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New Planet Trampoline - Dark Rides and Grim Visions

New Planet Trampoline - Dark Rides and Grim Visions - 2016

From Cleveland, Ohio, the psych-rocking four-piece New Planet Trampoline called it quits in 2008, leaving behind an unfinished album. After coming back together for 2014’s The Wisconsin Witch House EP, the ‘60s-stylized outfit set themselves to the task of finishing what became Dark Rides and Grim Visions, basking in the glow of early Floyd, Beatles and others of the ilk while keeping a harder edge to songs like “Grim Visions” and a healthy cynicism to “We’ll Get What We Deserve” and the tongue-in-cheek keyboard-laced closer “Haunted as Fuck.” Of the several more extended tracks, the nine-minute “Acts of Mania” is the longest, and provides suitable patience and atmospherics to stand up to its scope.

All told, Dark Rides and Grim Visions is a formidable journey at 13 songs/68 minutes, but after more than half a decade away, it’s hard to hold New Planet Trampoline having their say against them, particularly when that say is as lush and dreamy as “This is the Morning.”

01. There Is Nothing More To Say
02. Grim Visions
03. Ex-President
04. Confidence Man
05. Acts Of Mania
06. Pollution (Circles & Snakes)
07. Birds
08. We'll Get What We Deserve
09. Nervous Intuition
10. Dark Ride
11. This Is The Morning
12. Nearly Finished Face
13. Haunted As Fuck

Matt Cassidy - Guitar
Charlie Druesedow - Drums
Ben Gmetro - Organ
Dave Molnar  - Bass


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