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John Magnie - Now Appearing

John Magnie - Now Appearing - 1984

Best known as part of the killing New Orleans band, the subdudes, John Magnie lets loose on this Rabadash one-of-a-kind release. Backed up by a true New Orleans cast of greats, including songbird Leigh “Little Queenie” Harris, Susie Malone, Kenneth Blevins, Jimmy Messa, and Allison Young, John shows you where he’s at in this live set from Tipitina’s.

01. C'Est La Vie
02. Before I Grow Too Old
03. Mentioned By Her
04. Woman
05. Inspiration
06. Black Haired Girl
07. Never See Me Crying
08. It Will Be Me
09. Have A Little Talk With Jesus
10. Agent 00 Soul

John Magnie - Piano and Vocals
Leigh Harris, Alison Young, Susan Malone - Vocals
Kenneth Blevins - Drums
J. Clyde Messa - Bass


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