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Vanilla Fudge - Reunion Tour (re-post)

Vanilla Fudge - Reunion Tour - 2011

Hoje trago mais um daqueles álbuns que se encontram à venda nas principais lojas (itunes, amazon, 7digital, etc, etc) mas que não trazem nenhuma informação a respeito. São apenas 8 músicas gravadas ao vivo, sem saber se de uma única apresentação ou se retiradas aleatoriamente de toda uma turnê.

A desinformação é completa ao perceber que em todas as lojas as músicas estão com seus nomes trocados. Voce baixa uma, mas leva outra no lugar. Se o internauta não conhecer minimamente a banda ficará pensando que You Keep Me Hanging On se chama Eleanor Rigby (clássico dos Beatles) ou que My World is Empty passou a ser chamar People Get Ready.

Enfim, uma bagunça total. Fico pensando quantas músicas são vítimas de tanta neligência. Saber autoria das músicas ou do Produtor é impossível até ao Professor Wikipédia, como diria um amigo meu.

A banda se apresenta com 3 de seus integrantes originais e mais Pete Bremy, um cara que tem Tim Bogert dentre suas influências e já tocou na banda de Vince Matell.

Faça o download e confira se os velhinhos ainda estão em forma

01. Eleanor Rigby
02. Golden Age Dreams
03. My World Is Empty
04. People Get Ready
05. Shotgun    
06. Take Me for a Little While
07. Ticket to Ride
08. You Keep Me Hangin' On

Mark Stein - Keyboards, Vocals
Camine Appice - Drums
Vince Martell - Guitar
Pete Bremy - Bass, Vocals


domingo, 24 de agosto de 2014

Ian Hunter - Live at My Father's Place

Ian Hunter - Live at My Father's Place - 2014

The 1979 Hunter/Ronson touring band was a 7-piece unit. There were two Tommys (Mandel and Morrongiello) on keyboards  and rhythm guitar respectively, Hilly Michaels on drums and  Martin Briley on bass. George Meyer played a mean sax and also keyboards. Special guest Ellen Foley (Hunter & Ronson were producing her first album) added vocals on "Just Another Night". And of course the front-men Hunter & Ronson. This loud and powerful assemblage - seven egos vying for the spotlight - rocked out, especially on grittier songs like "Bastard" and "Standin' In My Light".

01. FBI
02. One Bitten, Twice Shy
03. Is There Life After Death?
04. Laugh At Me
05. Ships
06. All The Way From Memphis
07. Jumping Jack Flash
08. Standing in My Light
09. Bastard
10. Angelene
11. Just Another Night
12. Cleveland Rocks
13. All the Young Dudes

Ian Hunter - Guitar, Vocal
Mick Ronson - Lead Guitar
Martin Briley - Bass
Tommy Mandel - Keyboard
Tommy Morrongiello - Guitar
Hilly Michaels - Drums
George Meyer - Sax


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William Souffreau - Those Precious Years

William Souffreau - Those Precious Years - 2010

William Souffreau is one of Belgium's great rock pioneers. He has been playing music for more than five decades now.

William was born on the 14th of April 1946, in Erembodegem, under a Belgian moon. He jumped into the music scene in the early sixties with the rock 'n' roll band The Blue Jets. At that time William wrote his first song, 'Feel so Lonely', which was later recorded on the album ‘Shake It’ (2002) by Blink It. Around 1963 William played with The Mings. His first recordings date from 1966, with The Four Rockets. Near the end of the 60s The Four Rockets became the more psychedelic rockband Dementia Praecox.

In 1970 William was elected number one rock singer of Belgium. Earlier that year he had founded the band The Voodoo, which soon became Irish Coffee. This rock band was a large success in many countries. Irish Coffee recorded one album and four singles (including the hit single 'Masterpiece'), all collector's items now. The band played many concerts and did numerous TV and radio shows. Irish Coffee was a support act for Uriah Heep, Chicken Shack and Golden Earring, among others. In 1974 the Irish Coffee story came to an end.

Two years later William established Joystick, with a funky horn section and great musicians such as Tony Boast. They were support act for Motörhead among others. They never made an album, but a few of the Joystick songs were recorded on the Irish Coffee reunion album (2004).

In the eighties William did many gigs with his coverband Oh Boy!. They had a great live reputation and a very underground playlist.

In 1990 he went solo as a singer-songwriter. Until this day he released more than ten albums. He worked together with many great musicians, such as Dave Peabody, Michael Chapman, Philip Catherine, Jo Bogaert and Jan De Wilde. He played on big stages and did support acts for The Kinks and 10cc.

In the late nineties William picked up his rock ’n’ roll years and started the rockabilly band Blink It. They released two swinging albums that were critically acclaimed. In those years William also recorded an album with a new formed Irish Coffee and new songs (2004). Irish Coffee II went to Bonn (Germany) to play 'Live on Rockpalast' (CD/LP/DVD). He also formed a brand new rock ’n’ roll band The Cochrans, together with Rik Vermeir and Kris van der Cammen. They played mostly songs from Eddie Cochran and other great fifties heroes.

Recently William recorded an album with The Moonlovers (2008). He is playing with Kloot Per W in Old School, doing covers from rare songs of the great rock music catalogue. He started the rock 'n' roll band The Rockabilly Rhythm Revue. With Irish Coffee III he plays his songs in a firm hardrock-blues mode, on his album 'Revisited' (LP, 2013). (You find HERE)

Those Precious Years, a 50 year anthology (The Four Rockets - Irish Coffee - Joystick - Oh Boy! - Blink It - WS.Solo - WS & The Moonlovers) in 21 of his own songs.

01. Those Precious Years
02. Where've You Been Last Night
03. Like Kerouac
04. Hope There's Time Left
05. There Ain't No Road Too Long
06. Beware
07. Black Cat
08. Little Town Girl
09. Highway To The Moon
10. Think I've Got Everything
11. Fool To Love
12. We All Must Get Together
13. Free
14. Love Life
15. Your Love
16. I'm Alive
17. The Beginning Or The End
18. The Show
19. Masterpiece
20. The Place Where She Lives
21. Feel So Lonely


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Jimi Hendrix - West Coast Seattle Boy - The Jimi Hendrix Anthology (Re-Post)

Jimi Hendrix - West Coast Seattle Boy - The Jimi Hendrix Anthology - 2010

By Will Hermes - Rolling Stones Reviews
For Jimi Hendrix fanatics, the selling point of this four-disc set is a full CD of songs on which the guitarist doesn't sing lead and barely solos. Instead, he plays sideman to Little Richard, Don Covay and others on 15 R&B smokers. The tracks offer glimpses of a prodigy straining at the bit: The hot-shit solo on the Isley Brothers' 1964 "Testify," all of 10 seconds long, is like an early Marlon Brando screen test, coiled drama springing to life; the reverb-soaked, Curtis Mayfield-style licks on the Icemen's sublime 1966 "(My Girl) She's a Fox" offer a taste of the exploded- soul magic Hendrix cooked up later on "Castles Made of Sand."

The remaining three CDs parse Hendrix's subsequent career chronologically but strictly through alternate takes, demos and live tracks, drawn from the seemingly bottomless vault of recordings that shadow the three studio LPs and one live set released during his lifetime. The material splits the difference between sheer greatness (a gorgeously psychedelic instrumental take of "Are You Experienced?") and novelties like a ragged but deep cover of the Bob Dylan/Band classic "Tears of Rage," the highlight of six intimate tracks recorded in a hotel room in 1968 with singer/harmonica player Paul Caruso. There's also a wonderful, illuminating new DVD documentary narrated in Hendrix's own words — drawn from letters and interviews — by kindred spirit Bootsy Collins (the bit about eating a picnic lunch while watching race riots in Nashville, where Hendrix got his career started, is grimly hilarious). To be sure, this box is for the fans. But even when the tracks don't shed new light, they still burn as bright as the sun.

CD 1
01. The Isley Brothers: Testify - Jimi Hendrix
02. Don Covay: Mercy, Mercy - Jimi Hendrix
03. Don Covay: Can t Stay Away - Jimi Hendrix
04. Rosa Lee Brooks: My Diary - Jimi Hendrix
05. Rosa Lee Brooks: Utee - Jimi Hendrix
06. Little Richard: I Don t Know What You Got But It s Got Me - Jimi Hendrix
07. Little Richard: Dancing All Around The World - Jimi Hendrix
08. Frank Howard & The Commanders: I m So Glad - Jimi Hendrix
09. The Isley Brothers: Move Over And Let Me Dance - Jimi Hendrix
10. The Isley Brothers: Have You Ever Been Disappointed - Jimi Hendrix
11. Ray Sharpe: Help Me (Get The Feeling) Part One - Jimi Hendrix
12. The Icemen: (My Girl) She s A Fox - Jimi Hendrix
13. Jimmy Norman: That Little Old Groove Maker - Jimi Hendrix
14. Billy Lamont: Sweet Thang - Jimi Hendrix
15. King Curtis: Instant Groove - Jimi Hendrix

CD 2
01. Fire (previously unreleased alternate recording)
02. Are You Experienced? (previously unreleased recording)
03. May This Be Love (previously unreleased alternate recording)
04. Can You See Me (previously unreleased alternate recording)
05. The Wind Cries Mary
06. Love Or Confusion (previously unreleased alternate recording)
07. Little One (previously unreleased recording)
08. Mr. Bad Luck (previously unreleased alternate recording)
09. Cat Talking To Me (previously unreleased alternate recording)
10. Castles Made Of Sand (previously unreleased recording)
11. Tears Of Rage (previously unreleased recording)
12. Hear My Train A Comin (previously unreleased recording)
13. 1983 (A Merman I Shall Turn To Be) (previously unreleased recording)
14. Long Hot Summer Night (previously unreleased recording)
15. My Friend (previously unreleased recording)
16. Angel (previously unreleased recording)
17. Calling All The Devil s Children (previously unreleased alternate recording) - Jimi Hendrix
18. New Rising Sun ( previously unreleased alternate recording) - Jimi Hendrix

CD 3
01. Hear My Freedom (previously unreleased recording)
02. Room Full Of Mirrors (previously unreleased recording)
03. Shame, Shame, Shame (previously unreleased recording)
04. Messenger (previously unreleased recording)
05. Hound Dog Blues(previously unreleased recording)
06. Untitled Basic Track (previously unreleased recording)
07. Star Spangled Banner [LIVE] (previously unreleased original mix)
08. Purple Haze [LIVE] (previously unreleased original mix)
09. Young/Hendrix (previously unreleased alternate recording)
10. Mastermind (previously unreleased recording)
11. Message To Love (previously unreleased alternate recording)
12. Fire [LIVE] (previously unreleased recording)
13. Foxey Lady [LIVE] (previously unreleased recording)

CD 4
01. Stone Free [LIVE] (previously unreleased recording)02. Burning Desire (previously unreleased recording)
03. Lonely Avenue (previously unreleased recording)
04. Everlasting First (previously unreleased alternate recording)
05. Freedom (previously unreleased recording)
06. Peter Gunn/Catastrophe (previously unreleased alternate recording)
07. In From The Storm (previously unreleased alternate recording)
08. All God s Children (previously unreleased recording)
09. Red House [LIVE] (previously unreleased recording)
10. Play That Riff (previously unreleased recording)
11. Bolero (previously unreleased recording)
12. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (previously unreleased alternate recording)
13. Suddenly November Morning (previously unreleased recording)

+@320 REEL 1/2
+@320 REEL 2/2

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Stomu Yamashta - Go - Europe 1976

Stomu Yamashta - Go - Europe - 1976

A relic from the prog-rock years, Stomu Yamashta’s Go was quite a superstar band of its time in 1976. It had Steve Winwood, dragged out from hibernation following the collapse of Traffic, Michael Shrieve, Al DiMeola the hot guitarist from Chick Corea’s Return To Forever and the German electronic musician Klaus Schulze [Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Temple]. How on earth they all gathered to report to work under Japanese jazz-rocker Stomu Yamashta is probably buried under a mountain of mouldy UK music weeklies.

This concert, said to be recorded on May 29, 1976 at London’s Royal Albert Hall, was probably the first public performance of Go. Nobody is certain whether this date or venue is correct. This recording appeared in the late '80s/early '90s on a bootleg label Kiss Deluxe. They claimed the year as 1976 in Europe. Hardly helpful but the sound quality is exceptional and from the stereo soundboard.

01 Ghost Machine
02 Surf Spin
03 Time Is Here
04 Winner-Loser
05 Solitude - Nature - Crossing The Line
06 Man of Leo

Stomu Yamashta - Percussion & Synthesizer
Steve Winwood - Vocal, Keyboads
Al Di Meola, Pat Thrall - Guitar
Klaus Schulze - "space machine"
Michael Shrieve - Drums
Jerome Rimson - Bass
Brother James - Congas
Karen Freedman - Backing Vocals