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The Lewis Express - The Lewis Express

The Lewis Express - The Lewis Express - 2018

Released on Leeds Jazz & Soul label ATA Records, the debut LP fromThe Lewis Express takes the rich legacy of the soul-jazz outfits of the 1960s as the initial blueprint of their sound. Taking inspiration from the likes of Ramsey Lewis, Young-Holt, Eddie Cano, Ray Bryant and Cannonball Adderley, they present a collection of tracks that range from introspective spy film themes to burning Brazilian jazz.

Primarily based in Leeds, The Lewis Express is comprised of many of the musicians that have graced previous ATA releases: George Cooper, Piano (Abstract Orchestra) Neil Innes, Bass (The Sorcerers, The Magnificent Tape Band, Tony Burkill), Sam Hobbs, Drums (Dread Supreme, Tony Burkill, Matthew Bourne) and Pete Williams, Percussion (The Sorcerers, The Magnificent Tape Band, Tony Burkill). Recorded over an intense two-day session by the band of the same name, "The Lewis Express" is a nod to the classic soul jazz recordings of The Young Holt Trio / Young-Holt Unlimited and Ramsey Lewis, from who this group take their name. But, delivered with a distinctly European feel. As with many of the classic Ramsey Lewis cuts, this album was recorded live, capturing the rich inter-relationship between the players.

01. Love Can Turn A Man
02. Cancao De Momento
03. Hawkshaw Philly
04. Brother Move On
05. Theme From "The Watcher"
06. Last Man In The Chain Gang
07. Straight Seven Strut

George Cooper - Piano
Neil Innes - Bass
Sam Hobbs - Drums
Pete Williams - Percussion & Tenor Sax on "Brother Move On"
Jack Davis - Trumpet on "Brother Move On" & "Love Can Turn A Man"
Rob Mitchell - Baritone Sax on "Brother Move On"
Patrick Martin - Trombone on "Love Can Turn A Man"
Richard Ormrod - Flute on "Love Can Turn A Man"
Fiona McMillan - Vocals on "Straight Seven Strut"


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