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Ian Gomm - Rock 'N' Roll Heart

Ian Gomm - Rock 'N' Roll Heart - 2001

Ian Robert Gomm (born 28 March 1947 in Chiswick, West London) is a British singer-songwriter, who was the rhythm guitarist for Brinsley Schwarz from 1970 to 1974. He was named "Best Rhythm Guitarist" by NME in 1971.

Gomm had started in around 1962/1963 in Unit 4. This group evolved out of an outfit formed by Ian Gomm on rhythm and lead guitar and vocals, Martin Davis on bass, and Simon Behar on drums, all of whom were pupils at Ealing County School for Boys. Soon after this formation, Frank Kennington, who was older than the others, joined as lead vocalist, and they became Unit 4. Mick Lieber, who had previously played with Frankie Reid & The Casuals and Clay Alison and the Searchers, joined Unit 4 around July 1964 but the new line-up was short-lived. Around October 1964, Kennington left and moved to Sydney, Australia, precipitating Unit 4's eventual break-up.

In 1974, following his time in Brinsley Schwarz, Gomm built a recording studio in Wales, where he worked with musicians such as the Stranglers and Alexis Korner. He also toured with Dire Straits on their Sultans of Swing tour. Gomm's first solo album, Summer Holiday, came out in 1978. The album was re-titled and re-sequenced (with two extra tracks) as Gomm with the Wind. A single from the album, "Hold On" reached #18 in the United States and #44 in Canada in 1979. "Hold On" has since been featured as bumper music on the radio show "Coast to Coast AM". He also re-released his best-known song from his tenure in Brinsley Schwarz, "Hooked on Love", with "Chicken Run" as the B-side on Stiff in 1979.

In addition, he co-wrote the song "Cruel to Be Kind" with his former Brinsley Schwarz bandmate, Nick Lowe, and Lowe's 1979 recording of the tune reached #12 on both the UK Singles Chart and the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 (becoming Lowe's most successful U.S. solo hit to date) that year. Gomm went on to release the solo albums What a Blow, The Village Voice and Images in the 1980s. He continued to write songs and built a new studio.

The album Crazy for You was released in 1997, and his latest solo album, Rock 'N' Roll Heart, featuring Jeff "Stick" Davis and Pat McInerney, was released in 2002

01. Gone Fishin'
02. Rock 'N' Roll Heart
03. Little Lost Now
04. The Devil I Know
05. Don't Cry
06. You've Broken Every Heart
07. Ten Commandments
08. Hold On To A Dream Tonight
09. All The Other Girls
10. Everybody Wants To Get It
11. You Treat Me Like A King
12. Strange Feeling


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Chris Spedding - Songs Without Words

Chris Spedding - Songs Without Words - 1970 (RE 2015)

from AMG
One of Britain's most versatile session guitarists, Chris Spedding has had a long career on two continents that saw him tackle nearly every style of rock & roll to come down the pike, as well as sporadically attempting a solo career. The fact that he never quite broke through to stardom, except in his native England, in parts of Europe, and in professional music circles, is more a result of bad timing and worse luck than any lack of talent or commitment on his part.

Spedding was born in Sheffield, England, in 1944. His family moved to Birmingham in the mid-'50s, by which time he had already taken up music, playing the violin in his school orchestra. That all changed when he discovered rock & roll, initially with Bill Haley & His Comets and later Elvis Presley. According to Chris Welch in a 2004 article, Spedding began to strum his violin like a guitar, and the Rubicon had been crossed. Thanks to his music lessons, Spedding was already proficient on several instruments, including the piano, and could also sight-read, which put him several cuts above the typical aspiring rock & roller of the time, who might not have known three chords.

01. Station Song
02. Plain Song
03. Song Of The Deep
04. The Forest Of Fables
05. New Song Of Experience
06. I Thought I Heard Robert Johnson Say
Bonus Track
07. Sub-Continental Drift

Chris Spedding - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Laurie Allen - Drums
Roger Potter - Bass, Double Bass
Drums – John Marshall
John Mitchell - Piano, Electric Piano
Paul Rutherford - Trombone


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The Movements - Follow The Movements

The Movements - Follow The Movements - 2011

The Movements, have taken on space rock, garage rock and now open the flood gates to the world of psychedelic rock. The Movements fully exploit the dynamics of the psych rock and pop spectrum, painting the canvas with glorious panoramic kaleidoscopic colors

01. My Confession
02. Vicious & Vast
03. You're Alone
04. In My Time
05. Red Headed Girl
06. You Don't Know
07. Thinking Too Fast
08. Drag Me Up
09. It's Time To Go
10. I Feel Groovy
11. Give You Head
12. CCTV