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The Charlie Watts Riots - Long Story Short (re-post)

The Charlie Watts Riots - Long Story Short - 2010

By Tom McWatters from http://www.timesunion.com
If Last Cons boast a big past, Charlie Watts Riots are an actual supergroup, with a lineup boasting former members of Vodkasonics, Bloom, The Wait and Coal Palace Kings. Power-pop is served on "Long Story Short," and nothing else, thank gosh.

Guitarists Brendan Pendergast and Seth Powell know how to make four chords ring, and they do just that on killers like "Greater Good," "Lie to Me" and the epic chugging, stop/start of "Radio". Just try not singing along to the hook on that one; try to resist the Gerry Rafferty tug in Pendergast's voice.

But there's room for ballads, too, and although the emphasis is on power, we don't mean power ballads. "Page Turner" is poignant enough to make Paul McCartney jealous, and drummer Joe Putrock and bassist Mike Pauley keep it taut without overpowering it.

Powell's "Dress Up," which just might be the album's sleeper, enters over a chiming six-string figure before juggling a great mix of counterpoint vocals and chunky chords over and an eerie keyboard pedal tone.

Long story short, "Long Story Short" is the real thing, a testament to music of the past that proves - Livingston's cry aside - that the future looks just fine.

Brendan Pendergast - Guitar, Vocal
Seth Powell - Guitar, Vocal
Mike Pauley- Bass, Vocal
Joe Putrock - Drums

01. Greater Good           
02. The Narcissist           
03. Dress Up           
04. Calling Out           
05. Running In Place           
06. Lie to Me           
07. Ever After           
08. Page Turner           
09. So Out of Touch           
10. Reveille           
11. Radio           
12. Repeat Myself

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