terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2011

Somente Para Crianças de 1 a 5 anos

The Wheels On The Bus - 3 CDS


Roger Daltrey  is the lead singer for The WHO, considered by many to be one of the greatest Rock and Roll bands of all time. This is Roger's first work for children. He says - "The Wheels on the Bus gave me the chance to do something different. It's a great way of introducing music to a whole new generation of kids - maybe even the grandchildren of the teenagers who grew up listening to The WHO."

Dedicado às minhas duas pestinhas que me fazem acordar cedo mesmo de férias.

01. Wheels On the Bus
02. Everybody On The Bus
03. Bubbles On the Bus
04. Fill it Up!
05. Babies On The Bus
06. Hi-low-fast-slow
07. The Mouse On The Bus
08. The Lights On The Bus
09. Procrastinate
10. Tune It Up!
11. Take Your Turn
12. Brand New Day
13. Fairies Golden Rule
14. Take A Ride
15. Band On The Bus
16. Driving Thru the Sky
17. Happy Birthday
18. I Love You on the Bus
19. Mango And the Moon Mouse
20. Peek-a-boo On The Bus
21. Shopping
22. Moon Mouse Thank You
23. Fill It Up! Reprise


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