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The Geoff Everett Band - The Quick And The Dead

The Geoff Everett Band - The Quick And The Dead - 2012

The Quick And The Dead is an exciting 10 track blues/rock/soul extravaganza. Featuring legendary guitarist Albert Lee, Mollie Marriott ( Steve's daughter), Gary Barnacle ( Tina Turner's saxophonist ); Tim Hinkley ( Legendary keyboardist), Alan Glen (Yardbirds & Nine Below Zero ), Dave Swarbrick (Fairport Convention ), Brendan O'Neill ( Rory Gallagher & Nine Below Zero ) and renowned exciting guitarist and vocalist Geoff Everett blasts his stuff through this outstanding album.

01. If You Can't Fight (Wear A Big Hat)  
02. Forty Days On The Road    
03. Lost At Sea
04. Bad Bad Man    
05. Fool Outa Me    
06. Airflow Blues  (Feat. Tim Hinkley)    
07. Why Can't We Stop? (Feat. Albert Lee & Larry Barnacle)   
08. Too Big For Your Boots (Feat. Dave Swarbrick)   
09. The Quick And The Dead    
10. Sin City Blues    

Geoff Everett - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Albert Lee - Lead Guitar
Tim Hinkley - Piano, Organ
Kevin Dore - Bass
Brendan O'Neill - Drums
Dave Swarbrick - Fiddle
Alan Glen - Harmonica
Gary Barnacle - Sax
Mollie Marriott - Vocals


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Bonnie Bramlett - Step By Step

Bonnie Bramlett - Step By Step - 1981

Step By Step é o único álbum abertamente de música cristã gravado por Bonnie Bramlett. Lançado pelo então recém criado selo Refuge Record, que fora inaugurado com o lançamento do primeiro álbum (Lights in the World) do ex-baterista do Wings, Joe English, que havia se convertido ao cristianismo recentemente. Foi de Joe que partiu a ideia para que Bonnie fizesse um trabalho nestes moldes.

Certa vez, em entrevista, Bonnie afirmou que o disco era "um grito da alma", pois se sentia "ferida, assustada e sozinha" e que procurava se aproximar "passo a passo" de Jesus.

Mas o disco acabou não sendo muito bem recebido por fãs e crítica. Tão pesadas foram as reações que talvez por isso o seu próximo trabalho se chamou "I Stil The Same", já em 2002 (mas isso é para outra postagem)

Esse post até então virtualmente impossível de se achar na rede vem de um bom rip de vinil. Eu não sou nem um pouco entusiasta de música cristã (de qualquer gênero musical), mas posto esse para ajudar a completar a discografia desta ícone da música. Inclusive eu completei a minha com ele.

01. Givin' It Up
02. Back Out On The Streets
03. For The Love Of It
04. Let It Flow
05. Whispering Hope
06. Step By Step
07. White Dove
08. Sweet Rose Of Sharon
09. Joy

Bonnie Bramlett - Vocals
Joe English - Drums
Jon Goin, Kenny Mims - Guitar
John Rosasco, Mitch Humphries - Keyboard
Terry McMillan - Percussion
Bob Wray, Larry Paxton - Bass
Donnie Sanders - Sax
Alan Steinberger - Sinths
Bobby Jones & The New Life Singers, Gary Moreno, Donna McElroy, Vicki Hampton - Backing Vocals


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Various Artists - Nigeria 70 - The Definitive Story of 1970s Funky Lagos


Various Artists - Nigeria 70 - The Definitive Story of 1970s Funky Lagos (2 CD RE) - 2009

Originally released riding a wave of global interest in Afrobeat at the turn of the decade, Strut's original Nigeria 70 set broke the mould for African compilations when it first surfaced in September 2001. Digging deep into Nigeria's archives, the collection showcased a stunning variety of fusions recorded across the country during the 70s, from national icons like Fela Kuti and Sunny Ade to lesser known young bands like Monomono and Ofo The Black Company. "Nigeria 70" paved the way for the many fine labels like Soundway and Analog Africa.

CD 1

01. Monomono - 'Tire Loma Da Nigbehin'
02. Blo - 'Chant To Mother Earth'
03. Fela Kuti, Africa 70 - 'Jeun Ko Ku (Chop 'N' Quench)'
04. Tunji Oyelana - 'Ifa'
05. Bala Miller - 'Ikon Allah'
06. Segun Bucknor - 'La La La'
07. Peter King - 'Shango'
08. Tony Allen - 'No Discrimination'
09. Sir Victor Uwaifo & His Melody Maestros - 'Akayan Ekassa'
10. William Onyeabor - 'Better Change Your Mind'
11. Bongos Ikwue - 'Woman Made the Devil'
CD 2

01. The Afro Sounders, Orlando Julius - 'Alo Mi Alo'
02. Ofo The Black Company - 'Allah Wakbarr'
03. The Sahara All Stars Of Jos - 'Enjoy Yourself'
04. Funkees - 'Dancing Time'
05. Afro Cult Foundation - 'The Quest'
06. Joni Haastrup - 'Greetings'
07. Gaspar Lawal - 'Kita Kita'
08. The Lijadu Sisters - 'Orere Elejigbo'
09. Sandra Akanke Isidore, Fela Kuti, Africa 70 - 'Upside Down'
10. Shina Williams - 'Agboju Logun'
11. King Sunny Ade - 'Ja Fun Mi'


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Lowell Levinger - Down to the Roots

Lowell Levinger - Down to the Roots - 2014 

You may not recognize the name, Lowell Levinger, but most of you may well have heard him performing as  Banana, seminal member of the ‘60s group, The Youngbloods. Today, adopting the name of a fruit would not raise an eyebrow, but in the 1962 Boston metro scene it was definitely bizarre. His raison d’être was  imarily to draw attention to the musical group he nominally led, Banana and the Bunch, Old Timey Music with a peel. Another member of that group Rick Turner, (some of you may remember him as sideman for Canadian folksters, Ian & Sylvia) recently commented “We wound up being sort of the mascots of the previous generation of Boston/Cambridge folkies… definitely a bit more psychedelic… the next generation of folk weirdoes.”

Today, his passion for vintage stringed instruments keeps him in the material necessities of life, but making music is still the balm of his spirit of which this all acoustic blues-driven album is ample proof.

Levinger has a clear and distinct voice with just enough gnarliness to flavor each and every phrase with the proper touch of passion. The sidemen vary from cut to cut indicating this compilation was assembled, I presume, from recordings made over a period and perhaps in different locations.

The program lifts off with “Married To The Blues “and with Ry Cooder on slide guitar lending delicate nuances to the vocal performance. Barry Melton does the same a bit later on “Love Is A Five Letter Word” and Dave Grisman provides an exquisite touch to “Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave To Me,” a bit of an homage I thought to Jim Kweskin’s version of the same, and to the classic “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out,” restrained and passionate all at once.

There are 15 cuts, classics, some obscure, some originals, but not a throwaway among them, covering a wide range of blues stylings, country, funk, jazz and pop, and Neapolitan(?) (“L’Italiano” a bonus track) lovingly produced and with Levinger’s instrumental technique leading on most of them, each re-listening reveals further subtleties that charm this writer’s ears. This CD may be hard to find, but well worth your effort.

01. Married To The Blues
02. Love Is a Five Letter Word
03. Blue Morning - Good Day For The Blues
04. Like a Road
05. Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me
06. I'll Do Anything But Work
07. Blue Monday
08. Just Can't Quit The Blues e
09. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
10. Blue Driver
11. If You Got To Make a Fool of Someday
12. Corrina Corrina
13. Precious Gold
14. Riding With The Kings
15. L'italiano


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Reeves Gabrels & Bill Nelson - Fantastic Guitars

Reeves Gabrels & Bill Nelson - Fantastic Guitars - 2014

Long time David Bowie collaborator and now lead guitarist of The Cure, Reeves Gabrels, has been a friend of Bill Nelson for over 20 years. During that time a collaboration has often been discussed but it was only recently that serious plans were made for the two guitarists to record together. The result is 'Fantastic Guitars,' an album of guitar instrumentals that marries their playing in a unique and exciting way. If you love electric guitars they don't get more astonishingly electric than this!

01. And The Train Left The Station Trailing Sparks And Stars
02. Infernal Appartatus
03. Revenge Of The Coda Kings
04. A Brilliant Night For Rain
05. Ghosts Behind Glass
06. Ambiguity
07. Honeybee In Autumn
08. Orange Turning Black
09. Santos
10. Radio Andalusia
11. Fantastic Guitars



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Lowell Levinger - Get Together - Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics

Lowell Levinger - Get Together - Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics - 2015

An exciting new look at the Youngblood’s most popular songs, rearranged and recorded with new life by Lowell Levinger with guests such as Jesse Colin Young, David Grisman, Ry Cooder and a host of others.

Levinger, one of the original founding members of the band along with Young has infused this release with the same eclectic, fun-loving energy that the Youngbloods put into their shows. This Collectors Edition is guaranteed to inspire a new generation and some old fans to embrace the magic created in those Youngblood years.


01. Grizzly Bear
02. Supersonic Transport
03. Darkness Darkness
04. Pool Hall Song
05. Interlude
06. Hippie from Olema
07. Euphoria
08. On Sir Francis Drake
09. Eyes Eyes
10. Stagger Lee
11. Get Together
12. Sugar Babe


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David Kauffman and Eric Caboor - Songs From Suicide Bridge

David Kauffman and Eric Caboor - Songs From Suicide Bridge - 1982 (2015 RE)

You’ll find a Suicide Bridge in almost any big city you care to visit, but few are more impressive than the Colorado Street Bridge connecting Pasadena to Los Angeles, which earned its nickname by being the scene of suicides in triple figures. It’s also the scene of a photo shoot in which singer-songwriters Eric Caboor and David Kauffman posed on the deserted structure, capturing an image that would eventually inform the spare, detached mood–and title–of their majestic debut album, 1984’s Songs From Suicide Bridge. Indeed, there’s a fatalistic quality to this LP that has much to do with its origins.

Kauffman, from Madison, New Jersey, and Caboor, from Burbank, California, met in 1982 playing the coffee houses of Los Angeles. Each was painfully used to playing to half-empty venues, which is a situation only half of the partnership would have been at peace with. “Dave had come to California to have a career in music,” Caboor says. “I don’t think it was quite the same for me. I was always kind of reluctant to go all out.”

Every week, the pair met in a converted utility shed in the backyard of Caboor’s childhood home in Burbank to play each other the songs they wrote. They were never a duo in the conventional sense–rather, as Kauffman put it, “two loners who happened to join forces.”

After two frustrating years of trying and failing to catch a break in a music industry that was focused on new wave, pop, AOR–anything but the folk-rock the duo were offering–the pair conceded defeat. One of them suggested, half joking, that they should put all their darkest and least viable works together on one record, if only to spite the industry that had rejected them.

The more they thought about it, the better an idea it seemed, and when they started to plot out a tracklist from their vast catalog of songs, something unique and special begun taking shape. The opening track, “Kiss Another Day Goodbye,” in particular, set out the stall: “I don’t know how much longer/ I can feel the way I feel/ And never cry/ I don’t know how much longer/ I can kiss another day goodbye,” it says.

Home-recorded on a four-track, Songs From Suicide Bridge was released on the pair’s own Donkey Soul Music in 1984. If this were a movie, the album would have been a huge success. Instead, the 500 copies pressed found their way to few willing ears. Though real life encroached, Caboor and Kaufmann continued to work together, releasing albums as The Drovers in 1989 and 1992. Now, their debut is to be released by Light In The Attic Records with brand new liner notes by Sam Sweet. Hopefully, it will finally find its audience–a listener who can see hope in the darkness. “People would tell us those songs were depressing,” Caboor says in his interview with Sweet, “but it wasn’t depressing to us. In a lot of cases, playing those songs in that little room was one of the only things that made us feel better.”

01. Kiss Another Day Goodbye
02. Neighborhood Blues
03. Life Without Love
04. Angel Of Mercy
05. Life And Times On The Beach
06. Backwoods
07. Midnight Willie
08. Where's The Understanding
09. Tinsel Town
10. One More Day (You'll Fly Again)

Read: The Story Behind David Kauffman and Eric Caboor's 'Songs From Suicide Bridge'


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Iguana ‎- The Winds Of Alamar

Iguana ‎- The Winds Of Alamar - 1975 (2008 CD RE)

After the demise of Robey, Falk & Bod (HERE) I was pretty disheartened but then in 1975 along came Iguana and all of a sudden I wasn't so bummed since two of the guys from RF&B (Arthur Bod - aka Bod Noubarian and Don Falk) migrated to form Iguana with Budge Whitherspoon and Shaw Hayes. I've cherished this album for many years - 32 to be exact - and it still kills me. 4 different writers and it all works! Slightly left of center but that's what makes it really interesting.

01. Dream Song
02. Eulogy (Time Waits For No Man)
03. Sailing Ships
04. Fine Line
05. Your Love
06. Happy One-Sad One
07. Romancin'
08. Nighthawk

Arthur Bod - Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Don Falk Shaw - Pedal Steel, Vocal
Shaw Hayes - Electric Guitar
Budge Witherspoon - 12 Strings Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Kenny Buttrey - Drums
Mordecai Silber - Violin
Judge Ruffin - Piano, Organ, Fender Rhodes Piano