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Too Smooth - live From Mother Earth

Too Smooth - live From Mother Earth - 1974

Too Smooth were an Austin Texas based four piece who specialized in hard edged Southern Rock, but also occasionally dallied with progressive song structures. A legendary band, and a huge live draw in their homestate in the '70's.

Their twin guitar attack and legendary live shows soon garnered the band a huge home-state following. When touring acts such as GOLDEN EARRING, TED NUGENT and LYNYRD SKYNYRD made their initial forays into Austin, bookers would put Too Smooth on as the opening act to ensure a full house. Too Smooth signed with Michael Lang's Just Sunshine label in '74 and recorded an album at the Record Plant in California.

Unfortunately, just as the band were finishing up work on the LP the label was sold to ABC. The new owners didn't know who Too Smooth was, and didn't care, and dropped the band without releasing the album. The band's second chance came in 1976 when they signed to Buddah Records. Too Smooth were dispatched to Criterion Studios in Miami to record another album, but released only one 45 for Buddah, "Song For the World".

The label had decided to concentrate on it's disco acts, and once more Too Smooth were dropped, with another unreleased album in the can. The band then released a single, "Mamie Mama", on the local independent Armadillo Records label.

When Mercury Records began courting the band it looked like it might be 3rd time lucky for Too Smooth, but negotiations broke down before a contract could be finalised.

01. Too Smooth Boogie
02. Spanada Kid
03. Smile
04. Leavin' It Up To You
05. I Beg Your Pardon
06. Crippled Duck
07. Long Hot Night
08. Peach Preserves
09. Tough Times
10. Mamie Mama

Brian Wooten - Guitar & Vocals
Jeff Clark - Guitar & Vocals
Danny Swinney - Bass
Tom Holden - Drums


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