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Aeolian Race - Landlocked Nation

Aeolian Race - Landlocked Nation - 2009

from allthatisheavy.com
The members of Aeolian Race may like to dress in psychedelic colors and rock out to the Beatles and the Doors, but when you listen to their jarring time changes, skittering guitar work, and brutal precision, it doesn't take long to realize they are knee-deep in prog rock.

I'll bet these guys have a lot of Pink Floyd albums in their collections, especially the early ones. And some of the mid-period King Crimson ones, too. The result of the melding of all these different influences and directions is an album that's definitely rooted in prog / psych tropes, but still poppy enough to appeal to people beyond prog and psych circles. There's plenty of tripped-out freakouts and psychotronic guitar to keep the acid-heads happy, but the more pop-oriented structures and vocals make their potential appeal much broader than one might first suspect. This is definitely worth checking out.

01. The Hidden Queen Of The Drone Throne
02. Hawks
03. Dead Soldier's Brain
04. Insanity
05. Tethys Ocean
06. The Great SpaceCoaster
07. Lady Blue
08. Alligator
09. Stillborn
10. The Caspian Sea

Mike Elliott - Guitar, Vocal
Adam Abrams - Bass, Vocal
Andrew Nicklas - Drums


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