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The Good Rats - Making Rock and Roll Great Again

The Good Rats - Making Rock and Roll Great Again - 2016

On July 10th, 2013, the rock & roll world lost one of its great unsung heroes--the founder, leader and frontman of THE GOOD RATS, the group Rolling Stone Magazine called "the world's greatest unknown band." Peppi Marchello may not have received the international notoriety that fans, critics and fellow musicians believed he'd achieve, but his legion of dedicated fans regard him as one of the finest vocalists, performers, and songwriters of his generation.

On April 5, 2014, Stefan and Gene Marchello stepped into the shoes of their father for one last emotional performance with "the boys". The "last reunion", which took place at the legendary BB Kings Blues Club in New York City, was one of the bands most memorable performances. Every fan, friend and family member was there to celebrate the life of Peppi and his music through the voices of his sons. You could feel his smile shining down as the band put their heart, soul and tears into his songs one last time.

The band now continues with Stefan Marchello. Stefan Played with Peppi for 23 years. 11 and a half years on drums and 11 and a half on bass.

01. Suicide Ride
02. Take the Lovin and Run
03. See Me Through This (Down)
04. I Remember Loving You
05. G-Spot Robot
06. Sally Anne
07. In My Room
08. Thank You Babe
09. Every Man Wants to Be Rich
10. Uncle Henry's Wife
11. Love on the Beach (2016)
12. City Liners (Demo)
13. Major Minor Chords (Demo)

Stefan Marchello - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Dan Smiraglia - Keyboards
Mike White - Bass
Joey DiBiase - Drums


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