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Joe Bauer - Moonset (Re-post)

Joe Bauer - Moonset - 1971

The drummer for the Sixties folk-rock group The Youngbloods, Joe Bauer came out of the jazz tradition. When singer-guitarist Jesse Colin Young formed The Youngbloods in 1965, Bauer, who hated rock music, reluctantly joined the group. Landing a long-term gig as the house band at New York City’s Cafe A-Go-Go, The Youngbloods adopted a psychedelic persona with their pre-hippy hair and clothing. After Young fulfilled his recording obligations for Mercury Records, The Youngbloods signed with RCA in 1966. Their début album, The Youngbloods (1966), produced a pair of minor chart hits in 1967, ‘Grizzly Bear’ and the folk-rock, peace ballad, ‘Get Together’. 

But after ‘Get Together’ was featured in radio and TV spots in 1969 for the National Conference of Christians and Jews, the Dino Valenti composition was re-released, landing in the Top 40. A popular live draw, The Youngbloods were booted off The Tonight Show in a well-publicised affair for their boisterous behaviour. After the group disbanded in 1972, Bauer joined Youngblood member Banana (Lowell Levinger) in Noggins, and then, Banana and The Bunch.

01. Explosion
02. Five Ten
03. Old Shoe
04. Cat Gone
05. Moonset
06. Frogs
07. Swallows
08. Pelicans
09. Earthquake Blues

Joe Bauer - Drums
Michael Kane - Bass on 1 & 4
Jack Gregg - Bass on 5
Steve Swallow - Bass on 7 & 9
Banana - Guitar on 5, piano
Richard Anderson - Harmonica

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Anônimo disse...

many thanks for sharing this lp! i've been looking for it without any luck for what seems like decades now. i know it wasn't a popular recording upon its release, but it has its charms (in an early 70s, marin county, mellow hippie sort of way). plus it features steve swallow! cheers!

Only Good Song disse...

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