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The Bossmen - The Complete Bossmen (The Singles '64-'67) (with Dick Wagner and Mark Farner)

The Bossmen - The Complete Bossmen (The Singles '64-'67) - 2009 

The Bossmen were a very successful band operating out of Saginaw, Michigan in the mid to late 1960\'s. They released several singles, all of them reaching the top of the charts on Michigan radio. This CD is a compilation of all their work, including three tracks recorded by The Bossmen in their transition period as they changed members and evolved into The Frost, another hugely successful band who really swept the state of Michigan and shared the spotlight with the likes of The MC5, during the explosive late 1960\'s in Detroit. Fronted by noted guitarist and songwriter, Dick Wagner, who went on to notoriety with Lou Reed and Alice Cooper, The Bossmen were essentially the Michigan Beatles. This CD is essential listening for any 1960's music fans.

01. Take A Look
02. It's A Shame
03. Thanks To You
04. Help Me Baby
05. Here's Congratulations
06. Bad Girl
07. Wait And See
08. You're The Girl For Me
09. On The Road
10. Tina Maria
11. Baby Boy
12. You And I
13. Rainy Day
14. Sunshine
15. Little Girl
16. Easy Way Out
17. I Cannot Stop You
18. Listen My Girl

Dick Wagner - Lead Guitar, Vocal (later went on to the Frost, Lou Reed and Alice Cooper)
Mark Farner - Guitar, Bass, Vocal ( went on to Grand Funk Railroad)
Warren Keith - Piano, VocalLanny Roenicke - Bass, Vocal (Later played wih Hank Williams Jr.)
Pete Woodman - Drums (Later went on to Popcorn Blizzard a.k.a. Meatloaf)
Lanny Roenicke (Bass Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet)


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