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The Shade - Born Too Soon

The Shade - Born Too Soon - 2013


A band that has taken influences from further afield to create an new original sound. With an arsenal of well crafted songs, The Shade have built up a large fan-base, a fan base built up of music fans of all ages, backgrounds and musical tastes. The formula of having a great image, style and sound has set this band apart from many others. Their soulful rock and roll style and electric live performances are not to be missed by any lover of good music. 

NB: Uma excelente banda da nova cena mood londrina.  Tenho a impressão que ouviremos mais sobre ela nos próximos anos. A conferir.

Callum Grimshaw - Lead Vocals
Nathan Griffins - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jordan Hunt - Bass
Joshua Greenwood - Drums

01. Born Too Soon
02. A Star is Born
03. Pick Me Up from The City
04. Rat Race
05. A Thousand Eyes
06. I Dont Like You
07. Autopilot
08. Save My Day
09. Us to Blame
10. Did You Chase The Wold Away


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