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Nick Simper & Nasty Habits - Live At Szene, Vienna


Nick Simper & Nasty Habits - Live At Szene, Vienna - 2012

On 8th March 2011 playing to a sold out audience at Vienna’s legendary Rock Club “Szene” NICK SIMPER (founder member DEEP PURPLE) performed with NASTY HABITS (Austria’s finest Classic Rock band) original tracks from Nick’s period in Deep Purple (Mk 1). With Deep Purple today only having just one original member from their MK 1 days it is highly unlikely that the band will perform these now neglected classic songs in concert.

01. And the Address
02. The Painter
03. Mandrake Root
04. Emmaretta
05. Chasing Shadows
06. Lalena
07. Wring That Neck
08. Bird Has Flown
09. Why Didn't Rosemary
10. Slinky
11. Roadhouse Blues
12. Kentucky Women
13. Hush

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Unknown disse...

Please reuo songs from nick simper live (hush and another one).the songs are with scratches.Stefan

Only Good Song disse...

Thanks, I will provide

Only Good Song disse...

provided new link!jo5lCQyC!zoicpvBJe6obg4X8tdN-L5isMFQBFGrNnD2dKqp0O_I

Anônimo disse...

Thanks for the repost, but the new d/l is in only 1 file. The songs are not splt.

Only Good Song disse...

Dear Anonymous,

I burned directly from the DVD this time.
But you can make the separation if it your preference
For me, I hav'not time for it.

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