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Denny Newman - Sleepwalking with You

Denny Newman - Sleepwalking with You - 2005

Denny has been in and around the music scene since 1970, as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Working as a song writer for various artists Denny now records his own solo albums. These are a rarity only being sold by mail and at gigs. The first "Bless Tupelo", was recorded in 1990 on vinyl, sold out of it's original 1,000 pressings and has since been transferred to cd. It features 13 original songs and has long time pal Geoff Whitehorn guesting on guitar. An album recorded live in the studio, reminiscent of early Fleetwood Mac, and British electric blues. After a live broadcast on London's GLR radio, presenter Mary Costello described Denny as "the best kept secret in British blues".
In 1995 Denny recorded his next album,"Noah's Great Rainbow". Tired of the normal 'my woman left me and I'm broke' blues lyrics, he noted that blues was everywhere, in all of us for different reasons, "you don't have to come from the delta, or chicago to feel blues". The songs penned are about his own experiences, ie, house reposession, taxes systems, and why modern youth has become so ignorant of it's own history. Of course, there's the odd 'I love my girl' song to cheer things up, but if you like English style guitar and dylanesque lyrics, give this one a whirl. In the ten tracks here there's "a world of emotion that just keeps turning", "intense guitar", and "blues poetry", to pull out some radio quotes from various sources.
Denny's third album 'SLEEPWALKING WITH YOU'  it features 10 original songs, and the inclusion of Max Middleton on keys

Denny Newman - Guitar, Vocals
Max Middleton - Keyboards
Scott Newman - Bass, Vocals
Jeff Allen - Drums

01. Livin' for the Past
02. Sleepwalking with You
03. This World Keep Turning
04. Burying Ground
05. I'Ll Get Over You (when You Get Over Getting Over Me)
06. The Case Is Closed
07. Frenchman
08. Potato Boat Blues
09. When the Sun Don't Shine
10. Goin' Down


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