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Cactus - Live In The USA

Cactus - Live In The USA - 2013

Revived in the mid-2000s, Cactus played B.B. King's in New York in 2006 – captured on Live in the U.S.A. – as a warm-up for their triumphant appearance at the Sweden Rock Festival. It being the first time Jim McCarty, Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert – with a new lead vocalist in tow – had performed as Cactus since 1972, Live in the U.S.A. documents their return in gloriously ragged fashion. 

 01. Long Tall Sally
02. Let Me Swim
03. One Way or Another
04. Cactus Music
05. Brother Bill
06. Muscle And Soul
07. OLEO
08. Part Of The Game
09. Evil
10. Cactus Boogie
11. Parchman Farm
12. Rock N Roll Children


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Dedé disse...

Muito obrigado pelo comentário e por adicionar o "Pérolas do Rock" na sua lista de blogs, também adicionei o seu na minha lista de blogs parceiros. Parabéns pelo trabalho Only Good Song, ótimo espaço.

Only Good Song disse...

Amigo Dedé,
Eu é quem agradeço pelo seu trabalho.
E agradeço tb por vc ter add tb

ROCKLAND disse...

Many thanks to share all this stuff, man!
You're directy in my blogroll, for sure!!

Keep the rock alive!!

Sorry for Brasil :(


Only Good Song disse...

Sorry? Why? germany is the best (in football inclusive)