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Phil Parlapiano - The Mordacious Mr. Squeeze

Phil Parlapiano - The Mordacious Mr. Squeeze - 2013

Phil tracked the album with the Medicine Men (Lynn Coulter-Percussion, Butch Norton-Percussion, Tad Wadhams (electric and upright bass) and was joined by drummer Herman Matthews, David Sutton, guitarists Doug Pettibone, Doug Hamblin, Chuck Kavooras, Donny Kilpatrick and Bruce Watson. Aubrey Richmond played some fiddle and Dan Navarro added some sweet Backgrounds. These players have played with a great number of music legends including Rod Stewart, Sheryl Crow, John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Tracy Chapman, Tower of Power, Foreigner, Lucinda Williams, the eels, John Mayer and many others. This record was done strictly on tape with no computer, no synthesizers and no drum loops. Just the sound of two drummers, bass and a few guitar playing, picked up expertly by a ribbon mike. Armed with an UREI 1176, the Medicine Men planned to re-inject, though not necessarily recreate some of the best neo-afro-redneck blues that one could in the new millennium.

01. Taking Me Back
02. The New World
03. This Road Is Not My Own
04. A Little Love
05. Under the Bus
06. Direction
07. Girlfriend Revenge
08. Bully
09. Two Ways
10. Breakout
11. Maggie's Farm
12. Shilo
13. Mordacious


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