vocals
Paulie Cerra - Lead Vocals
Jack Pearson, Josh Smith - Guitar
Michael Rhodes - Bass
Greg Morrow - Drums

04. You're Killing My Love
Reese Wynans - Keyboards
Doyle Bramhall II - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Josh Smith - Guitar
Travis Carlton - Bass
Lamar Carter - Drums
Paulie Cerra - Sax
Lee Thornburg - Trumpet
Jade MacRae, Juanita Tippins, Mahalia Barnes - Vocals

05. Sweet Release
Lead Vocals (In Order) – Paulie Cerra, Keb' Mo', Mike Farris, Jimmy Hall, Bonnie Bramlett, Vince Gill, Warren Haynes, Paulie Cerra
Reese Wynans - Keyboards
Joe Bonamassa, Josh Smith - Guitar
Michael Rhodes - Bass
Greg Morrow - Drums
Jade MacRae, Juanita Tippins, Mahalia Barnes - Choir

06. Shape I'm In
Reese Wynans - Keyboards
Noah Hunt - Lead Vocals
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jack Pearson, Josh Smith - Guitar
Tommy Shannon - Bass
Steve Mackie - Additional Bass
Chris Layton - Drums

07. Hard To Be
Reese Wynans - Keyboards
Bonnie Bramlett, Jimmy Hall - Vocals
Joe Bonamassa - Baritone Guitar
Michael Rhodes - Bass
Greg Morrow - Drums
Jack Pearson, Josh Smith - Guitar
Lee Thornburg - Horns
Bonnie Bramlett, Jimmy Hall - Vocals

08. Riviera Paradise
Reese Wynans - Keyboards
Jack Pearson - Guitar
Tommy Shannon - Bass
Steve Mackie - Fretless Bass
Chris Layton - Drums
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Guitar First Solo
Joe Bonamassa - Guitar Second Solo

09. Take The Time
Reese Wynans - Keyboards
Warren Haynes - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Joe Bonamassa - Guitar
Michael Rhodes - Bass
Greg Morrow - Drums
Joe Bonamassa - Guitar
Jade MacRae, Juanita Tippins, Mahalia Barnes - Vocals

10. So Much Trouble
Reese Wynans - Keyboards
Joe Bonamassa - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Michael Rhodes - Bass
Greg Morrow - Drums
Jack Pearson - Guitar
Mike Henderson - Harmonica

11. I've Got A Right To Be Blue
Reese Wynans - Keyboards
Keb' Mo'- Guitar, Lead Vocals

12. Soul Island
Reese Wynans - Keyboards
Josh Smith - Lead Guitar
Jack Pearson - Guitar
Travis Carlton - Bass
Lamar Carter - Drums
Paulie Cerra - Sax

13. Blackbird
Reese Wynans - Grand Piano


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P.P. Arnold - The New Adventures of...P.P. Arnold

P.P. Arnold - The New Adventures of...P.P. Arnold - 2019 

When P.P. Arnold arrived in London on September 23, 1966 to support The Rolling Stones as one of Ike & Tina Turner's backing singers, The Ikettes, little did she know that her world was about to be turned upside down. The shy but vivacious 19-year-old caught the eye of Mick Jagger, who would persuade her to stay in London and record as a solo artist – ultimately leading to a five-decade career
working with everyone from Jagger, the Small Faces, Rod Stewart, Barry Gibb and Eric Clapton, to Nick Drake, Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters, the KLF, Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene and Primal Scream, to name a few. Five decades after she became a '60s icon with the timeless pop hits 'The First Cut Is The Deepest' and 'Angel Of The Morning' on Rolling Stones manager Andrew Oldham's ultra-hip Immediate label, soul singer P.P. Arnold is set to release a double-album of stunning new material featuring contributions from, among others, Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene's Steve Cradock, The Specials and P.P's songwriter son, Kodzo.

“I've been a fan of P.P. ever since hearing 'The First Cut', and then 'Tin Soldier'. Her voice is still as great as it was when she was 18/19 years old! Steve Cradock has tried to keep something of the early Immediate Records sound on this new record, whilst still sounding fresh, and it is for me one of the finest in her collection” – Paul Weller The Product 

“It's great that I'm coming back with this record,” says P.P. “Even now, I'm still finding my way, because the industry changes every decade, and you're sometimes out of the loop. For me it's all about faith, meditating, love, praying… try to be ready and don't give up the fight. That's the message.”

'The New Adventures Of P.P. Arnold' was recorded and produced by life-long P.P. enthusiast, Ocean Colour Scene star and Paul Weller band guitarist Steve Cradock at his Kundalini Studio in Devon – after a 51-year gap in P.P. Arnold's recording career. The beginnings of the album - spanning classic orchestral soul ('Baby Blue', 'Finally Found My Way Back Home'), sunshine pop ('The Magic Hour'), house music ('Hold On To Your Dreams'), a spinechilling gospel elegy inspired by her daughter's death ('I'll Always Remember You'), two Paul Weller originals ('When I Was Part Of Your Picture', 'Shoot The Dove') and an epic, edgy 10-minute reading of Bob Dylan's poem 'The Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie' – can be traced back 25 years to 1994. Worldwide tours with Roger Waters put the project on the backburner, but when Cradock rediscovered the tapes during a house move four years ago, both parties were excited about the prospect of finally completing an album. And so they did.

01. Baby Blue
02. Though It Hurts Me Badly
03. The Magic Hour
04. Different Drum
05. I Believe
06. Hold On To Your Dreams
07. I'm A Dreamer
08. When I Was Part Of Your Picture
09. Shoot The Dove
10. Finally Found My Way Back Home
11. You Got Me
12. Daltry Street
13. Still Trying
14. The Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie
15. I'll Always Remember You… (Debbie's Song)


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Billylee Janey - Blues Power

Billylee Janey - Blues Power - 2019

Billylee recorded his first record in 1972 and another in 1973 which included “Pontiac Blues” by Sonny Boy Williamson. In 1975 he recorded a full-scale album titled No Rest for the Wicked with his Blues-Rock trio, Truth ‘N Janey. The album has achieved near cult status internationally. They would go on to record two more records. Besides Truth ‘N Janey,

Billylee has been in numerous other bands over the years, including the Driving Wheel Blues Band, Enoch Smokey, the Billylee Janey Group, Dennis McMurrin & the Demolition Band, The Janeys (a Ma/Pa/Son trio), as a featured special guest of The Blue Band, Blue Janey, Molly Nova & the Hawk, the Ernie Penniston Band, Billylee Janey’s Compact 3, and the Billylee Janey Band.

He has also had the occasion to perform with Blues luminaries Buddy Guy, Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials, Bo Diddley, Kenny Neal, and the Kinsey Report. He has shared stages at shows and fests with Savoy Brown, Johnny Winter, Johnny Copeland, Koko Taylor, Junior Wells, Lonnie Brooks, Eddy Clearwater, Tinsley Ellis, Joanna Conner, and John Mayall, and has toured with Leslie West. Just a few of the fests include Bellevue, Chicago Blues, Living History Farm, Keokuk Blues, Mississippi Valley, Iowa City Jazz, Sturgis Falls, and Bluesmore.

Janey was inducted into the Iowa Rock n Roll Association’s Hall of Fame for his work with Truth ‘N Janey, his recordings have been reviewed in Living Blues, Blues Revue, and Blues Access, and he has performed on Iowa Public Television. He has spent time both as a music promoter in the early ‘90s, and also as a stage hand working shows by Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and George Thorogood. Janey has been teaching Blues guitar at West Music for the last 13 years.

He has recorded with Carol Thomas and also fellow Iowa Blues Hall of Fame inductees, Sam Salomone, Bob Dorr, and Patrick Hazell.

01. Who Let the Dog Out
02. Blues Alright
03. Gimme Some Blues Power
04. Good Time Charlie
05. Guitar Lightnin’
06. Damn Good
07. Superstar
08. Mary Had a Little Lamb
09. Hellbound Nite Rider
10. Sky Cryin’
11. Lion Song
12. Ghost Ridin’ the Whip
13. Mean Ol’ Twister


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The Lewis Express - The Lewis Express

The Lewis Express - The Lewis Express - 2018

Released on Leeds Jazz & Soul label ATA Records, the debut LP fromThe Lewis Express takes the rich legacy of the soul-jazz outfits of the 1960s as the initial blueprint of their sound. Taking inspiration from the likes of Ramsey Lewis, Young-Holt, Eddie Cano, Ray Bryant and Cannonball Adderley, they present a collection of tracks that range from introspective spy film themes to burning Brazilian jazz.

Primarily based in Leeds, The Lewis Express is comprised of many of the musicians that have graced previous ATA releases: George Cooper, Piano (Abstract Orchestra) Neil Innes, Bass (The Sorcerers, The Magnificent Tape Band, Tony Burkill), Sam Hobbs, Drums (Dread Supreme, Tony Burkill, Matthew Bourne) and Pete Williams, Percussion (The Sorcerers, The Magnificent Tape Band, Tony Burkill). Recorded over an intense two-day session by the band of the same name, "The Lewis Express" is a nod to the classic soul jazz recordings of The Young Holt Trio / Young-Holt Unlimited and Ramsey Lewis, from who this group take their name. But, delivered with a distinctly European feel. As with many of the classic Ramsey Lewis cuts, this album was recorded live, capturing the rich inter-relationship between the players.

01. Love Can Turn A Man
02. Cancao De Momento
03. Hawkshaw Philly
04. Brother Move On
05. Theme From "The Watcher"
06. Last Man In The Chain Gang
07. Straight Seven Strut

George Cooper - Piano
Neil Innes - Bass
Sam Hobbs - Drums
Pete Williams - Percussion & Tenor Sax on "Brother Move On"
Jack Davis - Trumpet on "Brother Move On" & "Love Can Turn A Man"
Rob Mitchell - Baritone Sax on "Brother Move On"
Patrick Martin - Trombone on "Love Can Turn A Man"
Richard Ormrod - Flute on "Love Can Turn A Man"
Fiona McMillan - Vocals on "Straight Seven Strut"


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Char ‎- Moon Child

Char ‎- Moon Child - 1982

Char was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1955 and started playing guitar at the age of eight. Known as Japan’s most influential guitarist and a longtime leader in Japan’s music scene, he began his career as a professional session musician in both the studio and at live performances during his junior high school years.

In 1973 Char formed his first band, Smoky Medicine. After playing with a number of other bands, in 1976, Char released his major label debut single, “Navy Blue.” In 1978, Char formed the still highly influential band Johnny, Louis & Char (later renamed Pink Cloud). Char’s solo projects include the album U.S.J  made with Steve Lukather and released in ’81. In 1989 Char formed BAHO an acoustic duo with Osamu Ishida, and went on to form the band Psychedelix with band members such as Jimmy Copley (drums) who played in the group UPP which was produced by Jeff Beck.1999 was spent touring Japan with Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert in a unit called CB&A and a live album of the shows was released in 2000.

After playing with many musicians both in Japan and abroad including artists such as Paul Jackson and Larry Carlton, and releasing many solo and band albums, Char continues to challenge himself and in 2009 began Zicca Records. Char spent a year arranging and recording songs from artists he was most influenced by including Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, The Beatles, The Ventures, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix for a six release DVD and CD cover song collection entitled TRADROCK by Char and released on Zicca Records in 2010. The year 2011 marked the 35th anniversary of Char’s debut.

01. Apple Juice
02. からまわり
03. Show What You've Got Inside Of You
04. Joy To The World
05. Last Night
06. Ride On Me
07. Kusriya
08. She Cut Jam
09. Funk'N' Roll
10. Deodolant Bolero