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Delaney Bramlett - Class Reunion - 1977

Delaney Bramlett - Delaney & Friends - Class Reunion - 1977

01. Locked Up In Alabama
02. Everyday's A Holiday  
03. I Wish It Would Rain   
04. It's A Touchy Situation 
05. You Can't Measure My Love
06. I Think I Got It
07. Invitation To A Heartbreak
08. For Old Times Sake 
09. Who You Gonna Blame It On
10. You Were The Light  

Delaney Bramlett - Vocals, Guitars
Spider Tayler - Lead Guitars
Randy Sharp - Guitars
Chuck Rainey, Chris Ethridge - Bass
Rick Sutherland, Jim Hobson - Keyboards
Stu Perry, Jim Keltner - Drums
Sidney Sharp & friends - Strings
Chuck Findley, Ollie Mitchell, Jackie Kelsor, Slyde Hyde, Quitman Dennis - Horns
Clydie King,  Sherlie Matthews, Monalisa Young, Susie Allanson, Pat Erickson, Patti Quatro - Backing Vocals

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uros disse...

big thanks for this one!

DeePeeGee disse...

Would it be possible please to provide a mew link for this neglected album? Thanks

Only Good Song disse...


Check this repost from 2012'


(depositfile's link still working)


Xena Dress disse...

me podria pasar un enlace no funcionan mijas50@gmail.com gracias

Only Good Song disse...


I will make new 'enlace'
But Please wait 1 or 2 weeks.
My PC merged and I dn't have the money to buy another