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The Dirty Soul Revival - Brave New World

The Dirty Soul Revival - Brave New World

The Dirty Soul Revival is a Five piece Rock band from Asheville, NC. They play a blend of Southern Rock, Blues, Soul, and Grunge. They play a wide variety of original music with a high stage energy and presence that is reminiscent of Rock and Blues music of old.

The Dirty Soul Revival's unique reinterpretation of classic hard-hitting rock and roll formulae recalls elements of the past with an ever-present boundless energy, fit to cement their place in the future.

Abraham, Brandon, Jason, and Jerard have been nothing short of a best-kept-secret among Asheville concertgoers since the band’s formation in 2015, building a fervent and dynamic fan base leveraged by their ever-substantiated reputation for consistently well-rehearsed and impassioned, explosive live performances. The band’s celebrated sound and spirit draws significant influence from the driving force of Southern rock pioneers Lynyrd Skynyrd, the billowing and bouncing funk soul of the Black Crows, to the layered harmonies and memorable hooks of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, to the contemporary psychedelia of Jack White among many more.

01. Prelude Rag
02. Welcome to the Black
03. Can't Hurt Me Anymore
04. Watch Me Bleed
05. Charley Brown
06. The Sun Never Sets
07. Rant in E Maj
08. 6615
09. Kickback
10. Pray for Me
11. One Last Time
12. Brave New World


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