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Robey, Falk & Bod - Kentucky Gambler

Robey, Falk & Bod - Kentucky Gambler - 1973

Bill Robey, Don Falk and Bod Noubarian formed this trio and released this album on Epic in 1973. Back in those days I was living in Alexandria, VA and used to shop at a cool record store in Georgetown called Orpheus.

When I first saw this LP I had no idea who these guys were but that never stopped me back then as long as the cover looked interesting. And as usual, I was right about this album. It quickly became one of my favorite records - and it still is.

If you like Poco and all the “Country-Rock” gems that came out in the early 70s then you’re gonna love this album. Their cover of “Magic Woman Touch” (which you may know from the Hollies’ ‘Romany’ album or the original from the band "The Greatest Show on Earth") is even better than those. And ’Free Blue’ (track one) is a quintessential specimen of the genre.

Two of these guys went on to form a band called Iguana and released an album on United Artists soon after the demise of R,F&B. and you really need to hear that too.

01. Free Blue
02. Magic Woman Touch
03. Brown Skin Blues
04. Woman Child
05. Playin' up to You
06. Kentucky Gambler
07. Lonesome Road
08. Call on You
09. City Pride
10. Denver Daydream
11. Walk Away Renee
12. That's Alright I Don't Mind
13. Free Blue (Mix)


Update : Iguana ‎- The Winds Of Alamar HERE

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