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Leigh Harris - Polychrome Junction (re-post)

Leigh Harris - Polychrome Junction - 2001

from CDUniverse

Recorded in New Orleans in 2000 by the innovative keyboard/percussion/vocal quintet, Roy G Biv, led by vocalist Leigh "Little Queenie" Harris, Polychrome Junction opens with Harris's "Dog Days" (later tapped for re-release on Sony's Doctors, Professors, Kings, and Queens: The Big Ol' Box of New Orleans) : a funk-drenched, witty paean to Crescent City weather ("Down here in the land of the dreamy dream/the air condition stay on past Halloween"), complete with authentic howling about the heat and a blistering tuba solo by "honorary Biv-ouac" Matt Perrine. Jazz standard "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most" receives a major groove overhaul with percussionist Michael Skinkus's multilayering of shekere, congas, djali, shakers and bells, and pianist Joshua Paxton & organist David Ellington's adroit, joyous cross-pollination of New Orleans and Afro-Carribean polyrhythms; kit drummer Karl Budo picks up his sticks and lays down a subtle but definite NOLA street beat on "Poinciana". Young tenor saxophonist Rebecca Barry guests on "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" to great effect in both her solo and interplay work with Harris .

The dizzying rendition of "Cloudburst" is a standout, and Harris's take on "Candy" will send many listeners to the bedroom or the kitchen--or both. Harris's two other compositions, "Crazy Mirrors" and "Paralyzed" (written with Subdude John Magnie and Bruce MacDonald),are vivid tales of unrequieted love and sexual obsession. "You Always Knew Me Better (Than I Knew Myself"), written for Harris by Dr John and Doc Pomus, is a soulful, heartwrenching ballad performed as a duet between Harris and Paxton. The final track, Earl King's "Make a Better World", provides ample forum for Paxton and Ellington's James Booker/Professor Longhair chops and Harris's undeniable take-no-prisoners way with an R&B classic. Polychrome Junction is a fine archive of an extremely creative group comprised of top-notch musicians living and working in contemporary New Orleans, in energetic, fertile flower, containing superb playing and vocalising throughout.

01.  Dog Days
02.  Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
03.  Oh What A Beautiful Morning
04.  Paralyzed
05.  Poinciana
06.  You Always Knew Me Better (Than I Knew Myself)
07.  Crazy Mirrors
08.  Cloudburst
09.  Candy
10.  Make A Better World

Leigh Harris - Vocals
Josh Paxton - Piano, Clavinet
David Ellington - B3 Organ
Karl Budo - Drums
Michael Skinkus - Baata, Bongos, Congas, Djali, Djimbe, Cowbells, Sleighbells, Tiny Bells, Bones, Shells, Skerkeres, Vibraslap, Marracas, Bicycle Horn, Tambourine
Rebecca Barry - Tenor Sax (3)
Matt Perrine - Tuba  (1), Bass (9)

N.B: Esse disco eu subi para primeiramente atender a um pedido num destes foruns da vida, sem a intenção de postá-lo no blog, mas, confesso que fiquei com pena de perder um link para esse disco um tanto quanto dificil de se achar. Se serviu para 1, pode ser que sirva para mais 5 ou 6. Essa é a lógica.


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