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Bob Weir - Heaven Help the Fool

Bob Weir - Heaven Help the Fool - 1978

Weir's second solo album, the first without assistance from the Grateful Dead. The title track was briefly part of the Grateful Dead repertoire.

1. Bombs Away
2. Easy to Slip
3. Salt Lake City
4. Shade of Grey
5. Heaven Help the Fool
6. This Time Forever

7. I'll Be Doggone
8. Wrong Way Feelin'

Bob Weir - Guitar, Vocals
Nigel Olsson, Michael Baird - Drums
Richard Wachtel, Waddy Wachtel - Guitar
Mike Porcaro, Dee Murray - Bass
David Paich - Keyboards
David Foster, Lynette Gloud, Peggy Sandvig - Keyboards
Venette Gloud, Carmen Twillie - Vocals
Bill Champlin - Organ, Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Vocals
Lynette Gloud -  Keyboards, Vocals (Background)


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