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Skip Haynes - Chicago Songs

Skip Haynes - Chicago Songs - 2015
Skip Haynes (*1946 to +2017) was an American musician and songwriter. Skip Haynes was born Eugene Vance Heitlinger in about 1946 in Los Angeles, California, USA, a descendant of the Von Heitlinger lineage from Germany.

Not much more is known of his early life however, but his main claim to fame would become his membership of the early 1970s American 'rock' group 'Aliotta Haynes'(known by his artist name 'Skip Haynes'), alongside the Aliotta brothers, bassist Mitch and drummer Ted. However, when Ted left after their debut album, he was replaced by John Jeremiah in the renamed 'Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah'.

Their most notable achievement was in scoring a popular regional hit in the Chicago area in 1971 with the single (and album) "Lake Shore Drive," an homage to the lakefront highway in the city and allegedly the drug called LSD, though this was always denied by the songwriter Haynes. The track was much later featured in the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2" in 2017 - "Lake Shore Drive" the album had been re-released on double CD in 1996 to celebrate its 25th anniversary, with some of their other songs as 'bonus' tracks. Haynes always claimed that "Lake Shore Drive" had no drug references whatsoever, as opposed to another major song he wrote while with them called "The Snow Queen", which he admitted referred to the highs and lows of cocaine usage.

The band made one appearance together in a 1978 TV movie called "Sparrow", playing a 'rock' band whose lead singer is electrocuted while performing onstage. Skip Haynes died in Chicago on October 2nd 2017, aged 70. Jeremiah had passed away in 2011 and Aliotta in 2015.

01. Southwest Coast Blues
02. I'm Leaving For Chicago
03. Trance On Sedgwick St.
04. In Chicago
05. Late Night Sailing
06. Wells St.
07. Ode To Hogan's
08. Lake Shore Drive
09. Jazzman Blues
10. City Of New Orleans
11. Shopping At The Store
12. Last One Of The Night People
13. Illegal Smile
14. What A Life
15. Chicago Story
16. For Eddie


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