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Charles Bradley - Live From SXSW (The Spotify Sessions)

Charles Bradley -  Live From SXSW (The Spotify Sessions) - 2016

Soul singer Charles Bradley’s star has been on the rise since the release of his widely praised 2011 debut album No Time For Dreaming, and his ascent has continued long after the release of his triumphant second album, 2013’s Victim of Love. Dubbed “The Screaming Eagle of Soul,” the singer just announced his anticipated third album Changes, out April 1, 2016 on Daptone Records imprint Dunham Records.

Those emotions are what lead to the final cut of the intimate and spare video for the song. Charles was originally set to sing along to the track and film in Times Square but, in the editing room, director Eric Feigenbaum (Remedial Media) says he “kept coming back to the take of Charles looking straight at the camera, telling the story with his eyes and reacting in the moment to the song. We only did that once. By the end of the take, everybody in the room was holding back tears.”

01. Intro & You Put a Flame on It
02. The World (Is Going Up In Flames)
03. Nobody But You
04. Loving You, Baby
05. You Think I Don't Know (But I Know)
06. Ain't It a Sin
07. Changes


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