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Gavin Guss - Mercury Mine

Gavin Guss - Mercury Mine - 2012

Seattle’s Gavin Guss is pop veteran who’s played with Nada Surf, Jon Auer, Harvey Danger, Fountains of Wayne and his own band The Tycoons. Important to note, Gavin was also lead singer/songwriter with the short lived group Tubetop who produced a pure pop masterpiece in Three Minute Hercules. Given these facts you know what to expect and he really delivers with his solo album Mercury Mine. Starting with the gentle acoustic hook in “X” it leads to a glorious McCartney-like chorus, that builds to sticky goodness in the multi-track harmonic ending with ascending basslines. The title track “Mecury Mine” has echoes of Harry Nilsson and Squeeze with it’s tinkling piano lead. There are too many gems here to count, so I’ll just indulge in my favorites, “Oasis” rings with the piano melody that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Michael Carpenter album. “Lifeboat” is another musical metaphor of the creative process at “…the bottom of The Puget Sound.” The album’s middle slows down a bit, but it has wonderful ballads that resonate, like the poignant “Marie” and the weary “Jetlagged.” Fans of Teenage Fanclub will love the guitar melody “Bud” and although the album doesn’t approach the highs it starts with, nothing here is filler, as most tunes fit in under three minutes and it’s sure to be repeated on your ipod playlist. Pure ear candy that is not to be missed.

01. X
02. Mercury Mine
03. Oasis
04. Lifeboat
05. Marie
06. Union Station
07. Gato Negro
08. Message From Jeanine
09. Jetlagged
10. Bud
11. Henry's Birthday
12. After All


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