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Smokie - Discover What We Covered

Smokie - Discover What We Covered - 2018

Originally formed in Yorkshire, England, in 1966, Smokie hit the British pop charts several times during the late '70s with updated psychedelic pop, influenced by the band's stay on Mickie Most's Rak Records as well as the writers of most of the band's hit material, Rak's Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. Vocalist Chris Norman, bassist Terry Utley, and guitarist Alan Silson had played in the Elizabethans, but formed the band Kindness in 1968, with the addition of drummer Pete Spencer. The quartet recorded many singles during the late '60s and early '70s, but failed to show any chart activity until 1975. That year, signed to Rak Records and billed as Smokey, the band hit number three in the U.K. with "If You Think You Know How to Love Me." After another Top Ten hit, "Don't Play Your Rock 'n' Roll to Me," Smokey became Smokie; during 1976, the group scored with three Top 20 hits, including the number five "Living Next Door to Alice." Smokie hit number five both in 1977 ("It's Your Life") and 1978 ("Oh Carol"), but the band's chart run ended by early 1980, and following 1982's Midnight Delight, they disbanded. Both Spencer and Norman continued to work at Rak during the '80s, writing hits for several groups; they re-formed Smokie in 1988, resurfacing with the LP My Heart Is True. Two more albums, All Fired Up and Greatest Hits Live, followed, with the group remaining active throughout the 1990s, issuing new material as well as a number of hits collections.
Smokie are true rock and roll survivors. For over four decades they have dominated the live music scene in Europe. More than that, they are rock and roll frontiersmen, taking their music around the globe, with adoring fans across the continents. This specially curated collection brings together inspired cover versions sprinkled generously with that inimitable Smokie sound. Listen and you will understand why this iconic seventies band has filled auditoria around the world for over four decades.

01. Everytime You Go Away (Paul Young)
02. Hungry Eyes (Eric Carmen)
03. Who'll Stop The Rain (CCR)
04. When You Walk In The Room (The Searchers)
05. No Matter What (Boyzone)
06. Love Hurts (Nazareth)
07. Still The One (Shania Twain)
08. Drift Away (Dobie Gray)
09. Sailing (Rod Stewart)
10. Garden Party (Ricky Nelson)
11. Miss You Nights (Cliff Richard)
12. Just When I Need You Most (Randy VanWarmer)


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The Good Rats - Afterlife (Repost)

The Good Rats - Afterlife - 2014

Did Peppi Marchello, the fearless leader of The Good Rats, know that the end was near? Or was the leader of The World's Most Famous Unknown Band (as Rolling Stone Magazine called them) suddenly, creatively born again?

All that is certain is that the beloved, charismatic Maestro of Long Island precipitously began to pulsate again after years of relative silence. And when he erupted, dozens of new songs from the shrewd to the sublime began to spill forth in a rock and roll volcano that signaled it was time to get his road-hard band back into the studio.

So that is what he did.

Recorded over a two-year period in 2012 and 2013, his new songs cohered into the powerful Afterlife. Taken separately, each song is a unique paean to Peppis peculiar wit and powerful voice. Together, the tracks display a ripened songwriter, a potent poet uniquely capable of bringing us along on his ardent lifes journey. The songs are pure, primal a clever cocktail of rock, p-i-s-s and vinegar refined by blue-collar sensibilities and a love of the craft. It s the stonework swan song that Peppi Marchello wanted to leave behind.

Sadly, after 40 years of recording, Afterlife would be Peppis last billet doux to his adoring family and fans. The historic collection was destined to contain his final written and recorded works.

Anthony Peppi Marchello passed away on July 11, 2013 prior to finishing the album with his sons Stefan and Gene. The songs are personal, powerful, and pure Peppi. In all, they form a final chapter that closes the Good Rats illustrious legend in style and dignity. 

01. I'm Still Around
02. She Goes Dirty
03. Washington Lies
04. User
05. Ratcity Slime
06. Alaska
07. Why The World Should Love
08. Vampire Blood Love
09. Politically Correct
10. Afterlife
11. That Was Then, This Is Now
12. Saint Marie
13. No Social Graces
14. White Trash
15. Oh Darlin


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Spirit - The Last Euro Tour

Spirit - The Last Euro Tour - 2010

With the 2010 release of The Last Euro Tour, the ongoing series of posthumous releases by Spirit continues under the aegis of Floating World Records' Retroworld imprint, having moved from the Acadia label. But Spirit archivist Mick Skidmore is still in charge of preparing vintage tapes of the band for release, and the album chronicles what turned out to be the final European outing by the trio of singer/guitarist Randy California, drummer Ed Cassidy, and bassist/singer Mike Nile in November 1991. They played eight shows in England, Germany, and Austria, and came home with DAT soundboard tapes from which Skidmore has assembled an idealized, lengthy performance containing versions of all but one of the songs performed on the tour. (He deemed neither of the two takes of "Love Tonight" releasable.) Spirit was promoting its then-recently released Tent of Miracles album, and they played half-a-dozen tracks from it, including several written by Nile, who also took lead vocals on them, making him much more than a hired bassist accompanying principals California and Cassidy. Wisely, however, the group also presented an extensive "hits" repertoire, drawing ten songs from the four albums made by the original Spirit lineup, 1968-1970, including such favorites as "Nature's Way" and "I Got a Line on You." The rest consisted largely of blues covers by the likes of Mance Lipscomb and Jimmy Reed, plus the Jimi Hendrix arrangements of songs like "All Along the Watchtower" and "Hey Joe," reminding listeners of California's connection to Hendrix, with whom he played as a teenager. This is not the fully loaded Spirit of the early days, but it is a tight power trio led by California's psychedelic and bluesy guitar leads and Cassidy's powerful drumming, which means it is the version of Spirit that actually maintained the band's name for more than a quarter-century after the breakup of the original lineup, pleasing a lot of fans along the way, many of them in Europe.
CD 1
01. Love From Here
02. Uncle Jack
03. Fresh Garbage
04. Tent of Miracles
05. Nature's Way
06. Like a Rolling Stone
07. Ship of Fools
08. Animal Zoo
09. Darlin' If
10. Miss This Train
11. Hey Joe
12. Zandu
13. Deep In This Land
14. Kokomo

CD 2
01. Downer
02. Stone Lover
03. Mr. Skin
04. Turn to the Right
05. Dark Eyed Woman
06. Old Black Magic
07. Going Up, Going Down
08. All the Same/I Got a Line On You
09. Prelude: Nothing to Hide
10. All Along the Watchtower
11. Wild Things